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Archaeo News


Index of news related to Americas
27 March 2020
A 3,400-year-old Mesoamerican ball court
12 February 2020
Peruvian monument revealed after 2,000 years
1 February 2020
New evidence found for timing of human migration from Asia to America
30 January 2020
Mounds in the USA could be older than previously thought
27 December 2019
Footprints of Ice Age mammoths and prehistoric humans
South Americans began settling the Caribbean 5,800 years ago
20 December 2019
Understanding ancient dietary practices in Mexico
7 December 2019
Ancient Hunter-Gatherers teach how to produce thermo-stable paint
Pre-Inca temple dedicated to Water Cult discovered in Peru
5 December 2019
Only eat oysters in months with an 'r' rule 4,000 years old
Prehistoric infants found with helmets made from skulls
29 November 2019
Ancient humanoid-shaped Nazca line discovered in Peru
4 September 2019
People arrived in North America earlier than previously thought
1 September 2019
6,000 year old dart tip found in Canadian heritage park
27 August 2019
3,800-year-old mural unveiled by Peru archaeologists
19 August 2019
Pottery related to unknown culture found in Ecuador
26 February 2019
Seeds of ancient extinct plant found in Ontario
Oldest ever human remains in Central America found in Nicaragua
19 January 2019
Early Human Presence In Alaska
29 December 2018
Remains of baby born 5,700 years ago found in Argentina
19 December 2018
New light on the ancient populations of Patagonia
18 December 2018
Archaeologists find the oldest burials in Ecuador
19 April 2018
Oldest known human footprints in North America
13 April 2018
Reconstructing an ancient lethal weapon
20 February 2018
Chilean whale hunts depicted in ancient rock art
14 January 2018
Signs of massive human migration to the Americas
21 December 2017
Fire farming: secret to ancient life in the American Southwest?
13 December 2017
Mapping Venezuelan rock art
2 December 2017
Mystery surrounds 2,400 year old find in Ontario
11 November 2017
Could ancient farmers hold the secret to improved world rice crops?
16 June 2017
Oldest human-made object from South America discovered
Scientists solve prehistoric bison hunt mystery
13,000-year-old arrowhead discovered in Massachusetts
14 June 2017
Prehistoric site discovered off California coast
6 March 2017
Scarcity of resources led to violence in prehistoric California
Clovis culture, Ice Age fauna, and Cosmic impact
3 March 2017
Ancient skulls suggest multiple migrations into Americas
28 February 2017
Hundreds of ancient earthworks found in the Amazon
10 February 2017
Wyoming wildfire reveals ancient artefacts
26 January 2017
Advanced geometry in prehistoric southwest USA
19 January 2017
First humans in North America 10,000 years earlier
11 January 2017
Check-up to 7,000-year-old mummies
23 December 2016
Ancient underwater garden discovered in Canada
6 December 2016
Ancient Americans mutilated corpses in funeral rituals
Southwestern clay figurines may be fertility symbols
30 November 2016
Violent deaths led to disrespectful burials
25 November 2016
Hunter-gatherers in Florida 14,500 years ago
6 October 2016
Dyed material found in Peru predates Egypt
23 August 2016
Ancient remains found in Peru
7 July 2016
Ancient campsite found in Canada
23 April 2016
3,000-year-old bison hunting site found in Arizona
Uncovering the mystery of very early humans in New Mexico
13 April 2016
Ancient DNA sheds new light on early Americans
2 March 2016
Humans were responsible for extinction of Emu ancestor
Statistical technique used to find Paleoarchaic sites
29 January 2016
Southwest USA's oldest human footprints
24 December 2015
Analysis suggests farming not responsible for population boom
The environmental impact of the Neolithic revolution
2 December 2015
Chile claims oldest stone tools in the Americas
23 November 2015
DNA links Native Americans to infants in Alaskan grave
27 July 2015
4,000-year-old structure found in Ohio
24 July 2015
New geoglyphs found in Peru
15 July 2015
Footprints in Canada may be oldest in North America
29 June 2015
Prehistoric statuettes found in Peru
26 May 2015
Hundreds of gaming pieces found in Utah cave
19 May 2015
Cahokia's rise and fall linked to river flooding
18 May 2015
Alaska researchers turn up 12,300-year-old artwork
5 May 2015
The oldest evidence of human occupation in North America?
11 April 2015
Ancient stone tools found in Utah desert
1 April 2015
Excavation of an ancient Indian mound along Tennessee River
22 March 2015
Prehistoric stone tool site discovered in suburban Seattle
11,000-year-old shaman's mysteries are unravelled
13 March 2015
Ancient stone tool uncovered in Oregon
16 February 2015
New algorithm could reveal oldest spoken words
Canadian dam will flood 12,000 years of human history
5 February 2015
First Americans used spear-throwers to hunt large animals
18 January 2015
Artefact production ceased when Hopewell culture collapsed
17 January 2015
The origins of ancient dogs in the Americas
13 January 2015
Study casts doubt on mammoth-killing cosmic impact
4 January 2015
Farming made human bones fragile
13 December 2014
Man in USA finds spearhead dating back thousands of years
25 November 2014
Double infant burial discovered in Alaska
10 November 2014
Highest altitude Ice Age settlement discovered
2 November 2014
Clues about prehistoric residents of the Rocky Mountains
20 October 2014
New settlement found in Arizona desert
30 September 2014
Earliest sign of human habitation in Canada
13 September 2014
Possible Pre-Clovis artefacts found in Kansas
5 September 2014
Kennewick Man looked Polynesian and came from far away
2 September 2014
Genetic prehistory of the New World Arctic peoples
30 August 2014
Famous Utah rock art may be much recent than was thought
11 August 2014
Technology boom 50,000 years ago correlated with less testosterone
2 August 2014
Ancient astronomy in northern Peru
Road improvements lead to finds in Philadelphia
Early Clovis hunting ground discovered in Mexico
24 June 2014
Melting Yukon ices reveals prehistoric treasures
2 June 2014
Students discover 7,000-year-old mummy in Chile
1 June 2014
Evidence of pre-Clovis settlements found in Idaho
31 May 2014
5,000 years of violence in Central California
25 May 2014
Dating and DNA show Palaeo-American connection
23 May 2014
What caused a 1300-year deep freeze?
