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Period : 3rd-2nd millennium BC Bibliography
Callanish II
(Cnoc Ceann a'Ghàrraidh)

Callanish II image

An ellipse of five standing and at least two prostrate stones, 19m x 21.6m in diameter. The five standing slabs range in height from 2m to 3.3m. The highest is the triangular one to the north-east. There is a ruined cairn east of the centre of the ring.
When it was cleared of peat in 1858, five small holes with bits of charcoal were found. They may have been post-holes for a wooden circle within the stone ring.
The five stones offer an interesting variety of shapes (oblong, triangular, man-like...). The site is within sight of Callanish I and only 275m west of Callanish III (Cnoc Fillibhir Bheag).
In care of Historic Scotland