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District : Argyll & Bute Map
Town or village : Kilmartin List
Grid Reference : NR 830 983 Glossary
Period : 2nd millennium BC Bibliography
Nether Largie Mid

Nether Largie Mid image

Situated between Nether Largie South and North cairns along the Kilmartin Valley, this chamberless round cairn, once over 3m high, is now only 1m in height and 30m in diameter. Several of its kerbstones can still be seen, particularly in the southern arc.
Excavation in 1929 revealed two empty cists. The northernmost one was removed (its position is now marked by low concrete posts). It had grooved side slabs to give the end-slabs a tighter fit.
The second cist (visible on the left of the photo) now has its massive capstone supported on steel bars to allow the interior to be viewed. On one of the end-slabs there is a cupmark and a pecked axehead.
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