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Index of news related to Asia
21 February 2018
Ancient society buried disabled children like kings
11 February 2018
Earliest tomb of a Scythian prince found in Siberia
21 January 2018
11,000-year-old baby tomb found in China
14 January 2018
Images of prehistoric silk road reveal lost irrigation network
A supernova drawn 6,000 years ago in Kashmir?
6 January 2018
Cave in China filled with 45,000-year-old stone tools
3 January 2018
7,000-year-old structure found in western Iran
1 January 2018
Painted stone gives clues to ancient Japanese culture
21 December 2017
Neolithic granary found in Eastern China
19 December 2017
Climate change in ancient Indian civilisations
Ancient tomb full of soup bowls discovered in China
3 December 2017
Upper Paleolithic cave painting found in the Urals
25 November 2017
5000-year-old figurine from Siberia
16 November 2017
5,500-year-old cemetery excavated in China
8 November 2017
40,000-year-old man reveals genetic history of Asia
4 November 2017
19 Neolithic tombs discovered at China-Russia border
17 October 2017
Dolmens dating back to around 3,000 years found in southern India
31 August 2017
Were Denisovans an isolated part of our lineage?
16 August 2017
Ancient warrior, weapons drawn, wears stylish earrings
11 August 2017
Invasion may have transformed India's Bronze Age
15 June 2017
Bamboo raft to explore 30,000-year-old sea route
6 June 2017
Siberian island provides earliest evidence for dog breeding
9 February 2017
DNA reveals continuity between Stone Age and modern East Asians
26 January 2017
Oldest evidence of silk found in ancient tombs
25 January 2017
3,000 year old crocodile bones discovered in China
'Plain of Jars' Burial Site Recreated in VR
12 January 2017
Prehistoric pottery figurines unearthed in China
Tibetans lived in the Himalayas up to 12,600 years ago
10 January 2017
DNA of human ancestors found in cave floor dirt
25 November 2016
Neolithic amulet in Pakistan
12 November 2016
Palaeolithic jewellery still eye-catching after 50,000 years
8 November 2016
Ancient cannabis 'burial shroud' in chinese oasis
7 November 2016
Bronze Age city discovered in Iraq
28 August 2016
Bronze Age mausoleum unearthed in Kazakhstan
23 August 2016
4,500 years old grave discovered in Siberia
Ancient camping site unearthed in India
Large Bronze Age mound discovered in northwest China
22 August 2016
Was China the cradle of modern man, not Africa?
24 July 2016
Holding hands for 5,000 years, a couple with jade rings and dagger
23 July 2016
Megalithic structures unearthed in northeastern India
16 July 2016
Prehistory of Palawan island explored
7 July 2016
Evidence uncovered of a thriving community in the Gobi desert
3 July 2016
New origins for farmed rice
2 July 2016
4,000-year-old art gallery found in Siberia
2 June 2016
Indus era older than previously thought
13 April 2016
6,000-year-old village uncovered in Iran
Traces of ancient humans found in Vietnam
26 January 2016
Bronze & Iron Age settlements uncovered in Iran
4 January 2016
Remains of Stone Age hunters found in Western Iran
24 December 2015
Dog has been man's best friend for 33,000 years
Ancient bone may represent mysterious pre-modern human species
9 December 2015
Earliest modern humans in Southern China
Revering ancient gods on the roof of the world
20 October 2015
Teeth from China reveal early human trek out of Africa
3 October 2015
Bronze Age burial site discovered in Omsk
27 September 2015
Petroglyphs in Siberia thought to be up to 10,000 years old
25 September 2015
Prehistoric wooden statue found in Siberian peat bog
15 July 2015
Chinese Bronze Age cemetery raises questions over sacrificial links
30 June 2015
Iron Age warrior lived with arrowhead in spine
28 May 2015
Megalithic monuments discovered in India
18 May 2015
Stone bracelet is oldest ever found
15 May 2015
The unique social structure of hunter-gatherers
29 April 2015
Megalithic burial site discovered in India
11 April 2015
Megalithic cist burial unearthed in India
3 April 2015
New carvings show up on Mauxi's rock in India
2 April 2015
The mysterious rock formations in the Gobi Desert
31 March 2015
Bronze Age bones evidence of political divination
8 February 2015
Fossilized bone may belong to new human species
5 February 2015
Scientists recreate ancient Siberian brain surgery
2 February 2015
Ancient bone hand ax identified in China
17 January 2015
Discovery of 5000-year old archeological site in Iran
30 tombs, 28 chariots, 98 horse skeletons found in China
7 January 2015
4,000-year-old copper crown unearthed in India
4 January 2015
Mystery of ancient chinese civilisation's disappearance
20 December 2014
Ancient settlement discovered in Georgia
17 December 2014
Dolmens under threat in India
11 December 2014
4,500 year-old skeleton show signs of bone cancer
10 December 2014
Evidence of ancient earthquake found in China
28 November 2014
4,000-year-old razor unearthed in Siberia
25 November 2014
Possible Paleolithic site in Northeastern China
Stone Age board game found in India
2 November 2014
Earliest human genome ever analysed
12 October 2014
Ancient Harappan reservoir dwarfs that of Mohenjo Daro
9 October 2014
Armenian site challenges assumptions about human technology
2 October 2014
The geoglyphs of Kazakhstan
Iron Age bowl tells a grisly tale
30 September 2014
Chinese boy discovers 3,000-year-old bronze sword
2 September 2014
Neolithic site discovered in central China
1 August 2014
Archaeologists find bizarre burials in Iran
30 June 2014
Ancient burial with chariots discovered in Caucasus
29 June 2014
Humans have been changing Chinese environment for 3,000 years
24 June 2014
Ancient skull reveals secrets of Siberian society
3 June 2014
World's oldest trousers are Chinese
20 May 2014
4,700-year-old skeleton found in Vietnam
Prehistoric rock shelter discovered in India
31 March 2014
Ancient pollen reveals how humans shaped forests
15 March 2014
The Ice Age occupants of a long submerged land bridge
Climate change is the cause of decline in Indus Valley
10 March 2014
World's oldest cheese found in China
8 March 2014
Human ancestors at West Asian site deemed two species
28 February 2014
Neolithic altar discovered in China
16 January 2014
Ancient times table hidden in Chinese bamboo strips
11 January 2014
Chinese archaeologists uncover Neolithic beacon towers
2 January 2014
Discovery of 3,000-year-old Zeng State tombs
30 December 2013
Tombs with couples buried holding hands found in Siberia
21 December 2013
6,000-year-old tombs unearthed in Vietnam
19 December 2013
Cats domesticated by Chinese farmers 5,000 years ago
6 December 2013
Neolithic fortifications discovered in China
29 November 2013
Ancient Siberian genome reveals origins of Native Americans
25 November 2013
Ancient human history encoded in music
23 November 2013
Cattle farming in China 10,000 years ago
28 October 2013
Ancient Chinese wrote with brushes
31 August 2013
3,000-year-old stone shields excavated in China
12 August 2013
Project to protect Indian megalithic sites
28 July 2013
Possible discovery of forerunner to Chinese language
18 July 2013
Remains of pre-Ashokan shrines in Nepal
17 July 2013
Earliest Middle Palaeolithic stone tools in India
15 July 2013
Painted bronze excavated from central China tombs
10 July 2013
Harappan-era site bigger and older than Mohenjo-daro?
