Webrings are a way to bring together Internet sites sharing a common interest, providing valuable links to all groups of interest. Links on each page in the ring allow visitors to move from one site to the next, helping to expose the casual web surfer to a wider variety of subject matter.

The Stone Pages is associated with three webrings, listed here in alphabetical order:

Archaeology on the Net aims to provide a resources guide for archaeology related sites on the Internet.
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The Archaeology Ring groups all the sites with archaeological content. All these sites belong to associations or foundations which perform or describe archaeological excavations. Field Work servers are welcome on this ring, too. There is no limitation regarding the period; the range is from prehistorical, protohistorical, classical up to modern industry archaeology.
This Archaeology Ring site is owned
by Paola Arosio & Diego Meozzi

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The Stone Circle is a webring devoted to stone circles, megaliths and other prehistoric sites. Our sites feature hundreds of images, travel guides, archaeology, archaeoastronomy, and new thinking on the subject.
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