Chambered Cairn (?)
Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides
Nearest town: Stornoway
Nearest village: Shader
Map reference: NB 396540

Steinacleit Image This site is fairly large, but sparse

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This mysterious site lies on a gentle slope not far from the A857 road, at the south end of Loch an Duin, Shader, Lewis, NW of Stornoway.
    Archaeologists are divided over whether this monument is the remains of a chambered cairn or a domestic settlement. There is a circular structure of some 16m in diameter situated on one side of an elliptical enclosure marked by a low wall. The function and date of this site are still unknown.
    About 165m to the N there is Clach Stei Lin, a standing stone, and the Clach an Trushal standing stone is visible in the distance, to the W.

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