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  • Rollright Stones  new  - Single webpage devoted to the Rollright Stones and its nearby sites, with descriptions and 3 very high quality b/w images. (Hits: 6)
  • Ancient Stones: Walks Around Ilkley  new  - A series of walks to some interesting megalithic sites, including the Twelve Apostles stone circles. Extensive descriptions on how to get to the sites, maps, in-depth information about the ancient people that built those sites and about the rock carvings. (Hits: 12)

Europe (general)

  • Old Albion  new  - A tour describing some of the ancient and sacred landscapes of Great Britain and Ireland. Basic information, a few photos, glossary and bibliography. (Hits: 7)
  • Stones: What does the stone speak to me?  new  - A japanese travelogue describing a selection of megalithic sites in Scotland and Ireland. Brief personal descriptions along with a series of images. (Hits: 8)


  • Mégalithes d'Anjou  new  - Description of a series of megalithic sites, including the biggest French dolmen at Bagneux. In French. (Hits: 8)

Great Britain (general)

  • Megaliths and Mysteries  new  - Two photo galleries about a selection of British megalithic sites and landscape figures, with descriptions and a funny section devoted to "megalithic cartoons". (Hits: 7)
  • Archaeological Pictures  new  - Over a hundred pictures of some megalithic sites in England and Scotland. Concise descriptions and good quality photos. (Hits: 11)

Iberian peninsula

  • Megalitismo en Galicia  new  - Complete guide of the numerous megalithic monuments (dolmens, standing stones and stone circles) in Galicia, Spain. With descriptions, many photo galleries, direction on how to find the sites, a section devoted to megalithic art and a glossary. In Spanish. (Hits: 11)


  • Irish Archaeology  pop   new  - Site providing info on archaeological excavations, surveys, assessments and other on-going projects in Ireland. Details on excavations on megalithic sites, photos and forum. (Hits: 17)

Rest of Europe

  • Mysterious Malta  new  - Several images of megalithic temples and ancient artifacts found in Malta. Somewhat intricate presentation, but interesting photos. (Hits: 5)


  • Virtual Calanais  new  - Virtual tour of the Callanish (Calanais) megalithic complex showing 17 QuickTime VR 360-degree movies and a position map. Very good quality of the movie; nice presentation and very detailed map of the site. (Hits: 6)
  • Ancient Lothian: Historic South-East Scotland  new  - Website dedicated to the historic cultures of South-East Scotland, with the aims to catalogue the majority of ancient, medieval and early modern sites within the Lothians. Very detailed information, many good quality photos, location maps and pleasant presentation. (Hits: 9)


  • Megalithformel  new  - According to the geometrical analysis performed by amateur Monika Kruse, the 'megalithic formula' could explain the placement and purpose of megaliths in in the areas of Pustow and in Liepen as well as in several other places outside Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany). In German. (Hits: 14)


  • Big Stones  new  - Big Stones is about modern megalithic creations and the people who are building stone circles today around the world. This site offers information and useful resources to those interested in creating, studying and celebrating stone circles. Workshops and Newsletter. (Hits: 5)
  • Paul Devereux  new  - Home page of the well-known author of a series of books on ancient places and monuments, including some titles on controversial subjects like UFOs, anomalous energies and Ley Lines. (Hits: 4)

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