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  • Yorkshire Rock Art  new  - Pages created to highlight the rock carvings of the North York Moors area, along with a few other examples from the region. Maps, descriptions, folklore, photos and bibliography. (Hits: 7)
  • Hengeweb  new  - Site devoted to Ancient Britain. Strong emphasis on megalithic sites of Southern England, with selections from the Peak and Lake Districts. Interesting presentation with short descriptions, personal comments about the sites and good quality photos. (Hits: 9)
  • Avebury: a Present from the Past  new  - Website devoted to the prehistoric monuments at Avebury. Detailed maps, extensive information on every structure of the site, several drawings, a good number of photographs and some panoramic movies. (Hits: 9)
  • Stonehenge Organization  pop   new  - Many useful information - mainly for visitors and tourists - on the most famous megalithic monument. Here you can find info on hiring an helicopter to fly over Stonehenge, or other more common way to visit the site. Includes info on accomodation, tours, a gift shop and a timeline. Nice and clear presentation. (Hits: 13)
  • Ancient Sites of Wessex  pop   new  - An introduction to some of the most fascinating relics of Britain's past, from Stonehenge to the little known Rempstone circle. Info, drawings, photos and glossary. (Hits: 31)

Europe (general)

  • Megalithes  new  - Descriptions of megalithic sites in France (mainly Brittany) and Great Britain. With photos and maps. In French. (Hits: 11)
  • Steinkreise  new  - On this website you can find info on stone circles, dolmens and standing stones from Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium and Holland. Many photos, descriptions, directions on how to get to the sites, maps, newsletter. In German and English. (Hits: 8)
  • ArtePreistorica  new  - Portal open to members (access is free) with articles, images and information about prehistoric art. In Italian and English. (Hits: 12)
  • Megalithic Tombs of the Netherlands & Europe  new  - Good selection of ancient megalithic tombs (mainly dolmens) from Belgium, Poland, Italy, Ireland, France, Britain, Portugal and Spain. With photos and large scale maps. (Hits: 12)
  • Modern Antiquarian  new  - A massive and excellent resource for news, information, images and folklore on the ancient sites across of the UK & Ireland. Based on Julian Cope's guidebook and constantly enlarged thanks to the efforts of all those who contribute. Great user interface and dynamic presentation, tons of photos and comments, lively forum and weblog, powerful search engine, timely news and an astonishing "Techno Map Browser". You can't miss this website! (Hits: 6)
  • Megalithics  new  - The most extensive collection of panoramic (full spherical) movies of megalithic sites of Great Britain and Ireland. Simple but effective presentation, top quality images and movies, descriptions with high precision GPS measurements of the sites' positions. By Maggie and Keith Davison. (Hits: 9)


  • Dolmens & Menhirs de Quercy  new  - On the Quercy/Lot areas there are about 800 dolmens; on this website you can find a fairly good selection of sites with photos, large-scale maps and bilbiography. In French. (Hits: 9)
  • Mégalithes de Causses et de Cévennes  new  - Website devoted to Languedoc prehistory with images of dolmens, statues-menhirs, stone circles and standing stones. Concise descriptions in English and French. (Hits: 7)
  • Dolmens & Menhirs de Lozère et d'Ardèche  new  - On these two French regions is a high concentration of ancient monuments, including almost 1,200 dolmens and 350 standing stones. Many photos, concise descriptions in English and French, some maps. (Hits: 12)
  • Dolmens et Menhirs du Languedoc & de Provence  new  - Website devoted to dolmens, standing stones and hypogeums that can be found on Languedoc and Provence. Many photos but short descriptions (in French and English). (Hits: 10)
  • Megalithis: Mégalithes de Charente-Maritime  new  - Extensive gazetteer of megalithic monuments of the Charente-Maritime region, with many photograph and a curious section with old postcards of megaliths. In French. (Hits: 9)

Great Britain (general)

  • Archaeological Monuments, Antiquities and Oddities  pop   new  - Extensive set of megalithic sites in England and Wales, each one with a good description and several hi-quality images. Recommended also for the excellent panoramic photos (very effective even if they are still images). (Hits: 13)
  • Stones in Fields  new  - Personal and humorous view of some of the most famous prehistoric sites of Britain. Descriptions, photos and some interesting personal evaluations like chill, wow and lazyness factors. (Hits: 5)
  • Earth Room  new  - A family picture album with a small selection of images of British prehistoric sites. (Hits: 4)
  • Ancient Sites  new  - Selection of ancient megalithic monuments from England, Scotland and Wales; brief descriptions and several photos for each site. (Hits: 12)
  • Liminae  new  - A personal website with a mixture of megalithic and historic monuments. Concise descriptions and very good photos of standing stones, stone circles, henges and stone rows of England and Scotland. (Hits: 5)


  • Megalithomania  pop   new  - A truly excellent website devoted to the ancient monuments of Ireland. Beautiful presentation and user interface, several hundreds of sites visited by the author, each one with a good description and many images. A striking interactive "megalithomap" of Ireland and every conceivable search facility makes this website a wonderful experience for any websurfer. (Hits: 13)
  • Megalithic Ireland  pop   new  - Rough guide to some of the most interesting Irish megalithic sites. Fairly wide selection of sites and good-quality photos and descriptions. (Hits: 21)

