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12 September 2009
Ancient site in Guernsey could be fenced off

An ancient monument in Guernsey could be fenced off because of repeated anti-social behaviour. The Culture and Leisure Department has applied for planning permission to put up a fence around the Cists in Circle at Sandy Hook in St Sampson. It said fly-tipping, littering, fires and moving the stones had all been problems at the site for years, and were the reason for the application.
     The site, which was excavated in 1912, dates from about 2,500 to 1,800 BCE. The plans include a gate which would allow access to the site, but only with the use of a key held by Guernsey Museum. The museum operates a similar system for several other sites. If the plans are approved, archaeologists and historical sites staff will work to restore the ancient monument.

Source: BBC News (8 September 2009)

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