Ancient Sardinia Tour
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Central West Map
From 29 October to 2 November and from 8 to 9 November

This map shows the distribution of all the prehistoric sites we visited and the itinerary of our tour. As it is an active map, you can click on every name in bold to see its relative photographic image. Click the red arrows to view the adjoining maps.
To the North West map
To the North East map
To the Central East map
To the South West map
To the South East map

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Stone setting Rock-cut tombs Stone circles Nuraghe Baethyles (standing stones) Giant's Tomb Nuraghe Batehyles (standing stones) Giant's Tomb Dolmen Standing stone Giant's Tomb Nuraghe Giant's Tomb Dolmen Nuraghe Giant's Tomb Holy Well and settlement Giant's Tomb Dolmen Giant's Tomb Giant's Tomb Nuraghi Stone row Stone row Stone circle