Prehistoric hunting structure discovered beneath Lake Huron
22 May 2014
Ancient mound complex found in Peru
27 April 2014
Earliest evidence of gigantism-like disease found in California
15 April 2014
4,000-year-old pit houses found in Arizona
15 March 2014
The Ice Age occupants of a long submerged land bridge
10 March 2014
Ancient Los Angeles driven by its wetlands
17 February 2014
Clovis skeleton reveals origins of Native Americans
14 February 2014
Building from 2,200 BCE discovered in Ecuador
16 January 2014
11,000-year-old Indian sites discovered on California island
11 January 2014
Remains of 2,000-year-old woman found in Florida
3 January 2014
8,000-year-old artifacts unearthed in Minnesota
2 January 2014
Oldest footprints gives clues to Mexico's climate
22 December 2013
Prehistoric Ohio cultures were devoted to Sun and Moon
19 December 2013
Ancient feces sparks debate on first Americans
13 December 2013
Oldest human footprints in North America identified
12 December 2013
3,000-year-old structures unearthed in Colombia
28 November 2013
Scientists disagree on age of Serpent Mound
20 November 2013
Chavin oracle discovered in Peru
12 November 2013
Spear points raise questions about human arrival in North America
6 November 2013
Extreme archaeology in the mountains of Wyoming
31 August 2013
Early South Americans conquered the Atacama desert
28 August 2013
Prehistoric meteorite 'shrines' in Arizona may be linked
27 August 2013
Excavation of a prehistoric settlement in Quebec
17 August 2013
Human presence in Cuba 10,000 years ago
11 August 2013
Ancient campsite discovered along Minnesota River
10 August 2013
Ice core data supports ancient space impact
10 July 2013
Ancient rock art maps cosmological belief
7 July 2013
5,000-year-old Peruvian pyramid destroyed
Hopewell use of meteoric iron
31 May 2013
Climate change - prehistoric style
26 May 2013
Did Japanese fishermen reach America 5000 years ago?
25 May 2013
Thousands of ancient cave paintings found in Mexico
18 May 2013
The mysterious mounds of Nicaragua
12 May 2013
Astronomical alignment at Peruvian pyramid
4 April 2013
Disputed finds in South America more than 22,000 years old
10 March 2013
Maize was key in early Andean civilisation
18 February 2013
Ancient rock art under threat in Paraguay
6 February 2013
Californian rock carvings recovered after theft
Native Americans built massive mound in less than 90 days
4 February 2013
Clovis culture not wiped out by comet
31 January 2013
Early sweet potato trade
21 January 2013
4,000-year-old shaman's stones discovered in Panama
30 December 2012
The Moorehead Circle - A cermonial machine
Ancient burial rituals uncovered in Maryland
4,000-year-old spearheads found in Mexico
27 December 2012
Human hands evolved for fighting
25 December 2012
Stone smoking pipes overturns a century-old assumption
23 December 2012
Ancient caves and rock shelters under threat in Brazil
16 December 2012
New light on the Nazca Lines
Archaeology in Oregon
15 December 2012
Ancient tsunami in the Caribbean
5 December 2012
Native American heritage vandalised
21 November 2012
New path for ancient flood
14 November 2012
'Oldest Mayan tomb' found in Guatemala
15 August 2012
Climate change shaped ancient burial rituals
26 July 2012
Triple migration populated the Americas
19 July 2012
Oregon cave finds shed new light on early Americans
24 June 2012
Lost ruins revealed in Honduras
14 May 2012
Mexican experts find ancient blood on stone knives
12 May 2012
Bones of early American disappear from underwater cave
19 April 2012
Modern technology helps identify ancient Peruvian mounds
22 March 2012
Race to record ancient rock art in Texas
9 March 2012
Evidence of early human activity in Ohio
7 March 2012
America discovered by Stone Age Europeans
5 March 2012
Hand axes may have been first commodity
28 February 2012
Oldest rock carving of the Americas found in Brazil
20 February 2012
Haunting sounds at ancient Peruvian site
7 February 2012
Nomads and Networks: Ancient Art and Culture of Kazakhstan
3 February 2012
4,000-year-old artifact found in Connecticut
26 January 2012
Early evidence of popcorn found in Peru
Ancient geoglyphs found under Amazonian rainforest
19 January 2012
A new theory on the disappearance of Neanderthals
15 January 2012
Remains of prehistoric hut found in southern Texas
11 January 2012
2,000 year-old cave paintings found in Mexico
8 January 2012
Ancient cave paintings found in Peru
1 January 2012
Better view of Mississippi Indian mounds
31 December 2011
Earthworks created for more than farming
Traverse Corridor: a prehistoric crossroads in Michigan
17 December 2011
9,500-year-old spear point discovered in Iowa
15 December 2011
Prehistoric wood retrieved from Lake Huron
14 November 2011
Ancient sites discovered in Missouri
Northwest USA natives were fishers, not hunter-gatherers
24 October 2011
Prehistoric bones discovered at Spring Lake, USA
21 October 2011
9,000-year-old tools found in Mexico
New evidence for earliest North Americans
11 October 2011
Tar shrank heads of prehistoric californians over time
10 October 2011
Alaskan archaeology project raises prehistoric questions
7 October 2011
Continents' orientation hindered ancient settlement of the Americas
4 October 2011
Dropping lake levels expose ancient Texan artifacts
1 October 2011
Ancient New Mexican sites reopen after fire, flooding
30 September 2011
Ancient site in Wyoming may have had year-round residents
19 September 2011
Dig for clues of early life in Idaho
16 September 2011
Rare artifacts document Colorado's prehistory
15 September 2011
Prehistoric clay disks found in Alaska
Archaeologists unearth significant find in Colorado
10 September 2011
Big dig at Native American mound-builders site
7 September 2011
Prehistoric bones returned to Canadian First Nation
3 September 2011
Is the world's oldest profession actually a chef?
