Nether Largie

Standing Stones
Argyll, Strathclyde
Nearest town: Lochgilphead
Nearest village: Kilmartin
Map reference: NR 831985

Nether Largie Standing Stones Image The northern pair of the complex of various settings of standing stones in the fields of Kilmartin Valley

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In fields about 250 m (820 ft) from the Temple Wood stone circles is a complex of various settings of standing stones in a line running NE to SW. At both the south and north ends of the alignment are pairs of standing stones, around 2.8 m (9 ft 2 in) high. One face of a stone ine ach pair has three cup marks carved on it.
    There is also a group of four stones (24 m NE from the southern pair) and another group of five stones in a cross formation.
    Professor Thom believed that by lining up one arm of the cross with the circle at Temple Wood and siting onto the peak of Bellanock Hill, the moon's minimum positions every 18.61 years could be observed, and that various stones in the alignment indicated critical positions for an observer of the lunar maxima.

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