9 July 2013
Farming in Iran 12,000 years ago
3 June 2013
Early Palaeolithic sites in Northern China
26 May 2013
Did Japanese fishermen reach America 5000 years ago?
22 May 2013
Neolithic site revealed in China
20 May 2013
Agriculture may predate rice in subtropical China
14 May 2013
Indus civilization: a melting pot with powerful women
15 April 2013
4000-year-old artifacts found in Bhopal
12 April 2013
Ancient mysteries revealed in Turkmenistan desert
27 March 2013
Skulls of early humans carry signs of inbreeding
24 February 2013
Most Upper Paleolithic human burials were simple
Piecing together the prehistory of the Himalayas
19 February 2013
Soup making in the Stone Age
26 January 2013
Ancient Chinese arrowhead found in Japan
19 January 2013
Prehistoric rock art site found in Western India
18 January 2013
Vietnamese caves occupied for over 11,000 years
30 December 2012
2000 BCE cemetery unearhted in Oman
22 December 2012
Ancient humans cared for sick and disabled
21 December 2012
Prehistoric burial site unearthed in China
4 December 2012
Engraved stone from the Paleolithic era found in China
18 November 2012
3,000-year-old cemetery discovered in Pakistan
15 November 2012
Excavations at the largest Neolithic site in China
28 October 2012
Findings dating back to 6,000 BCE unearthed in Armenia
20 October 2012
Muddy lake bed holds radiocarbon 'Rosetta stone'
6 October 2012
The nomadic horse worshippers of Kazakhstan
21 September 2012
Restoration of a fallen menhir in India
6 September 2012
Secrets of ancient Bon religion uncovered
2 September 2012
China excavations show initial appearance of the late Palaeolithic
1 September 2012
Earliest modern human fossil in Southeast Asia
18 July 2012
Bronze Age grave unearthed in Kazakhstan
The earliest known pottery found in China
15 July 2012
Archaeologists discover earliest Chinese wine
14 July 2012
5,300-year-old Mongolian statue pieced together
5 July 2012
Bio archaeology - unfamiliar term?
22 June 2012
Prehistoric human remains discovered in Sri Lanka
3 June 2012
Climate change contributed to demise of ancient Indus civilisation
Hominids practiced sophisticated hunting techniques in East Asia
15 May 2012
Human migrations: Eastern odyssey
12 May 2012
4000-year-old rock art discovered in Mongolia
12 April 2012
Urn burial site discovered in southern India
Woolly mammoth carcass may have been cut into by humans
11 April 2012
Ancient skeleton found in Taiwan linked to Polynesia
22 March 2012
New human species or isolated tribe?
17 March 2012
Megalithic Indian burial complex unearthed
Artefacts show sophistication of ancient nomads
5 March 2012
Copper beads found inside an Indian megalithic site
11 February 2012
Burial cairn circles and settlement discovered in India
Rare Indus Valley seal discovered in Pakistan
7 February 2012
Nomads and Networks: Ancient Art and Culture of Kazakhstan
5 February 2012
Pottery from 1900 BCE discovered in India
18 January 2012
Indian megalithic sites project begins
8 January 2012
China's tomb raiders
2 January 2012
Megalithic burial urn excavated in southern India
Human remains from 450 BCE unearthed in a Nepalese cave
1 January 2012
Oldest representation of the Tower of Babel
24 December 2011
Earliest evidence of transition from wolf to dog
23 December 2011
Origins of modern dogs
22 December 2011
Neolithic site discovered in northern China
16 December 2011
3,600-year-old high status structure found in China
13 December 2011
Ancient human remains uncovered in western Nepal
11 December 2011
Megalithic site in India may date back to 3300 BCE
7 December 2011
Cave yields oldest human remains ever found in Japan
26 November 2011
Bashed skull earliest evidence of human aggression?
24 November 2011
Ancient Indus bones show gender discrimination
23 November 2011
Menhirs discovered in southwestern India
20 November 2011
How humans adapted to Ice Age climate change
19 November 2011
Soybean adoption came early by many cultures
7 November 2011
Modern humans interbred with archaic humans in East Asia
Ancient 'takeout' window discovered in Iran
1 November 2011
Prehistoric man emerges in Sri Lanka
24 October 2011
Neolithic tombs in China yield finely crafted jades
20 October 2011
10 prehistoric sites discovered in Mongolian desert
Earliest evidence of chickens domestication in China
14 October 2011
Dragonfly-eye-shaped bead found in ancient Chinese tomb
Tombs with rays of stones discovered on Pamir Plateau
10 October 2011
Iranian artefact confirmed as ancient musical instrument
5 October 2011
Palaeolithic stone weapons found in Sri Lanka
25 September 2011
Asia was settled in multiple waves of migration
6 September 2011
Horses and chariots found in a Chinese tomb
30 August 2011
Ancient bone from tall man found in Japan
21 August 2011
Iranian mound excavated for signs of Kura-Aras culture
18 August 2011
3750-year-old settlement unearthed in Sri Lanka
4 August 2011
Chinese tools introduced to Japan 20,000 years ago
33,000-year-old dog skull unearthed in Siberia
28 July 2011
Indian rock paintings tell of bygone era
26 July 2011
Ancient child burial site found in Siberia
14 July 2011
Dancing shaman carved on ancient Japanese pottery
10 July 2011
3,000-year-old artefacts unearthed in Vietnam
29 June 2011
Iron Age artifacts unearthed in the Philippines
11 June 2011
Prehistoric rice farmers started first 'green revolution'
30 May 2011
A civilisation as old as Indus valley?
24 May 2011
Pakistani rock carvings under threat
22 May 2011
Huge dolmen discovered in India
13 May 2011
Did the Japanese come from Korea?