22 August 2011
Stone shelter in Colorado is probably 8,000 year-old
21 August 2011
7,000-year-old site unearthed in Iowa
Prehistoric petroglyphs of mammoths found in Utah
19 August 2011
10,000 years of human habitation in Maryland
14 August 2011
British Columbia village may be 10,000 years old
12 August 2011
Serpent mound could be world's largest
5 August 2011
Mystery of first North American settlers close to solution
30 July 2011
2,800-year-old decorated stone discovered in Mexico
29 July 2011
Prehistoric campsite discovered in Canada
Dig yields evidence of ancient Texans
19 July 2011
Prehistoric Indian relics discovered during oil spill cleanup
16 July 2011
25,000-year-old bones discovered in Colorado
14 July 2011
Arizona petroglyphs offer glimpse into the past
11 July 2011
Texan students helping to discover prehistoric nomad history
10 July 2011
Dig in Maryland continues to yield ancient artefacts
30 June 2011
The lost civilizations of the Amazon
Coconut genetics speak of prehistoric migrations
17 June 2011
North American copper smelting re-created
9 June 2011
Asphalt may have poisoned ancient Americans
Alaskan dig offers a glimpse of the Ice Age
8 June 2011
Traces of ancient aboriginals found in a Canadian lake
6 June 2011
Stone Age camp site found in Canada
1 June 2011
Laser study to reveal secrets of Texan prehistoric paintings
25 May 2011
Modern rock art is unwelcome
24 May 2011
Fight to study rare skeletons discovered in California
Oldest 3-D statue in the Americas
20 May 2011
North America settled by a handful of people
19 May 2011
Costa Rica's ancient cultures and prehistory
8 May 2011
An ancient 'lost civilization' in Cuba?
7 May 2011
Ohio's mounds are works of art
13 April 2011
South America's oldest textiles are 12,000 year old
9 April 2011
Remnants of nomadic society uncovered in New Mexico
6 April 2011
Ancient human remains found in Iowa
27 March 2011
New discovery revises understanding about first North Americans
'Tree Islands' in Florida, built on prehistoric trash?
20 March 2011
10,000-year-old spear found in Florida
8 March 2011
Was early farming less productive than foraging?
6 March 2011
Early hunters' tools identified in California
Lake Huron probed for signs of prehistoric hunters
25 February 2011
Oldest subarctic North American human remains found
18 February 2011
Ancient sculpture discovered in southern Mexico
12 February 2011
The earliest rock art engraving of an American mammoth?
Ancient nomadic camps discovered in Mexico
1 February 2011
Canadian Arctic sites face climate threat
23 January 2011
Evidence of contact between Humans and extinct American elephants
21 January 2011
New geoglyphs found on Peru's Nazca Plateau
2,500-year-old remains found in New Jersey
17 January 2011
Pre-Columbian site in Mexico dated to 1500 BCE
16 January 2011
Early modern humans had our same life expectancy
13 January 2011
Researcher finds oldest known domesticated dog in Americas
4 January 2011
The Mann Hopewell legacy of Indiana
27 December 2010
Ancient stone alignments in Connecticut?
23 December 2010
Climate linked to cultural changes in prehistoric USA
22 December 2010
Ancient findings may stop development in Canada
19 December 2010
2,000-year-old petroglyphs damaged in Arizona
13 December 2010
New discoveries at Chiapa de Corzo, Mexico
12 December 2010
8,270-year old human bones found in Argentina
10 December 2010
Climate change - learning from the past
7 December 2010
Oldest mine of the Americas found in Chile
2 December 2010
Coca leaf use started 8,000 years ago
A virtual dig for archaeology students
Farmer uncovers clues to coastal California history
Sounds of the Peruvian past come alive
21 November 2010
Did Neanderthals mature faster than modern humans?
Archaeological sites vulnerable to global warming and erosion
19 November 2010
Conference sheds light on sounds of the past
17 November 2010
Stone age etchings found in Amazon basin
8 November 2010
10,000-year-old camp site unearthed along USA/Canada border
30 October 2010
Discovery in Peru: ancient geoglyphs or just agricolture?
20 October 2010
9,000-year-old British Columbian site under threat
8 October 2010
Prehistoric finds in Ontario
No evidence for Clovis catastrophe, archaeologists say
Battle to save the Louisiana State University mounds
Prehistoric settlements on the Mississippi
Legend Rock petroglyphs dated to end of Pleistocene
21 September 2010
Early Archaic visitors in Wyoming
Did pets contribute to human development?
Site in Utah indicates 9,000 years of habitation
Dig in Wisconsin yields wealth of ancient artifacts
6 September 2010
4,500 year old settlement discovered in Canada
Modern cactus traced to living ancestor in Mexico
2 September 2010
Prehistoric artifacts unearthed in Canada
10,000-year-old skeleton recovered from a Mexican cave
Spear points from 3000 BCE found in Pennsylvania
Mysterious object unearthed in South Carolina
What the locals in Utah ate 10,000 years ago
23 August 2010
Prehistoric artifacts discovered on a spring in Florida
18 August 2010
Ancient utensils made of human bones
12 August 2010
12 years after discovery, public to get Miami Circle access
New finds hint at Fort Ancient's purpose
Prehistoric cave paintings found in Dominican Republic
26 July 2010
Remains of ancient Mexican woman suggest diverse migration
Computer modeling reveals 'Woodhenge' secrets in Ohio
19 July 2010
Experts dig at Native American site in Illinois
A kit to see how much Neanderthal you are?
3 July 2010
10,000-year-old weapon found in the Rocky Mountains
29 June 2010
Artifacts dating back to 5000 BCE found in Vermont
28 June 2010
Ancient Canadian burial site discovered
Record arrowhead discovered Kentucky creek
22 June 2010
School site yelds ancient tools in New Hampshire
Skull studies make case for 2-wave settlement of the New World
Rain uncovers ancient cemetery in Nicaragua
15 June 2010
Native site in Maryland could date to 1000 BCE
A 12,000-year-old find in New Hampshire
Prehistoric dog burial discovered in California
Rubber barons of Mesoamerica
7 June 2010
First complete look at technology of Clovis culture
31 May 2010
Geneticists track origins of maize
24 May 2010
Zoque pyramid burial - the oldest in Mexico?