Rest of Europe

  • Ales Stenar  new  - Detailed info on Sweden's most famous "stone ship" consisting of of 58 standing stones and one horizontal block. The site measures 67 metres long by 19 metres across. Information for tourists and travelers by Ystad Tourist Council. (Hits: 8)
  • Ale's Stones  new  - Info on one of Sweden's best preserved ship-shaped stone circles. (Hits: 12)
  • Kivik Grave  new  - Sweden's most famous circular Bronze Age-grave. Basic description and a couple of images. (Hits: 7)
  • Cup-marked Stones in Estonia  new  - Extremely detailed description of a series of stones with cup martkings found in Estonia. Many drwaings and four images, by Andres Tvauri. (Hits: 11)
  • Weris: Capitale Belge des Mégalithes  new  - Standing stones and dolmens from the Weris area (Belgium), very rich in prehistoric remains. Many photos and in-depth descriptions, access to the area, publications. In French. (Hits: 8)
  • Monumental Past  new  - An extensive and fascinating site that traces the life-histories of a series of megalithic monuments in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany). Database, glossary, maps, photos and descriptions. Available also as a CD-ROM. (Hits: 6)

Rest of the World

  • Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici  new  - Website devoted to the world of Rock Art. News, articles, a collection of images from throughout the world, a section on Valcamonica by Emmanuel Anati, access to the extensive "World Archives of Rock Art". (Hits: 2)
  • Pictograph Cave State Park  new  - Located southeast of Billings, Montana (U.S.A.); two of the three caves that define the site complex contain evidence of habitation dating back over 4500 years ago. Extensive info, images, and an "Electronic field trip" for students and teachers. (Hits: 5)


  • Recumbent Stones Circles in North East Scotland  new  - An interesting selection of Recumbent stone circles (a distinctive type of circle found in North East Scotland). Descriptions with photos and clear directions on how to find those ancient sites. (Hits: 4)


  • Ancient Wales  new  - A selection of Welsh megalithic sites, with photos. (Hits: 10)

Directories & Databases

  • Dúchas: Heritage Data  new  - This site provides access to the Irish heritage data managed by Dúchas, including information on the Sites and Monuments Record, the Recorded Monuments Record and Monuments in State Care. (Hits: 3)
  • ARCHI: The Archaeological Sites Index  new  - Huge database of more than 60,000 UK archaeological sites. Searches can be made by place-name or by National Grid Reference Number. Subscribers have privileged access and can view every record in the database. (Hits: 9)
  • Site Damage Database  new  - Detailed ad complete database of damages made to some ancient sites. (Hits: 4)

Libraries, Bookstores & Publishers

  • Altamira Press  new  - This American publishing company offers a catalogue of 150 books in print plus software and a journal. Many titles about archaeology. (Hits: 5)
  • Piedra Pintada Books  new  - A mail-order book business specializing in books and publications on the subject of Rock Art, covering sites in North America. (Hits: 2)
  • Heritage Marketing & Publications  new  - Specialised in many aspects of archaeological and heritage related publications including marketing, sales together with newly developed systems for print-on-demand and e-publishing. Searchable inventory of over 25,000 Archaeological, Historical and Heritage related out-of-print, secondhand, academic journal offprints, antiquarian, remainder and new publications. (Hits: 2)
  • Barter Books  new  - One of the largest secondhand bookshops in Britain, with a huge antiquarian catalogue, searchable online. (Hits: 3)
  • Twelveheads Press  new  - Publishers of a series of small, inexpensive books about Cornwall, including archeolgical heritage. (Hits: 3)

Mailing Lists & Newsgroups

  • Irish Stones  new  - A community where people can exchange their thoughts on the megalithic people, myths, lore, archaeocosmology, archaeoastronomy and dwellings present in Ireland. (Hits: 3)
  • ARCH-L  new  - Fairly active mailing list about Archaeology online since 1986. With a searchable index. (Hits: 4)


  • AARG: Aerial Archaology Research Group  new  - Provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information for all those actively involved in aerial photography, photo interpretation, field archaeology and landscape history. Searchable database of over 10,500 references relating to archaeological prospection. (Hits: 2)
  • Cornwall County Council's Historic Environment Section  new  - The aim of CHES is to identify, record, protect, conserve, present and interpret the historic environment and heritage of Cornwall and Scilly. With sections devoted to news, publications and air photo mapping. (Hits: 3)


  • Arkæoastronomi  new  - Detailed information on archaeoastronomy. In Danish. (Hits: 5)
  • Archaeoastronomy  new  - An ongoing research project into the astronomical significance of megalithic sites in Ireland, including Knowth, Carrowkeel and Loughcrew. With maps and photos. (Hits: 8)


  • Mucusart  new  - Interesting paintings and prints of ancient sites, by Neads. On the same site you can find poetry from Brink devoted to the same subject. (Hits: 3)
  • Keppel Henge  new  - Keppel Croft is a large, private garden created by Bill and Dawn Loney in Ontario (Canada) and is open to the public from early May until mid-October. Here you can find a modern reconstruction of a stone circle with a central Pointer Stone. Details and photos of the building phases, panoramic views and map of the site. (Hits: 2)
  • Carys Martin Rock Art  new  - A painter/printmaker specialized in prints and original watercolours inspired by the earthworks and rock carvings of the Neolithic. This website explains more about the sites that inspired the artist as well as the techniques he uses. (Hits: 3)
  • Bronze Age Craft  new  - Website of a specialist in reproducing bronze age artifacts (including axes, swords and daggers) using authentic materials and methods. Workshop, documents and online shop. (Hits: 4)
  • Megalithic Sound and Landscape  new  - Dr Aaron Watson's introduction to his research on the acoustic effects produced at stone circles and passage graves. An intriguing theory and a beautiful presentation. (Hits: 3)

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