Ancient Sardinia Tour
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Online Travel Diary

Bonarcado (1/11/2001)November 1st

The first immersion in the past of Sardinia is breathtaking. In less than a week we visited a great deal of ancient monuments - many of them not so easy to find - and we've been rewarded with unique sites. Of course, there's more than archaeology: good food, beautiful landscapes, incredibly good weather and other interesting discoveries along our way...

Port Frailis (6/11/2001)November 6

Episode II of our Ancient Sardinia Tour. The weather is still sunny and warm (23° C in November: unbelievable!), there are still a lot of peculiar and astonishing sites to explore, many old traditions to know better and very friendly and nice people to meet... Sardinia is truly a paradise and its central part - so wild and beautiful - is a well kept secret and an almost endless source of nice surprises for the "megalithomaniacs"

Giba (10/11/2001)November 11

Sorry, we are putting online this new episode with a great delay, but we had so many things to see and describe! In this part of our travel we also visited astonishing stone rows, a splendid museum full of beautifully carved menhir-statues, the biggest nuraghi of Sardinia. We also interviewed the archaeologist Giorgio Murru and found some interesting legends on some of megalithic sites.

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