Tracks in Mexican ash field are not ancient human footprints
17 May 2010
Universal common ancestor theory upheld by new study
Shedding light on North Carolina's first inhabitants
16 May 2010
Ancient hunters' campsite found in Wyoming
10 May 2010
Ancient artifacts found in Virginia
Neanderthal genes survive in modern humans
4 May 2010
Archaeologists explore ancient site in Wisconsin
16,000-year-old rockshelter in Pennsivlanya reopened
Fort Jackson 9000 year history revealed
Melting ice islands in Canadian mountains reveal ancient tools
24 April 2010
Origin of clothing dated thanks to lice DNA study
Unauthorized construction may have damaged Effigy mounds
Early humans may have bred with other species
Stalagmite reveals carbon footprint of early Native Americans
Arsenic-laced water may have killed ancient peoples in Chile
17 April 2010
Climate change did not pose challenges to first Americans
New method could revolutionize dating of ancient treasures
4,000 year-old artifacts found in South Carolina
16 April 2010
Yellowstone National Park was an ancient summer camp
16 March 2010
Prehistoric axes unearthed in Cuba
'Double burial' practiced for 4,500 years in Mexico
Scientists turn migration to the Americas theory on its head
16 February 2010
Ancient tree carving in California may point to the stars
24 January 2010
3,000-year-old remains of a woman found in California
10 January 2010
Deal signed to protect ancient art in Utah canyon
20 December 2009
Coso Petroglyphs: a lesser known Californian marvel
13 December 2009
New study on the diffusion of maize to the USA
Ancient artifacts found on University of Washington's greenhouse
No evidence for a meteorite impact 13,000 years ago
Early Ohioans tracked solstices
8 December 2009
Canadian prehistoric site can be saved
3 December 2009
3-year study reveals Lake Superior's ancient past
Ancient camp uncovered in Canada
10,000-year-old weapon found in Ontario
Prehistoric carvings damaged in Barbados
Native American artifacts unearthed in Rhode Island
23 November 2009
Ancient hunters not to blame for driving mammoths to extinction
Expert says ancient art was 'an instinct'
7 November 2009
Oregon caves yield evidence of continent's first inhabitants
2 November 2009
Nazcas' destruction of forests caused downfall
Expert uncovers celestial connection in desert US Southwest
Extinct bison could rewrite Canadian archaeological record
Evidence of human habitation on Trinidad 7000 years ago
27 October 2009
Comets didn't wipe out early Americans?
Prehistoric Clovis site discovered in Mexico
Stone tools found in Iowa might date to 1500 BCE
Lady of Pacopampa: A woman born to rule
17 October 2009
Edmonton archeological dig uncovers ancient campsite
Archaeologist recreates ancient brews
Tribe wants Ohio mound protected from wind farm
11 October 2009
Gault Site findings undermine Clovis First theory
Frieze dated from 5,000 years ago found in Peru
Survey of Paleoindian artifacts in Montana
Walk with the ancients in Ohio
3 October 2009
Chilean family finds millennia-old human bones in yard
Network of 3,000-year-old canals discovered in Arizona
26 September 2009
The Loveland Stone Age Fair
Digs show ancient Indians took refuge beneath rock overhangs
12 September 2009
Ancient Peruvian remains uncovered
Destruction at archaeological sites following Dakar Rally
5 September 2009
Rock shelter yields rare proof of early Ohioans
30 August 2009
The enigmatic stone mounds of Alabama
Spear tip sheds light on ancient people in Arizona
22 August 2009
Coastal damage by early inhabitants
Clues to Caribbean's earliest inhabitants
Early land-clearing may have altered global climate
Ground broken for new park at ancient Miami Circle
15 August 2009
5,000-year-old spear point found by a boy in Florida
Excavation of an earthowrk site in Louisiana comes to conclusion
Archaeologist creates stir with new book on Cahokia Mounds
8 August 2009
Ancient burial ground gets national designation in California
1 August 2009
In search of prehistoric settlements off the coast of Florida
3,000-year-old ax found by an 8-year-old child in Maryland
Digging archaeology along a pipeline in Nebraska
26 July 2009
Evidence from a 4000-year-old party in Peru
Did a comet really smash into Canada 13,000 years ago?
Prehistoric American Indian settlement discovered in Ohio
19 July 2009
Isotope analysis dates ancient Mexican
13 July 2009
Underwater exploration seeks evidence of early Americans
Pipeline work digs up artifacts in Nebraska
7 July 2009
Arsenic poisoning victims in Chile in 5000 BCE
Private group offers to run prehistoric site in Ohio
Archaeologists unravel North Carolina's ancient secrets
29 June 2009
Rare petroglyphs discovered in Cuban caves
14 June 2009
Ancient hunting camp may lie at bottom of Lake Huron
7 June 2009
13,000-year-old carved bone discovered in Florida
Hell Gap dig underway again in Wyoming
Ancient humans knew sustainable fishing
1 June 2009
Site in Pennsylvania gives clues to early civilization
'Kelp highway' theory proposed for coast settlement
Miami Circle site may soon open as park
Gypsum Cave in Nevada holds glimpses of the past
Ancient irrigation system unearthed in Arizona
10 May 2009
Controversy over cleaning of ancient art in Utah
Ancient artifact unearthed in Massachusetts
Archaeologists uncover ancient site in Maryland
5 May 2009
Archaeologist bemoans looting in Arkansas
DNA confirms Native Americans descended from a single group
Artifacts from 3700 BCE unearthed in Texas
19 April 2009
Ancient rock painting discovered at Machu Picchu
14 April 2009
Nazca Lines to be protected from heavy rains
21st century science used on prehistoric art
Earliest farm in Eastern U.S. grown for taste, not hunger?
8 April 2009
Ancient artifacts found in Texas
Archaeologists search for clues of ancient Texans
30 March 2009
First Americans brought anthrax?
Researchers find the earliest evidence of domesticated maize
New find doesn't end debate on Clovis cache
21 March 2009
6,000-year old cave paintings found in Peru
16 March 2009
Prehistoric humans hunkered at Meadowcroft in Pennsylvania
An enigmatic T-shaped mound in Louisiana
10 March 2009
Remains from Clovis culture cast doubt on comet theory
Ancient site in Utah may be replaced by a rail hub
28 February 2009
Flint's importance continued long after Stone Age
Oldest evidence of man found in Paraguay
13,000-year-old tools unearthed in Colorado
Mexico bequeathed 8,000 pre-Hispanic artifacts
22 February 2009
2,500-year-old tomb found in Peru
Sinkhole in Florida holds clues to early Americans
Dig unearths secrets of early Delawareans
Ancient village discovered in Iowa
15 February 2009
Why 50,000 BP is a 'crazy date' for American site
Ancient settlement unearthed in Iowa
8 February 2009
Debate unfolds over Lake Michigan's underwater stones
31 January 2009
A controversial Canadian Stonehenge
Historic Miami Circle shrouded from public view
Comet impact theory disproved
Nazca lines created by prayers walking?
Canadian rock petroglyphs are rapidly vanishing
25 January 2009
Rare ancient Indian art found in Tennessee
Ancient village found on U.S.-Mexico border
Natural disasters doomed early civilization in South America
Part of Nazca lines covered with clay and sand
11 January 2009
Migrants may have settled New World in two groups
Unusual stone formation discovered in Lake Michigan
3 January 2009
Did a comet explode over North America 12,000 years ago?
