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  • Wiltshire White Horses  new  - Thorough descriptions and pictures of chalk hill carvings, while only the Uffington white horse is of certain prehistoric origin. Nice and clear presentation. (Hits: 10)


  • Ancient Corsica Tour  pop   new  - Extensive online tour of Corsica, with thorough descriptions of prehistoric monuments of this mysterious isle of the Mediterranean sea. Information, maps, message board, pictures and 360-degree panoramic movies of 33 Corsican megalithic sites. (Hits: 20)

Iberian peninsula

  • Arte Rupestre en Extremadura  new  - Extensive descriptions with pictures of three rupestrian rock art sites in Estremadura (Spain). In Spanish. (Hits: 6)
  • Arquideia!  new  - Standing stones, stone circles and dolmens of Portugal. Built by a group of students of the University of Lisbon. In Portuguese. (Hits: 6)


  • Ancient Apulia Tour  new  - An on-line travel diary through the ancient Apulian monuments. Description of 5 stages of the journey with pictures of 76 megalithic sites and ten 360-degree panoramic movies. Maps, message board and equipement used. (Hits: 9)
  • Ancient Sardinia Tour  new  - 80 megalithic and prehistoric sites of Sardinia are described (along with many pictures and 360-degree panoramic movies) on this online travel diary. This website includes maps and a message board. (Hits: 9)

Rest of Europe

  • Finnish Rock Paintings  new  - The finnish rock paintings are made from 6,000 to 3,000 years ago in vertical rock surfaces. These pages introduce some of the over 70 rock painting sites in Finland. Good presentation with maps, descriptions and striking images. In English and Finnish. (Hits: 14)
  • Writing 4,000-1,000 B.C.  pop   new  - Prehistoric rock carvings from Norway and Sweden. Introduction and a selection of images with maps. (Hits: 16)
  • Norwegian Rock Art  pop   new  - On this webpage you can find extensive information and several large pictures of ancient Norwegian rock carvings. (Hits: 15)

Rest of the World

  • Pedra Furada  new  - Many pictures and complete bibliography on the Pedra Furada rock art site, near São Raimundo Nonato, Piauí (Brazil). (Hits: 9)
  • Desert Boats  pop   new  - In the Eastern Desert of Egypt are hundreds of petroglyphs of boats, and Egyptologists date them to the Predynastic period-before about 3100 B.C. This website presents many pictures with in-depth information about these intriguing rock carvings. (Hits: 15)
  • Namibian Rock Art  new  - Images and information on three rock art sites in western Namibia: Maack’s Shelter in the Brandberg, Twyfelfontein, and Piet Alberts Kopjes. (Hits: 5)


  • Ancient Scotland Tour  pop   new  - Tour of more than 200 Scottish prehistoric sites. On this website you can find an eight-week online travel diary, view hundreds of images and 360-degree panoramic movies from the journey, and learn about the ancient Scottish people and monuments. (Hits: 16)
  • Ancient Stones of Scotland  new  - A comprehensive guide to the ancient stone monuments of Scotland, ranging from the earliest stone circles and rock carvings to the Iron Age brochs and souterrains. On these pages you can find the photographs (high and low-resolution) of 182 ancient sites, along with descriptions, maps, 50 panoramic movies, a complete glossary and an extensive bibliography. (Hits: 12)

Libraries, Bookstores & Publishers

  • VML Verlag Marie Leidorf GmbH  new  - Publishing company specialized in Archaeological subjects. Online catalogue, latest issues and ordering system. In German only. (Hits: 7)

Mailing Lists & Newsgroups

  • Archaeology Wales  new  - Forum for those interested in Archaeology in Wales and its borders. It is a place to exchange news, views and information on the state of archaeology as well as to discuss the subject matter itself. (Hits: 4)
  • Aviation Archaeology Wales  new  - A dedicated discussion list online which covers all aspects of aviation archaeology in Wales. (Hits: 5)
  • Archaeoacosutics  new  - Invesitgating the possible use of acoustics in former times of societies all over the world. This incorporates architectual designs and musical instruments. (Hits: 4)
  • Archaeocosmology  new  - Group where you can discuss all aspects of archaeocosmology. So visiting sites, archaeoastronomy, measurements, statistics, archaoacoustics, myth and lores. (Hits: 4)
  • Archaeoastronomy  new  - Fairly active group encouraging discussion in the area of archaeoastronomy. (Hits: 6)
  • European Archaeology  new  - Moderated discussion of European prehistoric and historic archaeology. The time period can range from the Early Palaeolithic through the 1800s. (Hits: 6)
  • Prehistoric Archaeology  new  - Thriving community discussing anything relevant in the field of Prehistoric Archaeology and Physical Anthropology. (Hits: 4)
  • Scandinavian Archaeology  new  - Group intended to provide a forum for discussions concerning issues within prehistoric and historic archaeology in Scandinavia (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and Finland). (Hits: 5)
  • Iron Age Europe  new  - Dedicated to understanding the indigenous peoples and cultures of Europe in the last millenium B.C. (Hits: 6)


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