Chambered tomb
Nearest town: Penzance
Nearest village: Trewoofe
Map reference: SW 430244

Tregiffian Image This fine burial chamber is just by the B3315 road

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In Cornwall, not far from the Merry Maidens stone circle and the standing stones known as The Pipers, there is a burial chamber called Tregiffian.
    This barrow is of the type called entrance grave: a mound kerbed with large stones and containing a passage, walled and roofed with stone slabs, leading from the edge of the barrow towards its centre. This site is worth visiting, especially to see the heavily cup-marked stone at the entrance to the passage (the original stone is now in the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro and a replica has been put at its place). There's also another stone that bears a pair of eyebrow motifs best known in the context of Irish Neolithic passage tombs.
    Excavations at Tregiffian produced only one shred of Bronze Age pottery. The contiguity of chambered tombs and stone circles in the Land's End peninsula carries no implication that the tomb-builders were connected with the circles, but it may indicate the extent of land-usage in the Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age of Cornwall.

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