Prehistoric artifacts found in Arizona
Before corn, wild lilies were on ancient menu
Prehistoric artifacts unearthed in Oklahoma
DNA tracks ancient Alaskan's descendants
27 December 2008
Burial mounds suspected in Wisconsin
20 December 2008
Relocated Dakar Rally could damage ancient sites
Prehistoric cremation pit found on US island
14 December 2008
Dig turns up 10,000 years old flint flakes in Texas
6 December 2008
Oregonian cave yield evidence about prehistoric America
Dental plaque gives clue to diet of ancient Peruvians
New insight on Great Smoky Mountains' first residents
30 November 2008
Prehistoric cache found in Minnesota puzzles archaeologists
Research sheds light on Ohio's ancient earthworks
5,500-year-old settlement found near Nazca, in Peru
The enigma of Lake Ontario's 11,000-year-old footprints
23 November 2008
Did asteroid cause ancient New York tsunami?
A 7,000-year-old American find awaits analysis
16 November 2008
Find in USA nothing more than a fraud
Ancient village discovered in Arizona
8 November 2008
St.Louis' last Indian mound is for sale
Bone tool oldest ever found in Indiana
26 October 2008
Archaeologists celebrate Peru find
Bone tool sheds light on prehistoric US Midwest
19 October 2008
Prehistoric drug kit found on the Carribean
Idaho museum unveils 16,000-year-old tools
13 October 2008
Maine's largest prehistoric settlement
4 October 2008
Ancient Peru pyramid spotted by satellite
Thieves target Mojave National Preserve artifacts
29 September 2008
Ancient petroglyph chiseled from Arizona cliff
21 September 2008
Early Paleoindians hunters may have relied on rabbits
14 September 2008
Aboriginal relics destroyed by all-terrain vehicles
Pursuing US Southwest's prehistoric rock art
7 September 2008
Oldest skeleton in Americas found in underwater cave?
Prehistoric site discovered in Vermont
31 August 2008
Missouri cave paintings give ancient insight
17 August 2008
4,500-year-old artifacts found in South Carolina
Rock Art marks transformations in Peruvian societies
American Indian artifacts found in Maryland
28 July 2008
Battle over Rhode Island rock mounds
19 July 2008
6,000-year-old knife unearthed in Florida
Search for first Americans to plunge underwater
Construction damages prehistoric site in Illinois
14 July 2008
3000 years old ruins found in Bolivia
5 July 2008
Exploding asteroid theory strengthened by new evidence
4,500-year-old mummies discovered in Chile
28 June 2008
Group mulls future of ancient mound site in Ohio
Ancient stone tools discovered in South Carolina
5000-year-old anthropomorphic figures found in Peru
26 April 2008
Bandurria may be the oldest Peruvian site
Buried Dogs were divine 'escorts' for ancient Americans
20 April 2008
One million artifacts acquired by US museum
Earliest Mixtec cremations found in Mexico
12 April 2008
Ancient ax blade unearthed in Michigan
Researchers find pre-Clovis human DNA
Peruvian necklace is 'oldest in Americas'
31 March 2008
Conflict alert for ancient British Columbian sites
Earliest signs of corn as staple food found in South America
23 March 2008
Victoria suburb yields 850 BCE archeological site
Early Americans may have arrived 2,000 years earlier than thought
Ancient bones laid to rest in British Columbia
Aerial scanning reveals details of ancient sites
Oregon obsidian traces history for archaeologists
16 March 2008
Native Americans traced to 6 'Founding Mothers'
Ontario lake reveals mysterious structure
3 March 2008
Ancient human remains found at construction site in California
Archaeologists find 5,500 year old plaza in Peru
24 February 2008
Possible turbine site includes burial grounds in Florida
Mysterious pyramid complex discovered in Peru
17 February 2008
Natural-gas drilling threatens ancient rock art in Utah
Migrating people had 20,000-year campout
With climate swing, a culture bloomed in Peru
10 February 2008
The enigmatic Gungywamp monuments
2 February 2008
Glimpse of hunter-to-farmer shift unearthed in Ohio
Ancient bones found at University of California
19 January 2008
Ancient Peruvians cultivated crops 10,000 years ago
13 January 2008
Ancient Miami circle will remain buried
6 January 2008
Ancient artifacts unearthed in Florida
30 December 2007
Research group studies chocolate use from ancient pottery
Ancient petroglyphs lie amidst suburban sprawl
23 December 2007
Ancient find in Montana
15 December 2007
15,000-year-old flint spear tip found in Ohio
9 December 2007
Debate on Kennewick Man still rages on
2 December 2007
Prehistoric remains unearthed in Ohio
Americas populated via Alaska, genetics show
Oregon city, tribes trying to save 2,500-year-old site
Ridley Scott to direct 'Stones'
17 November 2007
Cocoa used as early as 1000 BCE
Archeologists unearth 4,000-year-old temple in Peru
3 November 2007
Prehistoric artefacts unearthed in Maryland
Tracing ancient pottery in Mississippi
28 October 2007
New ideas about migration from Asia to Americas
21 October 2007
Alaskan tribes to receive prehistoric remains
17 October 2007
Prehistoric skull found at Malibu construction site
Searching for ancient shores in Michigan
Texan prehisoric site under threat
Monolith raises questions about ancient mexican culture
9 October 2007
Learn how ancient people cooked
Suspected prehistoric burial found in Texas
29 September 2007
Florida State may buy ancient burial ground
A bursting comet to blame for Ice Age extinctions?
16 September 2007
Canadian caves reveal thousands of years of history
4 September 2007
Wanapum leader protects ancient petroglyphs
26 August 2007
Volunteers help protect prehistoric American mounds
Ancient quid yields DNA
Were seafarers living in Canada 16,000 years ago?