7 May 2011
Early humans assembled weapons in China 700,000 years ago
6 May 2011
Oldest remains of Caspian Horse discovered in Iran
29 April 2011
Ancient artifacts unearthed in Taiwan
26 April 2011
Neolithic artifacts unearthed in northern India
24 April 2011
Evidence of ancient brain surgery in Tibetan encyclopedia
Traces of unknown ancient kingdom found in China
10 April 2011
Four dolmens discovered in central India
New study sheds light on East Asia's Stone Age tool scarcity
6 April 2011
Prehistoric tombs discovered in Vietnam
Rising seas made China's ancient mariners
27 March 2011
Hand ax innovators reached Asia earlier than thought
3,000-year-old items discovered in southern China
17 March 2011
Archaeologists start excavating stone circle in India
2 March 2011
Siberian prehistoric dog spent his life alongside humans
Ancient cave culture unearthed in Nepal
27 February 2011
Iron Age rock-cut tomb discovered in Kerala
24 February 2011
Early Iron Age tomb complex discovered in China
13 February 2011
Evidence of clan-based societies in ancient Kerala
12 February 2011
Significance of play in the Bronze Age Indus Valley
31 January 2011
Largest Neolithic structure yet found in NW China
24 January 2011
Westernmost Xia dynasty site discovered in China
21 January 2011
Grapes for wine first cultivated 8,000 years ago
19 January 2011
Prehistoric rock shelters under threat in Pakistan
15 January 2011
Neolithic sites discovered in southern India
14 January 2011
The origins of wine?
13 January 2011
Ancient Denisovans and the human family tree
10 January 2011
The ancient settlements of Sri Lanka
9 January 2011
Stone Age artifacts found in Nepal
8 January 2011
6000-year-old findings discovered in southern China
Large 5,000-year-old site discovered in Iran
31 December 2010
A prehistoric map painted on a cave in India
Dental exam finds Neanderthals ate their veggies
27 December 2010
6,000-year-old stone workshop discovered in China
26 December 2010
Prehistoric artifacts neglected in Vietnam
24 December 2010
New human ancestors found in Siberian cave
22 December 2010
Prehistoric burials unearthed in Vietnam
19 December 2010
Amateur claims the discovery of a 35km-long rock painting
6 December 2010
The lake city of the Indus Valley civilisation
5 December 2010
Iranian rock tombs destroyed by explosives
2 December 2010
Chinese noodle dinner found after 2,500 Years
Neolithic site discovered in China
27 November 2010
Iron Age burial urn unearthed in India
3,000-year-old fruit cellar found in China
25 November 2010
Ancient drilled eggshells discovered in China
24 November 2010
3,000-year-old musical instrument unearthed in Vietnam
Three Paleolithic sites found in China
Chinese mine in Afghanistan threatens ancient find
17 November 2010
Beer may have helped the rise of civilization, study suggests
8 November 2010
Modern humans emerged earlier than thought
20 October 2010
Ancient objects found in Azerbaijan
8 October 2010
Extraordinary settlement find in India
2 October 2010
Tools found in Arabia and India may indicate earlier migration
Ancient grinding stone discovered in India
21 September 2010
Neolithic cave dwelling found in Vietnam
6 September 2010
Prehistoric 'bone hats' found in Mongolia
2 September 2010
The sites and sounds of prehistory
23 August 2010
5000 ancient stone statues discovered in China
Neolithic oar found in South Korea
Endangered archaeology in Pakistan
Iron Age burial sites found in India
18 August 2010
Iron age megalithic structures found in India
12 August 2010
67,000-year-old human bone unearthed in Philippines
26 July 2010
Indian megalithic tomb in dire need of protection
15 July 2010
Indus Valley site ravaged by floods
Ancient tomb site uncovered in Vietnam
3 July 2010
Tibetans adapted to altitude in under 3,000 years
29 June 2010
Traces of Neolithic civilisation found in India
22 June 2010
India's megalithic village of the dead
15 June 2010
Turkmen capital is 8,000 years old, archeologists say
Megalithic tombs unearthed in India
7 June 2010
Grave from 17th century BCE excavated in Pakistan
13,000-year-old clay figure found in Japan
6 June 2010
Dholavira, one of the largest cities of the Indus civilisation
31 May 2010
Ancient cemetery found in Iran
Research yields younger age for oldest Japanese stone tools
24 May 2010
Ancient copper furnaces unearthed in Vietnam
Human sacrifices discovered at a Bronze Age site in China
16 May 2010
Indian stone circles and burial cists destroyed in development
10 May 2010
Stone bearing an Indus inscription found
Ancient rock paintings discovered in China
Menhir with petroglyphs found in India
24 April 2010
DNA from ancient swines sheds light on farming
Findings spur new look at ancient Vietnamese culture
6,000-year-old cave paintings found in China
17 April 2010
4,200 year-old Chinese grave reveals eternal embrace
16 April 2010
Possible new human relative from Siberia
16 March 2010
Kerala's megalithic monuments linked to the Mediterranean?
Bronze Age sites discovered in Pakistan
Homo sapiens may have reached India 74,000 years ago
21 February 2010
7000-year-old bricks discovered in China
1 February 2010
Skeleton of western man found in ancient Mongolian tomb
24 January 2010
Prehistoric burial customs uncovered in Laos
10 January 2010
Early human remains found in Vietnam
Neolithic stonewares discovered in Tibet
29 December 2009
Alcohol's Neolithic origins
20 December 2009
Modern humans colonized Tibetan plateau 21,000 years ago
13 December 2009
The mysterious Plain of Jars
8 December 2009
China had bronze early on
Paleolithic cave painting found in Central India
23 November 2009
Indus Valley's civilisation 'had first sophisticated exchange system'
7 November 2009
Chinese challenge to 'out of Africa' theory
27 October 2009
Paleolithic remains unearthed in Korea
17 October 2009
Ancient settlements unearthed in Sri Lanka
Neolithic axe unearthed in India
11 October 2009
Who came first, Indians or Europeans?
3 October 2009
Japan's Jomon sculptures are still a mystery
Japan's oldest stone tools found
Prehistoric axe head unearthed in India
26 September 2009
3,300-year-old site discovered in Sri Lanka
Dolmen with petroglyphs found in India
19 September 2009
Rice existed 4,000 years ago in Yangtze basin
Archaeologists fight to get back Neolithic Indian artifacts
12 September 2009
Oldest-known fiber materials discovered in Georgia
Fossil find in Georgia challenges theories on early humans
5 September 2009
Dogs first tamed in China - To be food?
