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  • I Dig Sheffield  new  - Visually pleasing and complete online guide to the archaeology around Sheffield and the Peak District. Excellent presentation, searchable database and map, information about excavations, sites and objects found in the area, news, glossary and message board. A great resource for schools, students, archaeologists, local people, walkers and tourists. (Hits: 3)
  • Avebury Stone Circle Panoramic Tour  pop   new  - Extensive panoramic tour with many 360-degree vistas of one of the best European megalithic sites. The website, by Pete & Alison Glastonbury, includes a live webcam, free screensavers, a forum, photos and news about Avebury and the surrounding monuments. Here you can also buy the Avebury Panoramic Tour and 3D Tour CD-ROMs. (Hits: 9)


  • Cave of Lascaux  new  - The most famous cave with painted walls. Website by the French Ministry of Culture, with extensive information, photos, virtual visits, learning activities and bilbiography. (Hits: 1)
  • Cave of Chauvet-Pont d'Arc  new  - One of the most striking caves with walls painted in prehistoric times but discovered only a few years ago. Website by the French Ministry of Culture with in-depth information and good collections of images. (Hits: 1)
  • Cave of Cussac  new  - The prehistoric cave of Cussac was discovered in 2000 in the Dordogne Valley. With hundreds of Paleolithic engravings dating to over 22,000 years ago, it can be considered as the "Lascaux of engraving", in reference to the most famous decorated cave in France. Photos, maps, details of the discovery. (Hits: 1)

Great Britain (general)

  • Rock Art in the British Landscape  new  - Website dedicated to prehistoric open-air abstract Rock Art in England, Scotland and Wales; by two dutch enthusiasts: Gus van Veen & Jan Brouwer. Good collection of photos, articles, location maps and an open forum. (Hits: 0)

Rest of the World

  • BearGulch Pictographs  new  - On this website you can find info, photos, maps and tour schedules of the BearGulch site (Montana, U.S.A.) with its beautiful pictographs. (Hits: 2)
  • Clark County Petroglyphs and Rock Art  new  - Information on petroglyphs and related data in Nevada (U.S.A.), especially in Clark County. Photos, driving directions and/or GPS coordinates. (Hits: 1)
  • Carl Bjork's Rock Art site  new  - Several U.S. Rock Art sites are described on this website. Good information on petroglyphs in general, an excellent research section and some interesting Native American stories. (Hits: 1)
  • Rock Art in Arkansas  new  - Information and educational materials on Arkansas (U.S.A.)rock art. Excellent graphic layout, many useful resources for educators (activities, lesson plans), articles, tech papers, photo gallery and a searchable database. (Hits: 0)
  • Palatki: 6000 years of Arizona Rock Art  new  - Tucked into the red rock canyons near Sedona, Arizona (U.S.A.) are the archaeological remains of native cultures that have inhabited the Verde Valley for at least the past 6000 years. Photos, descriptions and maps of the main Petroglyph sites. (Hits: 0)
  • Cueva de los Yaguaretés  new  - A very interesting a detailed description of a Rock art site from La Patagonia, Argentina. Photos, drawings and maps; text in Spanish. From the Ciencia Hoy en Linea online magazine. (Hits: 1)
  • Archéologie et art rupestre du Hemma  new  - The preliminary report of Campaign 2002 at the archaeological and rock-art sites of the Hemma Plateau (Hassake, Syria). Extensive description and many photos. In French. (Hits: 0)
  • Abrigo Grande del Uadi Pequeño  new  - An interesting website devoted to the research carried on a cave with Rock Art in the Western Sahara. Many photos, a panoramic view and extensive descriptions in Spanish. (Hits: 3)
  • Reviving the Past  new  - This website concerning rock art presents a general discussion of analytical techniques and procedures with a couple of Southern African case studies. (Hits: 0)
  • Aboriginal Rock Art  new  - Coastal petroglyphs of NSW Australia. Just a few images, while quite intriguing. (Hits: 3)
  • Rupestreweb: Arte rupestre en America Latina  new  - Complete website devoted to Latin American rock art. Many articles, maps, news and details of sites in Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Costarica, Ecuador, Mexicon, Dominican Republic, and Venezuela. Includes also CVs of researchers working on these areas. (Hits: 0)
  • China Rock Art  new  - Very interesting website devoted to Chinese rock art monuments. Many photos and descriptions, 13 sites with in-depth information, distribution maps and bibliography. In English and Chinese. (Hits: 1)


  • Caithness Archaeological Project  new  - This Project was initiated in the summer of 2000 with the first stage focussing on the re-survey of 9 broch settlements. Description of the excavation and 3D views. (Hits: 0)