19 August 2007
Prehistoric stone bowl stolen from Canadian beach
Miami Circle secured for now
9,000-year-old artifacts found in Florida
12 August 2007
Reworked Clovis point discovered in Virginia
7 August 2007
Comet theory may explain disappearance of ancient people in N.America
30 July 2007
3000-year-old whalebone mask found in Alaska
Dig in Indiana yields prehistoric artifacts
22 July 2007
Funds scarce for Miami Circle seawall
Ancient relics in path of highway in Arizona
17 July 2007
Petroglyph site in Utah taking more damage
Squirrels unearth ancient artifact in California
Canadian students find ancient tool-making camp
9 July 2007
Ancient-style reed boat tackles Atlantic
1 July 2007
Squashes show ancient farming in South America
Florida scrambles to shore up the Miami Circle
3 June 2007
Vandalism of petroglyphs in Utah spurs probe
Group to protect prehistoric site in California
2,000-year-old site in Ohio to be auctioned off
27 May 2007
Virtual explorations of the ancient Ohio Valley
A new Clovis-age impact theory
20 May 2007
Ancient tool parts found at Maine site
7 May 2007
Language might have evolved from gestures
American 'Woodhenge' raises interest in ritual past
Ancient burial site found in Kentucky
29 April 2007
Petroglyphs vandalized, tagged with gang graffiti
Rock Art workshop and survey
22 April 2007
Archaeologists discover remains of ancient Floridians
16 April 2007
Archaeologists find 3 prehistoric bodies in Mexico
Maize farming in Mexico dated back to 5,300 BCE
18 March 2007
International Megalithic Conference
29 ancient tombs found in Mexico
Circles in Delaware Co. woods suggest pre-historic site
10 March 2007
State archaeologist casts doubt on ancient find in Walker
Unbrushed teeth reveal ancient diets
5 March 2007
Builders discover 46 ancient tombs in Colombia
4 March 2007
Prehistoric solar observatory found in Peru
27 February 2007
US developer preserves ancient archaeological site
Americas populated before the advent of Clovis people?
19 February 2007
American chili peppers from 6,000 years ago
Anthropologists back Native American claims
Winds ravage Neolithic village in Chile
11 February 2007
Forensic photography brings color back to ancient textiles
Land project threatens ancient Antiguan settlement
4 February 2007
Archaeological site partially destroyed in New Mexico
29 January 2007
Ancient Olmec-influenced city discovered
Experts explain significance of the Walker site
15 January 2007
Tools found in Minnesota may be 14,000 years old
6 January 2007
Ancient artifacts featured at exhibit in Iowa
Ancient footpath retraced using satellite technology
Missouri man reels in ancient fish hook
31 December 2006
9,000-year-old artifact stirs archaeological excitement
22 December 2006
Archeology team finished for season in Canada
Ancient site in Colorado becomes a jewel
17 December 2006
Dig shows Spokane was inhabited 8,000 years ago
10 December 2006
Fort Ancient best preserved earthwork in America
Ancient arrowhead identified in Pennsylvania
Men plead guilty to looting site in Kentucky
3 December 2006
Ancient skull unearthed in New York state
2,000-year-old road under threat in Ohio?
27 November 2006
Prehistoric remains disputed in Florida
Team finds more traces of lost Amazon civilization
20 November 2006
Ancient remains in limbo in South Carolina
12 November 2006
Archaeologists unveil calendar of pre-Colombia cultures
29 October 2006
Ancient rock art in Utah vandalised
Ancient footprints found in Mexico valley
Teen hideout may be archeologically signficant
15 October 2006
Bering Strait appeared earlier than believed
8 October 2006
Early humans followed the coast
1 October 2006
Archaeologists study ancient people in Ohio
Priests may have designed Nazca lines, expert says
16 September 2006
Oldest writing in the New World discovered in Mexico
Ancient rock art found in Eagle Mountain
Canadian quarry full of ancient artifacts
Dig suggests ancient nomads in Connecticut built pit houses
2 September 2006
Low water level reveals prehistoric skeleton in Texas
27 August 2006
Vandals destroy ancient Arctic petroglyphs
25 August 2006
Evidence of prehistoric site found in Virginia
12 August 2006
Bill would allow study of ancient American remains
Doorstop in USA turns out to be an archaic axe head
8 August 2006
New light on prehistoric Bosque County man
6 August 2006
Fighting to save Californian prehistoric sites
28 July 2006
Ancient village unearthed in Mississippi
16 July 2006
Sharpened quartz may be 5,000 years old
13 July 2006
Dig by students reveals site may date back 10,000 years
8 July 2006
Looters still ravaging ancient Arizona
Find in Minnesota may be thousands of years old
Ancient village in British Columbia threatened
Tackling 10,000-year-old mystery in Colorado
1 July 2006
Did ancient Amazonians build a 'Stonehenge'?
Looters help team uncover 4,800-year-old ruins in Peru
24 June 2006
'9,000 Years Along the St. George'
Seminole to get a glance at last 12,000 years in the area
14 June 2006
Dental work in Mexico dates back 4,500 years
4 June 2006
Dig planned at ancient site in North Dakota
Bison slaughter site offers clues to prehistoric past
30 May 2006
Shift from hunting to farming due to flooding?