30 August 2009
A Celt in China: the mysterious origins of Cherchen Man
22 August 2009
China's founding legend may not be true
15 August 2009
Paleolithic cave site discovered in China
1 August 2009
Remains of an ancient paraplegic found in Vietnam
26 July 2009
Archeologists discover 20,000-year-old hearth in Taiwan
Human stabbed a Neanderthal, evidence suggests
Ancient population boom in India explained
19 July 2009
Megalithic burial site excavated in India
13 July 2009
Humans ate fish 40,000 years ago
7 July 2009
Ancient burial of a child uncovered in Vietnam
Insecurity forces archaeologists to abandon digs in Pakistan
29 June 2009
Models of earliest vehicles found in Turkmenistan
Obsidian 'trail' shows how humans settled in Russian islands
14 June 2009
New discovery of Neolithic jade culture in China
New details on the prehistoric necropolis discovered in Kerala
7 June 2009
Prehistoric sites discovered in India
Chinese pottery may be earliest ever found
1 June 2009
Skeleton found in India pushes back leprosy's origins
10 May 2009
Evidence of prehistoric humans in India
Prehistoric cave found in southwest China
5 May 2009
China's earliest known carving found
Ancient Indus script may encode language
Archaeologists planning for Iran's largest rescue excavation
19 April 2009
Neolithic flute found in Mongolia
Iranian archaeologists return to 7500-year-old site
14 April 2009
Largest Harappan burial site found in India
8 April 2009
Prehistoric Balochistan unveiled
Archaeological sites threatened by climate change
Prehistoric cave houses among China's top discoveries
30 March 2009
4,000-year-old human skeleton found in Tajikistan
New evidence supports China as the cradle of rice cultivation
Early agriculture left traces in animal bones
Ancient cup marks found in India
16 March 2009
Ancient artifacts excavated in Vietnamese cave
70,000-year-old findings unearthed in Orissa
Iran urbanized 4,500 years ago
10 March 2009
Earliest known domestic horses found in Kazakhstan
Neolithic seal found in Iran
Harappan-era cemetery found
Bronze Age pottery kiln identified in the Burnt City
Discovery of 6000-year-old artefacts in Iran
28 February 2009
The plunder of Mohenjodaro continues
15 February 2009
New excavation on 3,000-year-old Vietnamese site
Reappraisal of the Indus/Vedic Civilization
Armenian links to Stonehenge explored
8 February 2009
New discoveries at Moenjodaro
Researchers unearth more of China's ancient past
31 January 2009
German-Iranian team to study prehistoric site
New discoveries in Burnt City
Earliest man-made cave houses in China
Extensive project to document rock art of India
25 January 2009
Prehistoric site found in Pakistan
Chinese inscriptions 1000 years older than other previously found?
Pacific people spread from Taiwan 5,200 years ago
Piecing together an ancient tale from Sri Lanka
20 January 2009
Archaeologists return to 8000-year-old site in Iran
11 January 2009
Indian team finds Megalithic Age burial ground
Prehistoric stone tools discovered in India
Bulletin published on 4800-year-old artificial eye
3 January 2009
Iran's Burnt City yields ancient graves
27 December 2008
4,000 year-old tombs found in Vietnam
20 December 2008
Mystery shrouds ancient Japanese stone circle
14 December 2008
Neolithic settlement unearthed in Iran
Stone Age Japan
Neanderthals had a varied diet
Grave of Kurgan warrior discovered in Iran
6 December 2008
Archaeologists rush to save Bronze Age sites in Iran
30 November 2008
Oldest-ever stash of marijuana found in China
Paleolithic Chinese people may have worn red clothing
Ancient pathway found in Vietnamese cave
23 November 2008
Ancient cemetery discovered in western Iran
16 November 2008
5 walled cities from 300 BCE unearthed in India
Vietnamese cave reveals relics and tombs from the Neolithic
5,000-year-old relics found in Iran
2 November 2008
7000-year-old mound excavated in Iran
Excavation of a 4000-year-old workshop continues at Macau
26 October 2008
Discovery rewrites earliest Chinese characters dating
Traces of primitive man found in Vietnam
Megalithic burial sites found in India
4 October 2008
Excavations shed light on Stone and Bronze Age Vietnam
29 September 2008
Ancient metal workshop found in Iran
Prehistoric remains unearthed in Vietnam
21 September 2008
Megalithic site in India being destroyed
7,000-eyar-old human skeleton found in Sri Lanka
7000 years of Iranian history turned to bricks
17 August 2008
5000 years ago women in control of Burnt City
28 July 2008
Large Neolithic settlement unearthed in China
5 July 2008
Humans wore shoes 40,000 years ago, fossil suggests
28 June 2008
Damaged dolmenoid cist burial found in India
7,000 years of mining traced in China
4000-year-old tombs discovered in China
26 April 2008
Rock-art sites found in India
Ancient artifacts found in Thai cave
Pakistani dam endangers ancient carvings
20 April 2008
Ancient board-games and a compass-rose unearthed in Iran
12 April 2008
Ancient burial cave discovered in the Philippines
31 March 2008
Ancient Chinese cliff paintings 'face severe damage'
Stone Age weapons dug up in India
Siberian, Native American languages linked
23 March 2008
New tomb for 'Altai Princess' to be built in Siberia
Chinese miners arrested for damaging Neolithic site
16 March 2008
Oldest animation discovered In Iran
Neolithic findings discovered in Azerbaijan
Rare cave inscriptions discovered in Sri Lanka
3 March 2008
Prehistoric stone circle unearthed in India
Pakistan's stolen prehsitoric artifacts recovered in Italy
24 February 2008
Iran's Kelar mound dated to 4000 BCE
Jewelry and makeup in ancient Persia
10 February 2008
Ancient city unearthed in India
2 February 2008
Ancient bones suggest cavemen wore boots
19 January 2008
Return of prehistoric human remains in Malaysia
2,500-year-old sword excavated from Chinese tomb
Pattanam dated to 1st millennium BCE
13 January 2008
Study points to 500 BCE Kerala maritime activity
23 December 2007
Swiss, EBay stop sale of 4,000-year-old Iraqi treasure
9 December 2007
Ancient metallurgy relics unearthed in Vietnam
Female skeleton found in ancient Chinese tomb
5,000-year-old wheat suggests early China, Middle East trade
Archaeologists excavate Chinese Neolithic mound
2 December 2007
Prehistoric city discovered in east China
Flood threatens ancient Russian settlement
Ancient coffin unearthed in central China
17 November 2007
Dig reveals 3,000 year old Vietnamese artifacts
Prehistoric hunters' camp site found in Russia
3 November 2007
3000 years of Iranian history wiped out overnight
21 October 2007
End of excavations at Galabar Dam
9 October 2007
Discovery of a Neolithic village in Iran
Neanderthals roamed as far as Siberia
29 September 2007
Stone Age rice farms found in China
Iranian reservoir conceals archaeological goldmine
23 September 2007
3000-year-old graves discovered in Iran
4,000-year-old copper hoard discovered in India
Ancient Chinese sites threatened by water project
4 September 2007
Prehistoric artefacts found in Vietnam
26 August 2007
Paleolithic site traced in Iran
19 August 2007
Prehistoric site bulldozed in Iran
2nd millennium BCE tomb found in Azerbaijan
12 August 2007
Prehistoric settlement unearthed in China
7 August 2007
Ancient Vietnamese drums being illegally excavated
5600-year-old tinder device unearthed in China
30 July 2007
Ancient Vietnamese bronze drum restored
Another 5000-year-old inscription discovered in Iran
22 July 2007
Vietnam discoveries may be three millennia old
The mysterious Jinsha culture
Iron Age cemetery unearthed in Iran
9 July 2007
Green crystals found in 2,500-year-old Chinese tomb
1 July 2007
Earliest wooden figurines found in China
27 May 2007
Turkmenistan: a cradle of civilization?
