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Iberian peninsula

  • Vigo: Patrimonio arqueolóxico  new  - Overview of the ancient monuments on the Vigo area (Galicia), including pictures and information on the dolmen Casa dos Mouros and some petrogliphs. In Galician. (Hits: 15)
  • Un viaje al Neolítico  new  - Page devoted to the dolmens of Andalucía, with some photos and description of a project on a Thematic Park on Megalithic monuments (on this region there are still 198 dolmens). In Spanish. (Hits: 16)
  • Las Rutas de los Dolmenes de Navarra  new  - Simple but very interesting presentation of a series of more than 30 walks through the dolmens of Navarra. Detailed maps, thorough descriptions, photos and plans of the sites. Highly recommended to anybody visiting that region. In Spanish. (Hits: 22)
  • Arqueoloxía e Ecoloxía do Fenómeno Megalítico Galego  new  - Website of the Study Group of the Departamento de Historia I. Facultade de Xeografía e Historia (Santiago de Compostela), with many information on excavations and projects devoted to Galician megalithic sites. In Galician. (Hits: 24)
  • Los Dólmenes de El Pozuelo  new  - Descriptions and photos of dolmens on the Huelva region, that counts 49 ancient sites. In Spanish. (Hits: 16)
  • GEMA: Grupo de Estudos do Megalitismo Alentejano  new  - Very nice and elegant presentation of the megalithic monuments of Alentejo (Portugal), including detailed distribution maps, photos, descriptions, plans of some of the sites. Also on the website a Forum, bibliography and some very interesting articles on megalithic sites of the area. In Spanish, with some articles in English. Highly recommended. (Hits: 22)
  • Megalitismo de la Península Ibérica  pop   new  - On this website you can find an extensive collection of pictures and descriptions of megalithic sites of the Iberian peninsula, including their exact position calculated with GPS units. Distribution maps, bilbiography, info on destruction of ancient sites and a series of interesting articles make this website a real gem for "megalithomaniacs" interested in the monuments of the region. (Hits: 36)

Magazines & Newsletters

  • Cuadernos de Campoo  new  - On this simple but interesting online publication (which counts more than 30 issues) you can find many articles about Spanish and Portuguese prehistory and megalithic sites, with photos, maps and bilbiography. In Spanish. (Hits: 11)

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