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Ancient Sardinia Tour

From October 24th to November 12th, 2001 we made a tour of Sardinia. This beautiful Mediterranean isle still poses a great deal of enigmas to archaeologists. Who were the mythic Shardana? Why are there over 7,000 ancient towers called "nuraghi" (similar but older than the Scottish "brochs")? Who were the builders of the so called "giant's tombs"? Why local people still call fairies/witches houses the rock-cut tombs?

On this website you can find an online travel diary, which was updated in real time. Armed with hi-tech equipment, we have let you follow our tour, interact with archaeologists and experts, view images from the journey, and learn about the ancient Sardinian monuments.

Have a look at our diary, and discover with us the most beautiful Sardinian megaliths, the breathtaking Romanesque churches, the noble and friendly people of Sardinia, the impressive sea and mountain views and other interesting and lesser known corners of this wonderful island.

If you need any additional information about megalithic monuments and other European ancient sites, please have a look at our Stone Pages website.

Final update: November 20, 2001


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