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From the end of May to the end of July, 1998, we made a tour of more than 200 Scottish prehistoric sites. This work was in coordination with SCRAN (Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network, a Millennium Project to digitise Scotland's human history and material culture), with the intention of producing an educational website and a CD-ROM about the stone monuments of Scotland.

On this website you may find an online travel diary, which was updated in real time. Armed with hi-tech equipment, we have tried to link to computers around the world, and have let you follow the tour, interact with archaeologists and experts, view images from the journey, and learn about the ancient Scottish people and monuments.

Have a look at our eight-week diary, searching for clues to the builders of the impressive stone circles of Brodgar and Callanish, the enigmatic stone alignments of Mid Clyth, the magnificent burial chamber of Maes Howe and many other wonderful monuments.

If you need any additional information about megalithic monuments and other European ancient sites, please have a look at our Stone Pages website.

Final update: July 29, 1998


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