Carn Liath

Sutherland, Highland
Nearest town: Brora
Nearest village: Golspie
Map reference: NC 871013

Carn Liath Image This broch lies on a mound overlooking the Sutherland coast

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Carn Liath (the grey cairn), although not as good as the best brochs, is worth visiting. Occupying a rocky terrace overlooking the Sutherland coast, this broch has walls that still stand 3.6 m (12 ft) high in places and the entrance passage and lintelled doorway are well preserved.
    First excavated in the 19th century by the Duke of Sutherland, this site looked like a cairn, but as the loose lichen-covered stones were cleared, the broch emerged. Many artifacts, including pottery, flint chips, stone hammers, mortars and pestles, querns, whorls, shale rings, long-handled bone combs, a whale bone club, a silver fibula, steatite cups and an iron blade, were recovered. This suggests that the site was inhabited over many centuries.
    Further excavations took place in 1986 and a Bronze Age cist burial with a food vessel was discovered. The remains of buildings outside the broch indicate a later use when a fortified dwelling was no longer necessary.

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