21 May 2006
'Brazilian Stonehenge' discovered
Andeans used astronomy to determine agricultural calendar
Mexican monolith may cast new light on Mesoamerica
1 May 2006
Cloud of scholarly dust rises over ancient footprints claim
4,000-year-old temple found in Peru
Kennewick Man may revolutionalize North American history
23 April 2006
Ancient mounds in Florida looted in search for gold
New giant picture found on Peru's Nazca plateau
Ancient earthworks electronically rebuilt
Prehistoric finds unearthed in Wyoming
9 April 2006
Traces of an unknown culture from 5000 BCE found in Texas
2 April 2006
Ancient mounds give glimpse into Indian mining operations
Fate of Peavine petroglyphs to be decided
12 March 2006
Hawk patrolling prehistoric monument, chasing off pigeons
5 March 2006
Prehistoric milling site found in California
Imported food trade began 4,000 years ago
26 February 2006
Ancient people may have followed 'Kelp Highway' to America
First Americans may have been European
Cahokia Mounds gets $837,800 for preservation
19 February 2006
Solemn reburial for ancient remains
Expansion of Cahokia Mounds is just ahead
Ancient cave art full of teenage graffiti
Researcher seeks secrets of Kennewick Man
12 February 2006
Early chiefdoms offer clues to modern wealth, study says
1 February 2006
Dog graves show ancient humans cared
28 January 2006
Archaeologists uncover 10,000-year-old site in Oregon
Plumbing the depths of an ancient spring in Florida
20 January 2006
4,000-year-old 'kitchen' unearthed in Indiana
14 January 2006
Ancient remains found in downtown Miami
12 January 2006
Pennsylvania hunters shouldn't use prehistoric weapon
USC seeks volunteers for excavating ancient sites
7 January 2006
5,400 years ago, Andeans irrigated crops
Earliest Mayan writing found in pyramid
Neolithic baby boom
31 December 2005
Ancient 'Weapons Factory' found in Connecticut
29 December 2005
8,000-year-old campsites unearthed in Texas
26 December 2005
Valley of Fire rock tours to begin
24 December 2005
Prehistoric arrowheads stolen in Florida
19 December 2005
Ancient humans brought bottle gourds to the Americas from Asia
Skulls raise questions on first Americans
12 December 2005
Donors can save ancient site in New Hampshire
Prehistoric boat-building site found in New York state
4 December 2005
Study treads on footprint claim
Ancient canals reveal underpinnings of early Andean civilization
27 November 2005
Suffolk County to reinter ancient bones near Indian site
Chile's prehistoric mummies possibly done in by arsenic
Rock art sites in Colorado
13 November 2005
Pennsylvania hunters may use prehistoric weapon
6 November 2005
Threats to prehistoric quarry in New Hampshire
2 November 2005
Dig near Tucson uncovers ancient settlement
30 October 2005
Archaeologists discuss man's origins in the USA
Ancient Indian burial site found in Riverhead park
23 October 2005
Squatters, scribble threaten Peru's Nazca lines
Native Americans mounds in Ohio hold history
Archeologist urges Lake Worth to preserve its past
16 October 2005
Prehistoric gouging tool found in Maine
9 October 2005
Knappers use Stone Age techniques to carve tools
Modern potato had roots in Peru
Dig proves ancient trash is modern-day treasure
7 October 2005
Nevada probing damage to prehistoric site
17 September 2005
Spear point may be oldest Idaho human relic
16 September 2005
Illinois site shows life of Archaic Period
11 September 2005
Prehistoric arrowheads found at Clifton Park dig
8 September 2005
Rare Clovis point found in Utah
3 September 2005
New structure found at an ancient site in Ohio
Bison in Illinois 1,700 years earlier than thought
28 August 2005
Ancient spear point missing after fair show
21 August 2005
Prehistoric dig in Colorado running out of time
7 August 2005
Prehistoric artifacts unearthed in South Carolina
New analysis of pottery stirs Olmec trade controversy
23 July 2005
Pre-Incas kept detailed records
8,000-year-old relics found in Mississippi
16 July 2005
20 ancient Hohokam canals discovered
9 July 2005
Discovery may rewrite American prehistory
Excavation in Michigan yields prehistoric axe
8 July 2005
After 9,300 years, is Kennewick Man ready to 'talk'?
3 July 2005
9,000-year-old spear head found by Canadian hikers
Ancient pit house unearthed in Arizona
2 July 2005
Alaskan dig mystifies archaeologists
25 June 2005
Excavation of a prehistoric site in Indiana
22 June 2005
Seattle scientists study Kennewick Man
13 June 2005
Kansas dig may change beliefs on early Americans
5 June 2005
Rare artifacts found in Wisconsin
Rock vandals face possible felony charges
28 May 2005
Giant figures in Peru pre-date Nazca lines
26 May 2005
How many crossed the land bridge from Siberia?
22 May 2005
Ancient remains from Wisconsin
8 May 2005
Prehistoric bones found in Colorado
Bog drew Indians to Cranberry, Pennsylvania
24 April 2005
Remains at building site may be of ancient Indians
The ancient shell rings of South Carolina
16 April 2005
Scientists protest bill over Kennewick Man
9 April 2005
Ancient campsite discovered in South Dakota
6 April 2005
Neutron activation analysis used on Olmec pottery
24 March 2005
Traces of ancient settlement uncovered in Florida
19 March 2005
Ancient settlement unearthed in South Carolina
Were Olmecs a 'mother' culture?
Cave discovery sparks environmental concern in Kentucky
Alaskan salmon harvest is a 6,000-year-old practice
10 March 2005
2,000-year-old artefacts found in USA
6 March 2005
Prehistoric farmers may have saved us from new Ice Age
4 March 2005
Giant figures found in Peru
27 February 2005
Two concentric rings found in Miami
Underwater finds dazzle Canadian historians
20 February 2005
Links to early hunters found in Baja California
Did humans settle on the Great Plains earlier than thought?
12 February 2005
Texan petroglyph site documented by archeologists
30 January 2005
5,000-year-old settlement found in Colorado
Scientists find prehistoric remains in Mexico
23 January 2005
Prehistoric huts found in Colorado
21 January 2005
Healing ceremony at ancient burial site
15 January 2005
Texan road part of ancient burial site
Could the rain forest have been home to complex societies?
14 January 2005
River exposes ancient grinding holes
26 December 2004
In Illinois, unrecorded history being written in small discoveries
Archaeologists push back beginning of civilization in Americas 400 years
7,000 years of religious ritual traced in Mexico
22 December 2004
Kansas intaglios are a story of ancient beliefs
20 December 2004
Ancient flood may have triggered Intra-Allerod Cold Period
15 December 2004
Archaeologist finds ancient settlement in New Jersey
11 December 2004
Louisiana's Ancient Mounds Trail
3 December 2004
A complex society in Uruguay, 4,800 years ago
21 November 2004
South Carolina fire pit dated to be 50,000-year-old
18 November 2004
Ancient Indian pottery uncovered in Florida
13 November 2004
Artifacts reveal prehistoric settlement in Idaho
30 October 2004
Yellowstone Park dig yields picture of ancient camp
21 October 2004
5,000-year-old artifacts discovered in Texas
17 October 2004
4,000-year-old pottery found in Florida
14 October 2004
An ancient Ohio quarry
1 October 2004
Massachusetts mystery heads: history or hoax?