Directories & Databases

  • EuroPreArt  new  - Extensive database about European prehistoric art, available online or as a CD-ROM. More than 800 records and 2,700 pictures of rock art sites in Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. Thorough descriptions, many photos and drawings, bibliographies and maps. A must-see website for anyone interested in Rock Art. (Hits: 1)
  • ViewFinder  new  - On-line resource for local history from English Heritage and Oxfordshire County Council. On its searchable picture gallery are 20,000 photographs of historic buildings, archaeological sites and social history subjects. (Hits: 1)
  • National Trust Sites and Monuments Record  new  - A resource and repository for information on the Archaeology and historic landscapes within National Trust land. The Sites and Monuments Record includes a database and an extensive supporting archive. Part of the Archaeology Data Service website. (Hits: 0)
  • ArchWay  new  - An integrated searchable catalogue to the journal holdings of 25 leading academic libraries. A free service for everyone involved in archaeological research. (Hits: 1)
  • Rock-Links  new  - Database of Petroglyphs and Pictographs links; more than 500 resources commented and divided into geographical areas. (Hits: 0)

Libraries, Bookstores & Publishers

  • Cork University Press  new  - Cork University Press subject range focuses in the areas of Irish cultural history, archaeology and landscape studies. From this well-designed website you can browse and purchase archaeology titles online. (Hits: 1)

Magazines & Newsletters

  • Tracce Online Rock Art Bulletin  new  - The first online and Worldwide Rock Art Bulletin, with a new dynamic website. Forum, downloads, archive, articles by users and a searchable database. (Hits: 0)
  • Kanayama Megaliths and Solar Calendar  new  - Megalithic monuments do exist also in Japan. On this website you can find extensive information on the Kanayama Megaliths and their astronomical significance. Photos, maps and carefully designed graphs. (Hits: 0)

Mailing Lists & Newsgroups

  • e-RockArtGlossary  new  - Dedicated to the development of a universal scientific terminology for the discipline of rock art research. (Hits: 1)
  • Yahoo Archaeology Club  new  - The first Archaeology group at Yahoo, founded on 1998. Everyone is free to join it, professionals and enthusiasts alike, to discuss any issue that is in any way relevant to archaeology. (Hits: 1)
  • Dartmoor Stone Yahoo group  new  - The archaeology, folklore, history, contemporay use and issues relating to man-made structures, circles, rows, other alignments and natural formations of Dartmoor (England) are the main focus of this group. (Hits: 2)


  • Rock Art Foundation  new  - Since 1991, the Foundation has grown to over 500 members; its goals are: public education, research, and preservation of the Rock Art sites of Texas (U.S.A.). Very good image gallery, news and tours schedule. (Hits: 0)
  • Portable Antiquities Scheme  new  - The Portable Antiquities Scheme is a voluntary recording scheme for archaeological objects found by members of the public. This website provides background information on the Portable Antiquities Scheme, news and access to a database of over 30,000 finds; from Prehistoric flints to Post-Medieval buckles. (Hits: 0)
  • Window on Wiltshire's Heritage  new  - This site aims to present on the Web Wiltshire's archaeology, architecture, art, and nature, as well as material from the county's museums, archives, and local studies. Content is still quite limited. (Hits: 0)
  • Kent Archaeological Society  new  - On this website you can find information about the members' library, with a searchable catalogue of the books; papers on archaeological and local history subjects. (Hits: 0)
  • Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle Upon Tyne  new  - If you are interested in the antiquities and local history of Northumberland, Durham and Newcastle upon Tyne (U.K.), then visit this website. You can find the Society's programme of lectures and events, a learned journal published annually, an excellent library and a number of collections housed in several museums around the region. (Hits: 0)
  • ICOMOS: International Council of Monuments and Sites  new  - An international non-governmental organization of professionals, dedicated to the conservation of the world's historic monuments and sites. Its database includes over 19,000 bibliographical references. (Hits: 0)
  • West of Scotland Archaeology Service  new  - Providing information and advice about the archaeology of Argyll, the Clyde Valley and Ayrshire (Scotland).Forum, Sites and Monuments Record search engine. Website still under development. (Hits: 1)

Exhibitions & Tours

  • ArchaeoSpain  new  - ArchaeoSpain offers the opportunity to join an archaeological field crew working at several important excavation sites. No previous experience necessary. (Hits: 0)
  • UK Archaeology Opportunities  new  - Site dedicated to helping amateur and aspiring archaeologists have a go at archaeology. The volunteer digs and work experience pages list archaeology opportunities in the UK, and there are also sections devoted to holidays, guided tours, and courses. (Hits: 0)


  • Rock Art Teacher's Guide  new  - Basic Rock Art guide for Teachers prepared by Craig Lesh, Program Director, Archaeology Adventure, Redlands, CA (U.S.A.). (Hits: 0)
  • Rock Art Creations  new  - A Native American artist, Desert Little Bear, specialized in creating modern petroglyph images based on ancient designs. Meanings of symbols, gallery of art pieces and a nice children section. (Hits: 0)
  • Archaeological Illustrators Resource Forum  new  - A discussion forum for all those involved in archaeological illustration. You can post opinions from finds drawing to photography, site plans to digital technology. (Hits: 0)
  • Ancient ideas in ritual and myth  new  - A somewhat chaotic website but with some interesting information for "megalithomaniacs". Worth reading the online essays on Bronze Age and Megalith Ideas, with information on Nortern European areas. (Hits: 0)

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