Two chambered cairnss
Caithness, Highland
Nearest town: Wick
Nearest village: Lybster
Map reference: ND 260442

Camster Image The round cairn

 Hi-Res  (92Kb)

The Grey Cairns of Camster are two restored Neolithic chambered cairns, one round (18m/60 ft in diameter) and the other long (stretching nearly 70m/230 ft). The two cairns are within 200m/650 ft of each other and the restoration work has made entry to their interior chambers as easy as possible through the long and narrow passages.
    The round cairn's burial chamber is well lit and is about 3m/10ft tall. Charcoal, ashes, burnt and unburnt bones and broken pots were discovered in the 1865 excavations, plus two skeletons which had been placed in the passage before it was blocked with stones. The long cairn is an unusual structure with external steps and contains two burial chambers.

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