20 May 2007
Chinese writing may be 8,000 years old
Prehistoric Iranian site discovered
Vietnamese mountains home to 4000-year-old opal mine
Taiwanese stone coffins unearthed
7 May 2007
3,500 year-old artefacts unearthed in Vietnam
Elaborate stone tools found in Chinese site
2500-year-old tomb discovered in China
29 April 2007
Evidence of ancient human activity on Ram Sethu
Studying early China, to learn why civilizations rise and fall
22 April 2007
Iran dam opens amid heritage fear
16 April 2007
Scan for 4600-year-old skulls
Early humans in Japan produced stone tools
Statue found in ancient Iranian grave
3000-year-old Iranian cemetery to be excavated
8 April 2007
Excavations at 3000-year-old Jinsha
China's earliest modern human
Ancient graves and ovens unearthed in Thailand
5000-year-old platform unearthed in Iran
18 March 2007
Another 3000-year-old brazier discovered in Iran
10 March 2007
Evidence of lime burial discovered in Iran
Indus Valley civilization more varied and wider
4 March 2007
Iranian gardener stumbles on ancient pot
4 February 2007
Ancient Pakistani site vanishing bit by bit
29 January 2007
Bronze to Iron Age transition studied in Iran
Evidence of craniotomy in ancient China
Metallurgy in ancient India was advanced
'Hobbit' cave digs set to restart
15 January 2007
Prehistoric artefacts found in Orissa
6 January 2007
Ancient tomb unearthed in Vietnam
Earliest settlements in Taipei discovered
Iron Age relics unearthed in Gilan
Anthropologists identify rider at Burnt City
31 December 2006
4000 year old rice found in China
22 December 2006
Shrouded 5000-year-old child unearthed in Iran
17 December 2006
Palaeolithic stone tools found in China
4800-year-old artificial eye discovered in Iran
10 December 2006
176 prehistoric caves discovered in Thailand
Dam threatens ancient Pakistani rock-art sites
3 December 2006
Illegal diggers smash ancient Iranian artifacts
27 November 2006
Excavations on the 14000-year-old island of Khark
Corruption alive in China 2800 years ago
20 November 2006
Ancient settlements unearthed in India
Unprecedented burial of a dog in Gohar Tepe
Ancient rock tombs discovered at Jiroft
12 November 2006
2,700-year-old bronze ware discovered in northwest China
Archeological site gives Taiwan's prehistoric insight
Neolithic Indian rock carvings facing neglect
5 November 2006
Isfahan's prehistoric civilization to be studied
29 October 2006
Artifacts in Syria hint at ancient burial rituals
New evidence of early horse domestication
2700-year-old family tomb discovered in Iran
21 October 2006
Smugglers entice archaeologists to excavate Iranian mound
'Earliest chinese characters' Unearthed
15 October 2006
Ancient warriors cemetery discovered in China
3000-year-old cobblestoned lane unearthed in Iran
8 October 2006
Remains of 6,000-year-old house discovered in Shaanxi
3000-year-old skeleton found in Iran
Tibetan Ice Age foragers
1 October 2006
Ancient burial urns found in central Vietnam
16 September 2006
3000-year-old warrior holding a sword discovered in Iran
2 September 2006
Ancient gold coins found in Kyrgyzstan
Jurab Tepe dated to 5000 BCE
27 August 2006
6000-year-old kiln transferred to safe haven in Iran
Scythian mummy shown in Germany
19 August 2006
Amazing chariot and horses find in China
Mummy with fur coat unearthed in Mongolia
18 August 2006
2,500-year-old figures may be terracotta army models
Neolithic stone carving of Big Dipper found in Mongolia
10 August 2006
Vietnamese farmer uncovers Neolithic music instrument
China's earliest handicraft workshop discovered?
Bolaghi Gorge prehistoric ovens to be relocated
6 August 2006
Peru link to Indian archaeological find?
Search for writing at 6000-year-old Iranian site
Ancient fishing village unearthed in Vietnam
Roads threatening 6000-year-old mound in Iran
23 July 2006
Pipeline going to Armenia is destroying 3000 year old city
22 July 2006
Ancient metal relics recovered in Iran
13 July 2006
3,000-year-old pellets might be missiles, archaeologist says
8 July 2006
Four 6,000-year-old human skeletons unearthed in Iran
Dam to drown 7000 years of Iranian history
1 July 2006
5000-year-old settlement areas found in Bolaghi Gorge
A 30,000-year-old civilization on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau?
24 June 2006
Bronze Age pyramidal tombs discovered in NE China
Illegal building on ancient Vietnamese site halted
Stone-age tools dug out of 'tiger hole'
18 June 2006
2,400-year-old tombs discovered in central China
Hemudu influences in prehistoric Philippines
14 June 2006
Ancient stone chimes discovered in China
4 June 2006
Prehistoric footprint found in China
30 May 2006
Ancient Chinese city reveals life in desert 2,200 years ago
Delay in excavation to Iranian prehistoric site
21 May 2006
Investigation into disappearance of ancient people in Siberia
4,500 year-old bricks found in India
1 May 2006
Neolithic village remains unearthed in East China
'7000-Year-Old sleepin' beauty' discovered in Bolaghi Gorge
23 April 2006
Beheaded skeletons replay Chinese war history
16 April 2006
The pillage of Bengal's ancient history
14 April 2006
Engraved image discovered at 5000-year-old cemetery
Discovery of a huge Achaemenid building in Iran
9 April 2006
Prehistoric sites discovered in western Iran
Ancient Chinese city reveal superb technology
6 April 2006
Prehistoric dentists
2 April 2006
Origin of domestic horses probed through DNA
26 March 2006
Pottery offers clues to origin of Chinese characters
Iran: prehistoric fashion center?
