Stone Circle
Co. Kerry
Nearest town: Kenmare
Nearest village: Kenmare
Map references: V 907 707

Kenmare ImageThe capstone on the boulder-burial at the ring's centre weighs about 7 tons

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This circle lies in the town of Kenmare itself, not far from the Cromwell Bridge. Unlike any other ring in Muster, this one is egg-shaped, measuring 17.4 x 15.8m (56 x 49ft). Such shapes are unusual; their design could be a late geometrical development.
    Locally known as 'The Shruberries', the Kenmare stone circle is probably the largest in SW Ireland, and it is composed of 15 heavy boulders: 13 standing and 2 prostrate at the north. At the centre is an impressive boulder-burial with a giant capstone some 2m long, 1.8m wide and 0.8m thick (6ft 6in x 6ft x 2ft 6in). The weight of this capstone must be almost seven tons - at least 30 labourers would be needed to drag it into position.
    Near Kenmare is a copper deposit: it seems that boulder-burials, along with stone rows and monoliths, have a widespread association with the copper-bearing areas.

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