29 September 2004
Ancient Indian camp unearthed in Alabama
Man charged with ancient rock art vandalism
20 September 2004
5,700-year-old smokehouse found in Canada
12 September 2004
Divers find ancient skeleton in Mexico
8 September 2004
The first Americans may have been Australian
30 August 2004
Ancient campground found in South Dakota
28 August 2004
Reno trench site dig yields prehistoric items
17 August 2004
Hints of habitation on Potomac river banks as early as 14,000 BCE
14 August 2004
Scientists wait to examine Kennewick Man
5 August 2004
Rare Rock Art defaced in Utah
Ancient tools discovered near Seattle
3 August 2004
Stone tools found in Hudson River, New York
24 July 2004
Court backs natural gas probe of Utah's Nine Mile Canyon
22 July 2004
New wrangle over Kennewick bones
17 July 2004
Artifacts unearthed in Minnesota Lake
3 July 2004
Prehistoric blades as cutting-edge find
27 June 2004
Groups fight to preserve American Indian sites
Prehistoric artifacts discovered in Virginia
25 June 2004
DNA from ancient hair
Ancient Indian settlement found in Utah
18 June 2004
Preserving ancient remains in South Carolina
11 June 2004
8,000 year-old spearheads found in Pennsylvania
5 June 2004
Archaeologist's hunt for clues on the Hopewell people
29 May 2004
American rock art under threat
28 May 2004
Ancient Native American burial uncovered
26 May 2004
Plan to re-open Miami Circle to the public
22 May 2004
Ancient bones of mother and child found
15 May 2004
Exhibit of Native American petroglyphs opens
11 May 2004
Clues to early Americans sought at Fort Jackson
1 May 2004
Lawsuit to protect Nine Mile Canyon rock art
29 April 2004
Archaeology on High School doorstep
26 April 2004
Study shows ancient coastal life in California
24 April 2004
Ancient bird feather darts find
20 April 2004
Scientists win new battle over skeleton
17 April 2004
New technique to reveal the age of ancient tools
Oregon's early natives
Oldest mound complex identified
18 March 2004
Prehistoric jasper mine unearthed in Virginia
17 March 2004
4,000-year-old skeleton in Tierra del Fuego
4 March 2004
The ancient inhabitants of Pasco County, Florida
28 February 2004
Did first Americans arrive by boat?
26 February 2004
Window on an ancient world in Guatemala
21 February 2004
Ancient desert markings imaged from orbit
14 February 2004
Survey finds Indian prehistoric evidence
Clovis Man turns 75, plus 13,000
7 February 2004
Chagas disease found in ancient mummies
Ancient artifact found in Yukon mountains
Scientists wins ancient bones battle
3 February 2004
Discovery of a carved rock in Panama causes excitement
Trash and tracks threaten Nazca Lines
24 January 2004
Mystery shrouds ancient petroglyphs in North Carolina
Ancient American Indian settlement unearthed
17 January 2004
Melting ice in Canada reveals ancient hunting artifacts
10 January 2004
Dig finds in Kansas could be thousands of years old
2 January 2004
6000-year-old bones found in Indiana
20 December 2003
An appeal to save the FUMDHAM
17 December 2003
Theft hampers archaeology site protection
Third dig planned at Cedar Creek
15 December 2003
Ancient Peruvian site in danger
28 November 2003
Further news on looting of Wyoming archaeological site
20 November 2003
Climate linked to extinction of Alaskan horses
19 November 2003
Native artefacts found at Iroquois
15 November 2003
Ancient farmers modified corn genes
14 November 2003
Olmec bones found in Honduras?
Excavation funding sought for Alabama cave
13 November 2003
New clues to climate change occurred 5,200 years ago
12 November 2003
Seed study may reveal early euthanasia
8 November 2003
Ancient sites threatened by clay mines in Georgia
5 November 2003
Documentation of ancient Alaskan hunting grounds
31 October 2003
Wyoming archeological site looted
25 October 2003
Ancient mound under a swimming pool
US Agents believe large boulder taken illegally
24 October 2003
Y-chromosome and the first Americans
Canadian caves yield ancient artifacts
22 October 2003
Work on Brazoria Woman continues
21 October 2003
Catastrophes formed Alaska
17 October 2003
Alaskan artefacts at risk from global warming
Prehistoric campgrounds found in Texas
Miami circle has been reburied
16 October 2003
$1,000 reward to catch vandals at Lovelock Cave
Dump set up inside Peruvian Nazca lines
14 October 2003
Important new findings in Louisiana
13 October 2003
8,000-year-old skeleton found in Florida
29 September 2003
Prehistoric munitions factory found
23 September 2003
4,000-year-old pottery shards in S. Carolina
21 September 2003
Warfare began after people formed villages
12 September 2003
Human remains found near "Miami Circle"
Rare Paleoindian hunting camp discovered
Ancient fish trap found in Alaska
10 September 2003
Prehistoric agriculture in Wisconsin
6 September 2003
New findings from under Miami parking-lot site
Did the early Americans come from Oceania?
3 September 2003
Prehistoric Indian earthworks still exist in Louisiana
23 August 2003
Early settlement site in Pennsylvania debated
16 August 2003
Astronomical alignment of stones in Colombia
Ancient superflood brought climate chaos
15 August 2003
10,000-year-old weapons found in Canada
Dig seeks clues to Indians who lived in Maine 9,000 years ago
7 August 2003
Excavation could change views on early hunters
3 August 2003
Tribes, archaeologists at odds over prehistoric cemetery
Ancient mounds get digital makeovers
1 August 2003
Doubts resurface over Siberian land bridge migration
Downtown Miami digs unearth Tequesta Indian artefacts
27 July 2003
Late date set for first Americans
24 July 2003
Baja California rock art dated to 7,500 years ago
7 July 2003
Humans settled in Amazon 4,500 years ago
Miami circle to be reburied
Looking for the real age of Pedra Furada petroglyphs
8 June 2003
Excavation of former Leetsdale island completed
26 May 2003
Ancient Nicaraguan society found
21 May 2003
Teens deface petroglyphs in Utah cave
14 May 2003
Origin of New England stone face carvings debated
23 April 2003
Found the oldest religious icon in Americas
13 January 2003
Found traces of an ancient Native American civilization
28 November 2001
Dolphin skull discovered at site of Miami circle
28 September 2001
Ancient burial site uncovered in Virginia (USA)
2 July 2000
U.S. prehistoric campsite excavated
30 April 2000
Kennewick Man DNA Studies To Begin
29 February 2000
Ancient Indian mound still a mystery
Peruvian Nazca Lines in danger
30 January 2000
The Kennewick Man is 9,000 years old
16 December 1999
Miami Circle finally saved
Ancient Louisiana mounds intrigue scientists
18 November 1999
Miami Circle is nearly 2,000 year old
23 October 1999
News from the Miami stone circle
The Iceman found in Canada isn't very old
11 September 1999
Remains of iceman discovered in Canadian glacier
Miami circle: debate over its origin
10 June 1999
Mexican archaeologists fight developers
The future of Miami Circle
12 March 1999
Puzzling circle unearthed beneath downtown Miami
Miami Circle may be 2,000 years old
25 November 1998
Early Metal Use Found in Peru

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