19 March 2006
Ruins of 4,500-year-old cities discovered in Shaanxi
Evidence of primitive human activity found in China
7000-year-old animal-designed clays discovered in Iran
12 March 2006
Two prehistoric settlements unearthed in central China
4,000-year-old settlement unearthed in Bangladesh
5 March 2006
Iron Age arrowhead discovered in Iran
Traces of prehistoric civilization discovered in Iran
4 March 2006
5,000-year old earthenware unearthed in NW China
26 February 2006
3,000-year-old cliff painting found in SW China
Worship of phoenix may have started 7,400 years ago in China
6,000-year old earthenware pieces unearthed in China
8,000-year-old drill to make fire found in China
19 February 2006
Prehistoric caves discovered in Iran
Prehistoric engravings and tools discovered in India
12 February 2006
Xi'an museum of the Neolithic to reopen
3000-year-old prayer house discovered in Iran
30 January 2006
7000 year-old altar found in China
28 January 2006
New discoveries in Jiroft
27 January 2006
Archeologists unearth 3,200-year-old woman in Vietnam
20 January 2006
Early Neolithic site found in western Beijing
14 January 2006
3,000-year-old ancient state found in north China
Jiroft inscription may be the earliest written language
12 January 2006
Discovery rewrites Hong Kong's prehistory
The mysterious Mongolian megaliths
Over 4,200 cliff tombs found in China
7 January 2006
Studies show Jiroft was ancient trade link
Discovery of ancient mass graves in Burnt City
New lights on origin of Chinese civilization
Ancient sites unearthed in Tibet
1 January 2006
3,800-year-old Indian skeletons throw light on evolution
Burnt City mothers suffered from malnutrition
31 December 2005
Ancient tombs unearthed in Inner Mongolia
26 December 2005
Prostrate figure burial found in Burnt City
24 December 2005
First houses in Sialk built 7500 years ago
Prehistoric tools unearthed in Bengal
Ancient sites unearthed in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
2,800-year-old treasures brought to light in China
19 December 2005
2,300-2,500 years old tombs discovered in Vietnam
Oldest large-scale warfare found in Syria
5000-year-old twin grave unearthed in Burnt City
Iron Age temple discovered in Iran
Ancient Chinese may have worn necklaces 20,000 years ago
12 December 2005
Sialk 6000-year-old secrets to be revealed
Ancient mound discovered in Azerbaijan
27 November 2005
A rush to excavate ancient Iranian sites
26 November 2005
Decoding the origin of Chinese civilization
400 skeletons unearthed at an ancient cemetery in Iran
4,500-year-old fortune-telling instruments found in China
Japanese team return to Gilanís ancient sites
20 November 2005
Team of archaeologists to explore Mazandaran caves
First Harappan cemetery found in Uttar Pradesh
Armenian archaeologists find Early Bronze Age settlement
19 November 2005
Archaeologists rescuing relics for Three Gorges Dam
13 November 2005
Rare pottery kiln discovered in Mongolia
Ancient burial mounds unearthed in Armenia
9 November 2005
Database to record Jomon artifacts is being compiled
6 November 2005
Skeleton buried in fetal position discovered in Beijing
5,000-year-old necklace unearthed in China
2 November 2005
Greenhouse effect occurred 5,000 years ago
Oldest dragon totem found
30 October 2005
Prehistoric observatory discovered in China
New find in Iran may be ancient musical instrument
23 October 2005
Mysterious grave found in Gohar Tepe, Iran
Archaeologists to excavate prehistoric sites in Iran
16 October 2005
Winged goddesses flew over Iran
Bones of dismembered warriors unearthed in Iran
Chinese scientists uncover 4,000-year-old bowl of noodles
Bull-horn pendant unearthed at Gohar-Tappeh
9 October 2005
Ancient gambler skeleton unearthed in Iran
Prehistoric mounds plowed in Khuzestan
1 October 2005
Animal footprints discovered on ancient bricks
Holy cow statue discovered in Iran
25 September 2005
Cambodian archaeological sites being decimated
18 September 2005
Late Bronze Age castle discovered in Iran
Prehistoric Vietnamese findings likely to be published
16 September 2005
First cocktail 5000 years old
10 September 2005
Bronze Age boat replica capsized
8 September 2005
Neolithic fishing boat unearthed in Korea
4 September 2005
Reed-boat sailors to follow wake of ancient mariners
Earliest millets discovered in Mongolia
3 September 2005
3000-year-old baby skulls found in Iran
28 August 2005
Dig near Kolkata to unearth pre-Mauryan history
3000-year-old mummified body unearthed in India
5000-year-old clay collection discovered in Iran
27 August 2005
Iron Age skeleton discovered in Iran
21 August 2005
2,500-year-old artifacts found in West Kazakhstan
Prehistoric casting centre found in Vietnam
19 August 2005
Ancient shards discovered in Persepolis sewage system
13 August 2005
Pig-raising in China dates back to 8,000 years ago
The Qingliang Temple Neolithic cemetery
Smugglers lead to discovery of Iron Age site in Iran
7 August 2005
7000-year-old stone tools discovered in Iran
30 July 2005
2,200-year-old tombs unearthed in north China
Ancient stone-coffin tombs discovered in Tibet
23 July 2005
Ancient brew based on 9,000-year-old Chinese recipe
Unusual Iron Age steles discovered in Iran
Ancient stone-coffin tombs discovered in Sichuan
16 July 2005
The mysterious capital of Sanxingdui
3 July 2005
6000-year-old clay coupons discovered in southern Iran
Ancient bronze drum found in Vietnam
2 July 2005
6,000-year-old city discovered in China
25 June 2005
Bronzeware unearthed in ancient Chinese tombs
Ancient Korean brick well unearthed
19 June 2005
Archaeological study of Neolithic caves in Iran
Chinese tomb raiders leave little for archaeologists
13 June 2005
Excavations begin at 6000-year-old Iranian mound
5 June 2005
2,600-year-old artificial lake discovered in Korea
4 June 2005
Ancient tombs and village unearthed in China
Earrings found in 2800-year-old cemetery
29 May 2005
Ancient Chinese tombs destroyed by bulldozers
22 May 2005
Bronze coffin unearthed in Iran
20 May 2005
Satellite villages found near Burnt City
Altar devoted to human sacrifice found in China
14 May 2005
When humans left Africa, they traveled south
Archaeologists found a large Neolithic site in China
Anthropologists find ancient tombs in Iran
Harappa amusement park in Pakistan has been scrapped
8 May 2005
Ancient Parthian court unearthed in Turkmenistan
First Neolithic site of Gilan discovered
3,000-year-old bronze sword discovered in China
Tantalizing clues in ancient Japanese mounds
30 April 2005
Ancient human remains found in Viet Nam
Tall Neolithic man found in South China
2500-year-old gold unearthed in Iran
24 April 2005
6000-year-old pottery workshop discovered in Iran
High-tech to unveil ancient Chinese bronze culture
16 April 2005
2,500-year-old urns and tombs found in Viet Nam
400 ancient rock art carvings found in Iran
9 April 2005
Oldest Iranian stylus discovered
Female population predominant in 5000-year-old Burnt City
Archeologists dig up Bronze Age casting centre
6 April 2005
Iron Age settlement found in India
Indian archaeologist sparks debate after unauthorised excavation
2 April 2005
Chemists probe secrets in ancient textile dyes
1 April 2005
Infrared photography reveals tattoos on mummies
27 March 2005
Cleaning of 2,200-year-old bamboo slips completed
24 March 2005
Academic claims Indian rock paintings are 25,000 years old
4,000 year old cemetery found in Chinese sand dune
19 March 2005
Ancient village found in Shaanxi
13 March 2005
Constellations carved on a 5000-year-old knife?
