Is this the Petrified King?

During our last visit to the King Stone, back in July 1998, we took several photographs of this famous megalithic site. It was late afternoon, and walking around the old megalith, trying to find the best point of view and inspecting the heavily weathered surface, we almost immediately noticed something odd.

On the monument's northern face there is a human figure. It seems clearly carved out of the stone: the right arm and the hand with four fingers are astonishingly clear and well detailed (see pictures below). The face is near the top of the megalith. The facial expression shows fear or distress and the arm is raised as to protect the figure.

Remembering the legend of the King turned into stone sent shivers up and down our spines: the King Stone would never be simply a standing stone for us ;-)

The King Stone Image
At first, this seems just a chunk of rock...
...But it easily turns into a face and an arm

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