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Period : 3rd-2nd millennium BC Bibliography
Callanish III
(Cnoc Fillibhir Bheag)

Callanish III image

A stone setting of twelve upright slabs, consisting of two concentric ellipses, 13m x 13.7m and 10.5m x 6.5m in diameter.
There are eight standing and five prostrate stones in the outer ring. Of the inner ellipse four uprights survive. There is no trace of a cairn within the rings.
The erect stones of the outer ring range from 1m to 1.7m in height. The slabs of the inner ellipse are taller, ranging from 1.4m to 2.1m in height. All the stones are carefully packed at their base with small boulders.
The site lies only 275m east of Callanish II (Cnoc Ceann a'Ghàrraidh).
In care of Historic Scotland