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Mid-South Map
From 8 to 11 and from 15 to 16 september

This map shows the distribution of all the prehistoric sites we visited and the itinerary of our tour. As it is an active map, you can click on every name in bold to see its relative photographic image. Click the red arrows to view the adjoining maps.

Mid-South MapFilitosa II Statue-MenhirU Paladinu Statue-MenhirFilitosa I Statue-menhirFilitosa V Statue-MenhirFilitosa III Statue-MenhirFilitosa VI Statue-MenhirFilitosa VII Statue-MenhirFilitosa IX Statue-MenhirFilitosa X Statue-MenhirFilitosa XIII Statue-MenhirFilitosa XII Statue-MenhirFilitosa Central MonumentFilitosa QuarryFilitosa Western MonumentTappa II Statue-MenhirFilitosa IV Statue-MenhirTappa I Statue-MenhirSettiva dolmenScalsa Murta Statue-MenhirTo the Mid-North mapTo the South mapU Scumunicatu statue-menhirSagone 1 statue-menhirSagone 2 statue-menhirTremeca dolmenCargese bayTavera statue-menhirAjaccio (A Bandera museum)Pila-Canale statue-menhirsAleria - Greek cupAiguilles de Bavella mountainsPacciunituli I menhirPacciunituli II menhir

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