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  • AboutStonehenge.Info  new  - Extensive website providing Stonehenge information, pictures, legends, and lore including theories on construction, purposes, and age for both students and tourists. (Hits: 72)

Europe (general)

  • Of Stonehenge pyramids and man  new  - A new and unique theory on the movement and erection of heavy stones. Results of practical experiments. (Hits: 22)

Rest of the World


  • Border Stones  new  - A guide to the standing stones & stone circles of the Scottish Borders region of South East Scotland. Extensive collection of sites with thorough description, photos and directions to find the monuments. (Hits: 14)
  • Antiquities in Scotland  new  - Photos and short descriptions of some Scottish megalithic sites, including the lesser known Beauly stone circle. Part of the Elisabeth & Teije's travel website. (Hits: 22)
  • Highlands: Trip to some megalithic Stones  new  - Travel photos and descriptions of some of the most famous Scottish megalihic sites, including emple Wood, Lonehead of Daviot, Callanish, Nether Largie and Balnuaran of Clava. In German. (Hits: 13)

Mailing Lists & Newsgroups

  • African-American Archaeology  new  - Group for the discussion of the Archaeology of the African Diaspora in the New World. Membership is open to anyone having a serious interest in researching and interpreting the material lives of African Americans. Discussion will focus on these topics and related cultural heritage concerns. (Hits: 10)


  • Renfrewshire History & Archaeology Web  new  - Formed in 1988, the Renfrewshire Local History Forum seeks to unite all local historical/ archaeological societies in Renfrewshire, and propogate and awareness of history in the Old County of Renfrew. (Hits: 7)


  • There is more between heaven and earth  new  - Description of archaeoastronomy related sites in Europe (Scotland [Maeshowe], Ireland [Newgrange], The Netherlands [hunebedden], Greece [Treasury of Atreus], etc.) (Hits: 11)
  • Astroaborigen  new  - Study of Astronomy in the culture of the Venezuelan ethnic groups. Mainly in spanish but with english resumes. (Hits: 11)


  • Samnites - Archaeology of ancient Samnium  new  - Excellent website devoted to the history of Samnites, from the Early Iron Age to the wars with Rome. The people, their own lands, towns, governament, the Osco language, the religion, the tablet of Agnone, the Legions. In English and Italian. (Hits: 11)

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