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14 September 2011
Prehistoric skirt discovered in Armenian cave

Archaeologists studying the Areni 1 Cave in Armenia's Vayots Dzor region announced that they had found parts of a woman's multicoloured straw dress that they believe was made around 5,900 years ago. Armenian Archaeology and Ethnography Institute Director Pavel Avetisyan informed that this artifact was discovered in 2010 and, even though they had informed about this precious item at the time, interest toward it grew further only recently.
     "The women's clothing dates back to 39th century BCE. So far we have discovered the skirt's parts, which were superbly preserved. It is an amazing material with rhythmic color hues, and other remnants of the straw-woven material were also discovered. Such thing is recorded in Armenia for the first time," Avetisyan noted. "It is the only example of clothing made of such an ancient vegetable material," Avetisyan conlcuded.
     According to Archaeology and Ethnography Institute's director, the artifact is currently under their care, but it will soon be sent to the restorer who, until the arrival of French specialists, will work on its restoration. Pavel Avetisyan added that, after the final conservation process, the skirt will be exhibited at the History Museum of Armenia.
     Areni 1 is the same cave complex in southern Armenia where previous discoveries have included what are believed to be the world's oldest known leather shoe and most ancient winery, dating back 5,500 and 6,100 years respectively.

Edited from News.am (13 September 2011), Straits Times (14 September 2011)

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