Stone Circle
Nearest town: East/West Looe
Nearest village: Duloe
Map reference: SX 235583

Duloe Stone Circle Image This lovely stone circle is one of the smallest of the Bodmin Moor area

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This little stone circle lies not far from the road leading from Liskeard to Looe. It has a diameter of 11.9 x 11.3 m (39 x 37ft). Seven of its eight remaining quartz stones are less than 1.8m (6ft) high. The highest, 2.6m (8ft 6in) tall, is at the south and weighs about twelve tons. The Cornish circles are of granite, but there is a source of quartz close to Duloe, confirming that prehistoric people used what material there was to hand. It is possible that the stone ring was originally the retaining wall of a barrow.
    Excavations in 1861 and 1967 revealed a ribbon-handled urn of the mid-second millennium BC and strewn charcoal. In this part of England there are about 13 stone circles; the one at Duloe is the smallest.

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