Adam's Grave

Long Barrow
Nearest town:
Nearest village: Alton Priors
Map reference: SU 112634

Adam's Grave Image This barrow -about 60m long- is located on top of Walker's Hill

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Adam's Grave on Walker's Hill is the most dramatically sited long barrow in Wiltshire. It is remarkable how prehistoric man improved the landscape by his works: in this instance the site positively enhances the appearance of the hill where it lies.
   This long barrow is about 60m (196ft) long and 6m (19ft) high. On either side are ditches still 6m (19ft) wide and 0.9m (3ft) deep. At the SE end are traces of a sarsen stone burial chamber. In 1860 John Thurnam opened this chamber to find three or four incomplete skeletons and a leaf-shaped arrowhead.
   Originally, there seems to have been a retaining wall of sarsens and drystone around the barrow. In AD 592, when two warriors, Coel and Caewlin, fought beside it, Adam's Grave was known as Wodnesbeorg.

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