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  • Ancient Exmoor & Legends  new  - On this basic website you can find short descriptions and grid references of the most interesting megalithic monuments of Exmoor; a few photos. (Hits: 2)

Europe (general)

  • Tina's Stones  new  - Good quality photos with clear and concise descriptions of a wide selection of megalithic monuments from England, Malta, Portugal, Sardinia, France, the Isle of Man, Spain, Ireland and Scotland. (Hits: 2)

Great Britain (general)

  • Stoned Again  new  - Wide selections of megalithic monuments throughout U.K., with an accent on English sites. Short descriptions, some maps, very few pictures and an interesting and more complete section devoted to Seahenge. (Hits: 0)


  • Brief Guide To Irish Archaeological Sites  new  - A basic introduction to some of the most interesting types of archaeological sites that you can find in Ireland. With a "further reading" section. (Hits: 3)
  • Lough Swilly Archaeological Survey  new  - A study of Later Mesolithic and Neolithic settlement in eastern County Donegal. Includes project outline, papers and slide show. (Hits: 0)
  • IRQUAS: The Irish Quaternary Studies Online Project  new  - Site devoted to Irish archaeology, history and geography. IRQUAS offers links to related discussion groups, and access to databases of research projects, including a database of all excavated Irish ringforts. (Hits: 0)
  • Archaeology of Ancient Ireland  new  - A fairly complete illustrated introduction to Irish archaeology by Michael Sundermeier (Creighton University, Oregon, U.S.A.) (Hits: 3)

Rest of Europe

  • Prehistory in Wallonia  new  - Interesting website devoted to the prehistory of Wallonia (Belgium). Information, photos and short descriptions of many sites, including the famous dolmens and standing stones aligned near Wéris. (Hits: 0)

Directories & Databases

  • Database of Irish Excavation Reports  new  - This database contains summary accounts of all the excavations carried out in Ireland (North and South) from 1985 to 2000. It can be browsed or searched using multiple fields. (Hits: 1)

Libraries, Bookstores & Publishers

  • Wordwell Books  new  - Established in 1986 as a publisher of books on Irish archaeology and heritage, Wordwell publishes the annual Excavations Bulletin, and the quarterly History Ireland magazine. On this website you can also find the complete catalogue of books. (Hits: 0)

Magazines & Newsletters

Mailing Lists & Newsgroups

  • Archaeology Cymru  new  - Lively mailing list devoted to Archaeology in Wales. (Hits: 1)
  • Stone Age Ireland  new  - A moderated forum for the discussion of topics relating to Ireland's stone age. (Hits: 0)
  • Bronze Age Ireland  new  - A moderated forum for the discussion of topics relating to the archaeology of Ireland's Bronze Age. Related subjects such as late neolithic and early iron age Irish archaeology, bronze age Britain & continental Europe etc. are acceptable. (Hits: 0)
  • Irish Stones  new  - Discussions, chats on Irish stone rows, circles, passage mounds, wood circles, myths, lore, sounds, archaeastronomy and archaeocosmology. (Hits: 0)
  • Irish Settlement Studies  new  - A moderated forum for the discussion of topics relating to settlement in Ireland of all periods. (Hits: 0)
  • Irish Archaeology  new  - A moderated forum for the discussion of topics relating to the archaeology of Ireland of all periods. Related subjects such as anthropology, historic geography, history are acceptable. (Hits: 0)
  • European Rock Art Mailing List  new  - An useful tool to diffuse and to share a "rupestrian" (rock-art related) knowledge. This list proposes in particular to create a discussion forum for treating rock art related problems, like chronology or interpretation; to link the figurative elements of rock art with the corresponding archaeological materials; to publicise on the list meetings, congresses, books, web pages and all rock-art related stuff. (Hits: 1)


  • Centre de Préhistoire du Nord-Pas-de-Calais  new  - Created to promote and diffuse the knowledge about regional prehistory, on the website of this association you can find distribution maps, news, publications, bilbiography and description of an excavation at le Champ Bruquette. (Hits: 1)
  • Royal Irish Academy  new  - Founded in 1785 to promote the study of Science, Polite Literature and Antiquities, the Royal Irish Academy produces a wide range of publications, including a number of titles about archaeology. On the website you can find details on research grants, information on collaborative projects, and a selection of proceedings, Section C of which is devoted to archaeology and history. (Hits: 0)
  • Mallow Archaeological & Historical Society  new  - A nonprofit society promoting the history and archaeology of the Blackwater Valley area in North Cork (Ireland) through field trips, lectures and the publication of an annual journal. (Hits: 0)
  • County Kildare Archaeological Society  new  - Founded in 1891 and dedicated to the promotion of the study and knowledge of the antiquities and objects of interest in the county and surrounding districts. Programme of the events, links and the Society's journal. (Hits: 0)
  • La Valetta Convention  new  - The tradition of amateur archaeology is threatened by the Valetta Convention, recently signed by the British Government. On this site you can find in-depth info about the Convention, background notes, FAQ and a petition to sign. (Hits: 0)
  • Council for Independent Archaeology  new  - The Council for Independent Archaeology aims to promote archaeology that is done independently of government money in the belief that independent archaeologists have much to contribute. On the website you can find info on meetings, reports, and info on a low-cost resistivity meter. (Hits: 0)


  • Headland Archaeology Ltd.  new  - Headland Archaeology offers a wide range of archaeological services throughout Scotland, Northern England and Ireland for private developers and government organisations. On the website you can find info on their services, recent projects, personnel and job opportunities. (Hits: 0)

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