Ancient earrings discovered at Burnt City
27 February 2005
Achaemenid Era stone fragments discovered near Shiraz
Joint team to save Bolaghi ancient sites
Giant panda skeleton found in ancient tomb
Altai Republic demands the return of 'Princess of Ukok'
20 February 2005
2,800-year-old pottery set discovered in China
Late Neolithic site may be ancient Chinese capital
13 February 2005
12,000-year-old cultivated rice discovered in China
Ancient settlement found in Azerbaijan
Chinese may have used diamonds to polish stone axes
12 February 2005
Bronze Age burial site discovered in Vietnam
Tomb raiders beat experts to ancient Chinese vault
8000-year-old Iranian workshop discovered
Remains of a 3000-year-old city found in Iran
5 February 2005
Abandonment of ancient city is still a mystery
30 January 2005
Ancient musical instruments unearthed in Vietnam
Neolithic village found in China
Iranian airport lies on 3200-year-old treasure
23 January 2005
Archaeologists discover 6000-year-old rocky village in Iran
16 January 2005
Neolithic stone tool workshop spotted in China
15 January 2005
Bronze Age log canoe found in Vietnam
14 January 2005
Ancient Chinese horse skeletons to be DNA tested
8 January 2005
5000-year-old commercial seal discovered in Iran
Chalcolitic artifacts unearthed in Iran
UK hands over 30 Iranian ancient artifacts
1 January 2005
3,000-year-old woodcarving discovered in China
26 December 2004
5000 years ago, women held power in Burnt City, Iran
15 December 2004
A civilisation parallel to Harappa?
11 December 2004
World's oldest backgammon set found in Iran
8 December 2004
Evidence of Neolithic wine found in China
25 November 2004
New discoveries at ancient city of Anshan
4 November 2004
Two prehistoric city sites discovered in China
Ancient stone hoes found in Vietnam
Ancient relics destroyed by Niigata earthquakes
30 October 2004
4,000-year-old tombs unearthed in China
25 October 2004
China unearths ancient Caucasian tombs
21 October 2004
Ancient tombs unearthed in northwest China
14 October 2004
Excavation of a 6,000-year-old Iranian mound
Excavations resume at Elamite city of Anshan
10 October 2004
Bam ancient body remains reach 36
8 October 2004
Cosmetics in ancient Iran
1 October 2004
40,000-year-old axes unearthed in Syria
29 September 2004
7000-year-old relics discovered at Narges Tappeh in Iran
25 September 2004
Reward offered to solve riddle of ancient cliff tombs
20 September 2004
Ancient site unearthed in Rajasthan
Jiroft a Business Hub 5,000 Years Ago
Ancient pot with horse-taming picture discovered
12 September 2004
Ceramic balls used by ancient hunters found in China
1 September 2004
Public plunder of Jiroft artifacts resumes
28 August 2004
Achaemenid era city discovered near Bam
25 August 2004
8,000-year-old remains unearthed in Malaysia
20 August 2004
Unique items unearthed in burial mounds in Orenburg
17 August 2004
Ancient relics unearthed in North Korea
16 August 2004
6,000-year-old site discovered in Iran
14 August 2004
Shanghai 2000 years older than previously thought
Excavation at 6000-year-old industrial city of Erisman
Ancient Chinese pottery with plowing design unearthed
3 August 2004
3,000 year-old artifacts found in southern Vietnam
2 August 2004
Bronze Age potteries unearthed in Iran
27 July 2004
Inner Mongolia yields new discoveries
World's oldest earrings found in China
Ancient migration route of Iranian nomads discovered
Discovery rewrites Chinese vehicle history
26 July 2004
Experts try to discover diet of 7,000 years ago in Iran
24 July 2004
9,500-year-old bricks found in Gulf of Cambay
Prehistoric village rebuilt in Inner Mongolia
1 July 2004
Remains of oldest inhabitant of Abu Dhabi found
25 June 2004
Urn burials in Tamil Nadu
Bam earthquake yields archaeological gold
Chinese rituals date back to the Neolithic
12 June 2004
Spiral ring reveals ancient complex machines
11 June 2004
2500-year-old bronze blowpipes uncovered in China
5 June 2004
Ancient finds unearthed in China
Eighth season of excavations at the Burnt City
29 May 2004
Large tomb group uncovered in China
28 May 2004
2600 BCE artifacts found at an airbase in Iraq
26 May 2004
A short life in Shanghai 6,000 years ago
22 May 2004
3000-year-old Chinese tomb found
15 May 2004
6,000-year-old human skull found in Shanghai
11 May 2004
Rock carvings found in Pakistan
9 May 2004
Oman had ancient trade links with India and Africa
8 May 2004
Ancient Iranian site may date back 6000 years
Unmasking Sanxingdui ruins
7 May 2004
Ancient cave in Central Iran dated to 15,000 BCE
1 May 2004
A new life for an ancient flute
26 April 2004
Bronze Age society may predate ancient Mesopotamia
22 April 2004
Turkmen diggers find ancient temple of water
20 April 2004
Korean rock art hints at whaling origins
19 April 2004
Many finds in Northern China desert
12 April 2004
Chinese village boasts recorded history of 6,000 years
Over 80 items unearthed in a Chinese tomb
10 April 2004
Neolithic findings at the Yingpanshan Ruins site
Scientists dig out 2,450-year-old road in Bangladesh
Ancient Chinese stringed instruments found
7,400-year-old worship site found in China
30 March 2004
Dolphin fishing site discovered
27 March 2004
7,400-year-old jar gives clue to phoenix-worshipping myth
25 March 2004
Finds spanning 5,000 years in China
4,000 year-old city excavated in Central China
20 March 2004
