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Period : 3rd millennium BC Bibliography
Barpa Langass
(Barpa Langais)

Barpa Langass image

The best example of a chambered tomb in North Uist (Uibhist a Tuath) and the Western Isles. The entrance to the chambered cairn is on the east side which is seen in the photo. The round cairn, about 24m in diameter, has an outer kerb of pointed stones.
The entrance passage leads into an elongated chamber, built with seven massive upright stones (orthostats) and is roofed by three large slabs. The chamber measures 4m x 1.8m.
During excavation in 1911 traces of burnt burials, Beaker sherds, an arrowhead and a disc of mica (maybe a pendant) were found. On the south side of the same hill is Pobull Fhinn stone circle.