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Index of news related to Ireland
23 September 2018
Megalithic passage tomb discovered in Co Meath
21 January 2018
Neolithic ritual cave site discovered in Mayo
12 January 2018
Unique winter solstice experience in Ireland
6 January 2018
Ancient Kerry fort closed after storm damage
20 December 2017
New app to help preserve British and Irish rock art
17 October 2017
First evidence of dismemberment in prehistoric Ireland
Illuminating discovery at megalithic tomb in Kerry
5 August 2017
Ancient funeral practices at Carrowkeel
23 December 2016
Newgrange 'sun trap' might be a modern invention
7 November 2016
Dublin dig uncovers prehistoric rock art
9,000-year-old axe sheds light on Irish burial practices
1 June 2016
Bones under pub change what we know about the Irish
4 January 2016
Scientists sequence first ancient Irish human genomes
23 November 2015
5,000-year-old tomb discovered in Ireland
23 September 2015
Neolithic burials found inside Irish portal tomb
21 May 2015
Newgrange to be X-rayed
19 May 2015
Volunteers help repair ancient cairn in Ireland
18 April 2015
Prehistoric sites on Ireland's largest island
27 March 2015
Survey of a Neolithic henge in Northern Ireland
Prehistoric rock art discovered in County Mayo
20 February 2015
Retired policeman convicted of damage to a protected site
19 January 2015
Dairy was an important food source in the Irish Neolithic
10 November 2014
Ancient art and architecture influenced by sound
13 October 2014
Prehistoric pit discovered on Irish beach
20 July 2014
Ancient log boats found in Irish lake
6 June 2014
3,000-year-old remains of an infant found in Ireland
5 June 2014
Northern Irish Mesolithic settlement lost
4 June 2014
Ancient standing stone at Hill of Tara vandalised
12 April 2014
Log boat dating back 4,500 years found in Ireland
5 March 2014
Neolithic bones discovered in Irish cave
6 February 2014
Storms unearth Neolithic bog in Ireland
14 November 2013
Donkey sanctuary threatens Bronze Age sites in Ireland
27 August 2013
Lough Gur Heritage Centre redeveloped
11 August 2013
Irish 'bog body' said to be world's oldest
17 July 2013
Volunteers to map ancient hill forts
9 July 2013
Snail trail reveals ancient human migration
24 May 2013
Remains of ancient oak boat found in Ireland
22 December 2012
Crowds gather at Stonehenge and Newgrange to mark winter solstice
13 December 2012
Museum to examine remains found in Irish bog
5 July 2012
Sacred Irish monument vandalised
11 May 2012
6,000-year-old settlement found in Ireland
19 April 2012
Prehistoric animal remains discovered in Irish cave
7 February 2012
Plan to protect Hill of Tara
16 January 2012
Achill-Henge may be built over prehistoric site
11 January 2012
Stargazing at Irish stone circles
10 January 2012
Mystery of the fulacht fiadh
14 December 2011
Don't move megaliths, or Irish fairies may wreak revenge!
7 December 2011
Man faces jail for demolishing ancient Irish ring fort
23 November 2011
Two large enclosures found near Knowth
11 November 2011
No sign of a second chamber at Newgrange
29 October 2011
Prehistoric site found near Belfast
20 October 2011
In search of a second passage at Newgrange
29 September 2011
Rock art found in Ireland could date back to Bronze Age
16 August 2011
Prehistoric body discovered in Irish bog
14 August 2011
Underground chamber unearthed in Irish garden
30 June 2011
Ancient Irish stone tools go on display
5 May 2011
'Bog butter' from 3,000 BCE found in Ireland
29 April 2011
Protection plan for Bru na Boinne meets opposition
25 February 2011
Bronze Age skeleton found in Irish garden
24 December 2010
Winter solstice celebrations at Stonehenge and Newgrange
24 November 2010
Unravelling the secrets of Irish Iron Age bog bodies
8 November 2010
Neolithic knives found at Tirnony Dolmen
20 October 2010
Excavations start at 5,000-year-old Irish dolmen
8 October 2010
Irish fish trap may date back to Mesolithic
6 September 2010
Mysterious Bronze Age oak road discovered in Ireland
2 September 2010
The sites and sounds of prehistory
18 August 2010
Two ancient Irish ring-forts destroyed
12 August 2010
A possible Bronze Age settlement unearthed in Donegal
3 July 2010