Ancient Indians made 'rock music'
17 March 2004
Urn-burials at Adichanallur
14 March 2004
Inhabitants in Iranian Burnt City were engaged in making ornaments
3,000-year-old painted pot unearthed in China
4 March 2004
Ancient Chinese settlement goes on display
1 March 2004
Prehistoric musical instruments found in Vietnam
27 February 2004
The evolution of dragons
26 February 2004
Ten ancient tombs discovered in Vietnam
4000-year-old inscriptions unearthed in Iran
Oldest stadium and signboard found in India
21 February 2004
The missing 1,000 years in prehistory
Ancient necklace found in Israeli cave
11 February 2004
3000-year-old settlement discovered in the UAE
7 February 2004
Highway threatens stone circle in Japan
First footprints of a Paleolithic man found in Asia
Japanese Paleolithic sites questioned
31 January 2004
Excavations of a prehistoric Iranian settlement
30 January 2004
Vestiges of the ancient Vietnam discovered
Neolithic earthenware uncovered in China
20 January 2004
Excavations reveal 7,000 year-old Harappan sites
A new home for Israel's Antiquities Collections
17 January 2004
Archeologists baffled by ancient bamboo slips
11 January 2004
4,500-year old city excavated in China
10 January 2004
7,000-year-old houses found in the Gulf
Ancient oracle bones unearthed in China
House decoration lime used by prehistoric Chinese people
3 January 2004
Harappa civilisation 1000 years older than thought
2 January 2004
Humans learned to live in the Arctic earlier
1 January 2004
Ancient jade figurine unearthed in Chinese tomb
Prehistoric Vietnamese sites discovered
Bronze Age artefacts found in Oman
28 December 2003
8,000-year-old wine unearthed in Georgia
Invention of pottery may be linked to snail eating
27 December 2003
Project to protect ancient Chinese capital
24 December 2003
Prehistoric 'Venus' carved on cliff in China
Cave paintings being destroyed in India
19 December 2003
Ancient cliff paintings found in Inner Mongolia
13 December 2003
Arabian Iron Age site under threat
12 December 2003
2,700-year-old coffin unearthed in China
8 December 2003
China's carving technology dates back to early Neolithic
Submerged city may be the birthplace of modern civilisation
1 December 2003
Evolution of Indo-European languages traced to Hittites
Ancient cups show wine made in China 5000 years ago
Findings of ancient civilisation discovered in Vietnam
27 November 2003
Iranians investigate ancient Ziggurat
26 November 2003
Japanese rock image a fake
Troops trained to guard Iraq sites
14 November 2003
Neolithic kilns found in China
"Plain of Jars" to be mapped by UNESCO
13 November 2003
Stone carvings found in Indonesia rainforest
11 November 2003
A Study in Scarlet: Israel cave symbols
8 November 2003
New project for the protection of ancient Chinese tombs
Iron Age findings in Pakistan
Neolithic sites found in Tibet
6 November 2003
Where is Mount Sinai?
1 November 2003
Restoration of the oldest fort in UAE
Neolithic skeleton discovered in Beijing
31 October 2003
Ancient Mongolian nomads had contacts with the West
22 October 2003
15,000-year-old rice found
16 October 2003
2,500-year-old grave excavated in Vietnam
14 October 2003
Ancient heating wall found in China
13 October 2003
China and Japan began cultural exchanges 7,000 years ago
10 October 2003
Ancient warrior found in Sichuan
Discoveries of prehistoric household items in China
5 October 2003
Survey needed to save Pakistan's rock carvings
21 September 2003
Prehistoric Iraqi sculpture found
Ancient Indian idols unearthed
Ancient artefacts discovered in Vietnam
30 August 2003
Illegal quarrying destroys prehistoric caves
43 new archaeological sites discovered in Vietnam
20 August 2003
Bronze Age village uncovered in highway dig in Israel
16 August 2003
Pre-historic finds in Yemen cave
6 August 2003
Reports on archaeological finds in UAE released
Ancient well uncovered in Israel
3 August 2003
Ancient cities discovered in Yangtze Valley
12,000-year-old settlement unearthed in Israel
Neolithic grotto grave found in China
3,000-year-old Chinese earthenware restored
1 August 2003
Genetics helps scientists determine Basque origins
24 July 2003
Ruins of ancient village unearthed in central China
20 July 2003
1,200 sites flooded by Yangtze dam
Neolithic skeleton unearthed in South China
29 June 2003
Ancient Tibetan relics found
20 June 2003
The Neolithic in India
18 June 2003
Mapping ancient sites on the Emirates
17 June 2003
Ancient sacrifice site found in China
10 June 2003
Cache of seal impressions discovered in western India
8 June 2003
Race against time at Three Gorges
4 June 2003
Prehistoric stone tools in Qinhai-Tibet Plateau
3 June 2003
Prehistoric site discovered in Pakistan
21 May 2003
Prehistoric discoveries in China
13 May 2003
Ancient bronze drum found in Vietnam
7 May 2003
The wildcat's pile of stones
28 November 2001
1,470 ancient tombs found in Central China
Meteor clue to end of Middle East civilisations
22 October 2001
Bronze Age tombs found in UAE
28 September 2001
Bronze Age tombs unearthed in Lebanon
23 October 1999
Bronze-Age site found in Lebanon
10 June 1999
Ancient tombs unearthed in Shaanxi (China)
Earliest known writing found in Pakistan
12 March 1999
Saving the Korean megaliths
Prehistoric altar found in China
25 November 1998
4,000 year old street found in Lebanon

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