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Pobull Fhinn
(Cearcall Oloiche Langais)

Pobull Fhinn image

This oval stone ring lies on the south-west hillside of Ben Langass (Beinn Langais), North Uist. The ground within the ring has been levelled by some excavation on the north side and the building of a bank on the south side.
A distinguishing feature of this ring is that it has portalled entrances to the east and the west (on the left and the right of the photo). There are over 40 stones, but half of them are no longer standing.
The tallest standing stone of the ring, by the eastern entrance, is 2m high. To the north-west side of the same hill is the Neolithic chambered cairn of Barpa Langass.
The name Pobull Fhinn means the 'Fionn's People', from the legendary hero Fionn MacCumhaill.