Irish crannóg site revealed after lake's level drops
Anglers catch prehistoric canoe in Ireland
29 June 2010
Irish Police wade through rubbish to save ancient artefacts
6 June 2010
Mesolithic axe head unearthed in Ireland
31 May 2010
At war with the blots on Irish landscape
Missing ancient bones returned to Irish museum
24 May 2010
Irish tombs given reprieve as development is put on hold
10 May 2010
Irish National Monuments Bill in final stage
16 March 2010
Spring equinox sunrise at Loughcrew
Prehistoric remains block broadband plan in Ireland
Discovery of an Irish ring fort puts roadworks on hold
Irish ring fort may have held Bronze Age sports arena
Irish port must be moved to avoid ancient tombs
21 February 2010
Many objectors to bypass near Irish prehistoric sites
16 February 2010
New tool improves accuracy of radiocarbon dating
24 January 2010
Motorway bypass would run close to Newgrange
29 December 2009
Midwinter's sunrise at Newgrange
20 December 2009
Campaign launched to save ancient Irish monuments
Bronze Age burial discovered alongside new Irish road
13 December 2009
Winter soltsice events at Newgrange
27 October 2009
Tara Symposium
11 October 2009
6,000-year-old axe found in Ireland
Céide Fields: an extensive Neolithic site in Ireland
3 October 2009
Visitors littering Burren with mini-dolmens
19 September 2009
4,500-year-old arrowhead found in Burren excavation
Controversial motorway in Ireland is 90% complete
5 September 2009
Port threat to Irish passage tombs
30 August 2009
Artefacts uncovered during roadworks give hints on early Irish life
22 August 2009
3,000-year-old butter found in Irish bog
Additional information on the timber circle found in Tyrone
15 August 2009
5,000 year-old sites found in Derry
8 August 2009
Array of archaeological sites and finds uncovered in Ireland
1 August 2009
5,000 year-old circular site discovered in Northern Ireland
19 July 2009
Children find ancient bones at Irish golf club
7 July 2009
Additional news from the dig in County Down
29 June 2009
Bronze Age finds during road construction in Ireland
14 June 2009
Damage to prehistoric monuments in Northern Ireland
Prehistoric mounds under threat near Dublin
7 June 2009
Galway may have had 'major' ancient settlement
19 April 2009
3,000 year-old bracelet found in Northern Ireland
14 April 2009
Huge ditch circle found at Tara
8 April 2009
Irish Police find stolen Bronze Age jewellery
8,000 year-old axe head discovered in Ireland
10 March 2009
Lough Gur proposed for heritage status
Knowth damaged in ancient times by early 'vandals'
15 February 2009
Hill of Tara nominated for World Heritage Site status
12 February 2009
Archaeologist believes Newgrange is a multi-period mound
31 January 2009
Tara Landscape for UNESCO Tentative List
20 January 2009
Ancient tombs near Dublin saved from development
Time Team uncovers ancient artifacts in Northern Ireland
11 January 2009
Early Irish were just visiting
27 December 2008
Research boost for Brú na Bóinne complex
20 December 2008
Newgrange got new lease of light in 1960s 'rebuild'
6 December 2008
Treasures on Irish roadside
30 November 2008
Iron Age pottery and flint tools unearthed in Ireland
16 November 2008
The secrets of Knowth
8 November 2008
Anger over plans to move ancient Irish stone
4 October 2008
Proposed landfill could destroy a prehistoric Irish enclosure
14 September 2008
M3 motorway through Tara may open early
Remains from 2500 BCE found in Ireland
17 August 2008
Ancient souterrain unearthed in an Irish garden
Ancient cremated bones unearthed in Ireland
28 July 2008
Protection plan to be piloted in Tara valley
Flint hints at existence of Palaeolithic man in Ireland
5 July 2008
Findings on Tara were altered, says archaeologist
28 June 2008
Archaeologists to demonstrate ancient brewing
23 March 2008
M3 work near Rath Lugh site moves ahead
16 March 2008
Controversy over M3 motorway in Ireland still rages on
Loughcrew Equinox Dawn March 2008
3 March 2008
Heaney claims motorway near Tara desecrates sacred landscape
Archaeological treasures found in Ireland
10 February 2008
High Court action to protect Lismullin henge
2 February 2008
Tara Solidarity Vigil
30 December 2007
Another perfect Solstice watch at Newgrange
