The Stone Pages are pleased to announce the availability of the first "megalithic" desktop picture.

From this page you may download Stonehenge at night: an exclusive image to use as desktop or wallpaper on your computer.
This photograph was taken on professional slide film, scanned at 2700 dpi, and color corrected specifically for Macintosh and PC/Windows systems. The image format is standard JPEG, quality 75/100.

Several resolutions are available to match various screen sizes. Please check your system and screen size before downloading, then

  • Choose one of the files on the table below
  • Wait for the image to download on a page of your browser
  • Save it on your hard disk
  • Configure your System (MacOS, Windows) to use the downloaded file as a desktop picture


  Macintosh PC Windows
 14" screen (640 x 480) 47 Kb 48 Kb
 16" PC screen (800 x 600)   70 Kb
 16" Mac screen (832 x 624) 73 Kb  
 19" screen (1024 x 768) 103 Kb 105 Kb

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