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This is a list of changes to this Web site, with the most recent changes shown first:

1 March 2002:

  • As it is increasingly difficult for us to keep pace with the overwhelming number of news about archaeological meetings, digs and breathtaking discoveries, we decided to open a new forum into our Message Board section. Called Archaeo News, just like our free newsletter, the new forum contains articles, links and first-hand info on the most interesting archaeological news related to the period ranging from the Neolithic to the Early Iron Age.

28 February 2002:

  • Our Message Board software has been upgraded; it is now possible to post a poll on each of the five sections of the forums, see the most recent visitors, and opt for a printer-friendly view of each topic. Enjoy!

28 November 2001:

23 November 2001:

  • The Archæo Links section has been updated with 9 new entries and it counts now 360 links.

20 November 2001:

  • A new episode of our Ancient Sardinia Tour. In this part of our travel we visited astonishing stone rows, a splendid museum full of beautifully carved menhir-statues, and the biggest nuraghi of Sardinia. We also interviewed the archaeologist Giorgio Murru and found a few interesting legends related to some megalithic sites.

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