15 December 2007
Winter solstice webcast from Newgrange
Ancient cairn complex unearthed in Ireland
2 December 2007
Megalithic art found at Lismullin souterrain
21 October 2007
'National monuments' found on Irish hill
9 October 2007
Irish Minister makes order to protect fort near Tara
29 September 2007
Beltany Heritage Conference: all about Tara
23 September 2007
Court battles loom in fight to save Tara Hill
16 September 2007
Bronze Age workshop in Ireland
4 September 2007
New court challenge on Tara
Hilltop fort from 1200 BCE uncovered in Ireland
26 August 2007
US expert says Lismullen must be preserved
12 August 2007
Ancient Irish monuments may have been Bronze Age breweries
Tara group vows legal action over burial site dig
7 August 2007
Protest at M3/Tara ends peacefully
30 July 2007
Hill of Tara protest CD launched
22 July 2007
People arrested during Tara protests
17 July 2007
Outrage as Irish dolmen is turned into 'baked potato'
No M3/Tara re-routing despite EU warning
9 July 2007
Irish Minister to review heritage protection
6 July 2007
Bulldozers razed ancient Irish site near Tara
1 July 2007
Roche approves resumption of work at Tara
27 May 2007
Bronze Age urn discovered in Ireland
7 May 2007
Discovery of a henge halts M3 work in Ireland
8 April 2007
An Taisce takes action to save Tara
25 March 2007
Fundraising for archaeological report on Tara / M3
18 March 2007
Irish dolmen damaged by builders
10 March 2007
Bronze Age settlement found in Wicklow
15 January 2007
Land protection near Tara still debated
Ancient Irish site on a new documentary series
6 January 2007
Thousands of feet are destroying Maeve's Cairn
10 December 2006
Newgrange big draw at Winter Solstice
15 October 2006
Irish passage tombs explored in a new documentary
8 October 2006
Is the 'Battle of Tara' over?
1 October 2006
Grianan fort restoration an 'act of cultural vandalism'
19 August 2006
Archaeologist disputes ancient village claim
18 August 2006
Boyle Heritage Week tunes in to prehistory
12 August 2006
Iron Age village unearthed in Ireland
22 July 2006
Sun brings archaeologists to Ireland
16 July 2006
Tara protesters told to move
1 July 2006
Hearing Date for Hill of Tara M3 case postponed
24 June 2006
'Bog men' on display in Dublin
12 June 2006
'New Routes to the Past' seminar in Ireland
11 June 2006
Irish archeology nears crisis point
Dig reveals ancient sites in Ireland
19 March 2006
Tara motorway campaigner is hit with costs for court battle
12 March 2006
Court defeat clears way for motorway near Tara
12 February 2006
Irish Bronze Age settlement will not halt road
4 February 2006
High Court decision day in M3-Tara case is 1st March
Archaeology lectures at Sligo Institute
3 February 2006
Bronze Age burial site unearthed on Rathlin Island
21 January 2006
Schoolgirl finds Bronze Age tool in playground
20 January 2006
Hair-gelled Celt may have been sacrificed
12 January 2006
M3 case opens in Irish High Court
A highway to the past of Ireland
Irish farmers urged to be countryside guardians
7 January 2006
Iron Age 'bog bodies' unveiled in Ireland
31 December 2005
Divisions emerges in Tara Valley campaign
24 December 2005
Welcome return of the Hollywood Stone
Cloud cover ruins annual Newgrange solstice spectacle 
19 December 2005
Several finds unearthed on Irish road route
12 December 2005
Irish Govt's chief archaeologist 'has no excavation experience' 
26 November 2005
Weather's role in early Irish building
30 October 2005
Prehistoric sites discovered near carriageway in Ireland
16 October 2005
Unique insight into the Bronze Age in Wicklow
8 September 2005
6000 year-old sites found in Connacht
Ancient rock art discovered at Teltown site
25 August 2005
Figures up on last year at Carrowmore
21 August 2005
Campaigners unveil alternative route away from Tara
13 August 2005
Tara Day
9 July 2005
Permission to challenge Tara Hill motorway plans
25 June 2005
Academics plan motorway protest at Tara
29 May 2005
Rows over protection of Tara
12 May 2005
Motorway through Tara gets go-ahead
30 April 2005
Ancient communal cooking places found in Limerick
1 April 2005
Reports that Tara motorway plans have been approved
Are Irish travellers the remnant of a pre-Celtic culture?
13 March 2005
Navan centre could be a 'tourist mecca'
27 February 2005
Tara decision due within three weeks
3 February 2005
The fight against proposed road continues at Hill of Tara
23 January 2005
Workmen find body in bog machine
14 January 2005
Hill of Tara campaigners deliver submissions to Transport Committee
22 December 2004
Solstice illumination at Newgrange
17 December 2004
Irish Minister has no power to alter Tara motorway
25 November 2004
A march to save Hill of Tara
Boyne valley sites threatened by an incinerator?
21 November 2004
Bronze Age sites in co Wicklow are now protected
11 November 2004
Decision due on Hill of Tara motorway
6 November 2004
10,000 signatures delivered to preserve Hill of Tara
4 November 2004
Dunaverney Flesh hook back to Ireland
24 October 2004
Irish Bronze Age artefact on display
7 October 2004
Newgrange solstice draw is made
29 September 2004
Airborne survey of ancient Irish sites
21 September 2004
5,700-year-old house found at bypass site
8 September 2004
Archaeological sites under threat from Irish road-building
1 September 2004
Neolithic homes unearthed in Northern Ireland
24 August 2004
New archaeological sites discovered at Tara
14 August 2004
Ireland named as latest Atlantis
26 July 2004
Ancient Irish lake settlement found
24 July 2004
Motorway threatens Hill of Tara
17 July 2004
The start of Irish megalithic tradition
22 June 2004
Destruction of a Prehistoric fort in Ireland
18 June 2004
Bronze Age findings in Donegal
Irish Monuments Bill a backward step for protection
Ulster's ancient heritage explored
11 June 2004
Northern Ireland Archaeology Day
11 May 2004
4000-year-old wood pipes discovered in Ireland
1 May 2004
4,000-year-old artefacts found in Londonderry
17 April 2004
Ancient burial site found in Ireland
12 April 2004
International campaign to save the Hill of Tara
10 April 2004
New study to discover ancient coastal sites
Committee to consider Hill of Tara motorway
27 March 2004
New survey of Northern Ireland's monuments
6 March 2004
Researchers uncover giant depiction of ancient warrior
11 February 2004
Ancient remains found in Northern Ireland
Saving the Hill of Tara from motorway defacement
7 February 2004
Showjumping around an Irish Neolithic site
22 December 2003
Protest at Boyne battle site
Irish crowd for solstice watch at Newgrange
8 December 2003
Enormous Irish monument discovered underground
1 December 2003
Visitors Centre at Navan Fort to reopen
27 November 2003
Bronze Age site unearthed in Ireland
6 November 2003
Neolithic acoustics
6 September 2003
Culmore axe goes on display
Farmers urged to protect ancient sites
3 September 2003
9,000 year-old stone axe found in Northern Ireland
22 August 2003
Important Bronze Age finds in Ulster
20 August 2003
Irish bypass site yields prehistorical findings
16 August 2003
Dúchas to be closed down
25 July 2003
Northern Ireland's heritage treasures lost through list omissions
20 July 2003
5,000-year-old settlement found in Ireland
4 June 2003
Further digs planned for Irish midlands bog
19 May 2003
Decapitated bog-body believed to be centuries old
7 May 2003
Burial chamber found on the grounds of a multi-million home
23 April 2003
Irish megalithic sites linked to the Sun and the Moon
13 January 2003
9,000-year-old tools uncovered in Northern Ireland
22 October 2001
Irish Bronze Age trove found at sewage site
A Bronze Age settlement in Londonderry?
27 March 2001
Suspended reconstruction of an Irish megalithic tomb
14 November 2000
4,000 year old settlement discovered in Kerry
2 July 2000
Waste plan threats Irish ancient site
30 April 2000
Protecting unexcavated Irish sites
30 January 2000
Winter solstice televised from Newgrange
23 October 1999
5,500 year old tomb discovered in Ireland
11 September 1999
4,000-year-old grave uncovered in Northern Ireland
29 April 1999
A 5000-year old Moon map
Irish tomb aligned to both Sun and Moon
12 March 1999
Tara: enormous henge found
5 August 1998
The oldest tomb in Western Europe (Carrowmore - Ireland)
Two Irish henges larger than Stonehenge (Limerick - Ireland)

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