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  • Stonehenge  pop  - One of the most detailed websites covering all you need to know about Stonehenge: information, pictures, legends and more. (Hits: 5040)
  • Avebury Stone Circle Panoramic Tour  pop  - Extensive panoramic tour with many 360-degree vistas of one of the best European megalithic sites. The website, by Pete & Alison Glastonbury, includes a live webcam, free screensavers, a forum, photos and news about Avebury and the surrounding monuments. Here you can also buy the Avebury Panoramic Tour and 3D Tour CD-ROMs. (Hits: 3857)
  • Ancient Sites of Wessex  pop  - An introduction to some of the most fascinating relics of Britain's past, from Stonehenge to the little known Rempstone circle. Info, drawings, photos and glossary. (Hits: 3770)
  • Mysterious Places  pop  - Website devoted to ancient civilizations and modern mysteries. Very good quality photos, but disappointing for "megalithomaniacs", as there's just a single section on Stonehenge. (Hits: 3516)
  • AboutStonehenge.Info  pop  - Extensive website providing Stonehenge information, pictures, legends, and lore including theories on construction, purposes, and age for both students and tourists. (Hits: 3644)

Europe (general)

  • Megalithic Tombs of the Netherlands & Europe  pop  - Good selection of ancient megalithic tombs (mainly dolmens) from Belgium, Poland, Italy, Ireland, France, Britain, Portugal and Spain. With photos and large scale maps. (Hits: 3200)


  • Cairn de Gavrinis  pop  - A 6,000-year old tomb with fantastic rock carvings. Elegant and extensive website in French with in-depth articles, plans, photos, opening times and bibliography about this very interesting megalithic site located into the Morbihan gulf (Brittany). (Hits: 3834)
  • Megaliths of Carnac  pop  - Alignments, stone circles, standing stones, etc. of the the extraordinary Carnac area in Brittany. By Vicky Sherwood. (Hits: 4023)
  • Dolmens & Menhirs de Lozère et d'Ardèche  pop  - On these two French regions is a high concentration of ancient monuments, including almost 1,200 dolmens and 350 standing stones. Many photos, concise descriptions in English and French, some maps. (Hits: 2997)
  • Dolmen de Bagneux  pop  - Website devoted to the biggest French dolmen. Nice presentation with pictures, maps and a form for reservation. In French. (Hits: 3408)

Great Britain (general)

  • Ancient Stones  pop  - A personal photoguide to the stone circles of Britain. Elegant presentation with good quality images and very useful directions for finding the lesser known sites. (Hits: 2943)

Iberian peninsula

  • 360° Portugal  pop  - Impressive website containing more than 800 panoramic movies of Portuguese and Spanish sites. On the "Megalithic" section are 11 megalithic monuments including Standing Stones, Dolmens and Stone Circles. With plans, info and text in English. (Hits: 3592)
  • Megalitismo de la Península Ibérica  pop  - On this website you can find an extensive collection of pictures and descriptions of megalithic sites of the Iberian peninsula, including their exact position calculated with GPS units. Distribution maps, bilbiography, info on destruction of ancient sites and a series of interesting articles make this website a real gem for "megalithomaniacs" interested in the monuments of the region. (Hits: 3996)
  • Arte Sureño - El arte rupestre del extremo sur de la Península Ibérica  pop  - Extensive website devoted to the rupestrian art of the southern part of the Cadiz region (Spain). Many photos and computer-enhanced images of paintings found on over 170 caves, information, news, basic bilbiography. By the Asociación Gaditana para el Estudio y la Defensa del Patrimonio Arqueológico. In Spanish. (Hits: 4138)


  • Ancient Irish Monuments  pop  - Descriptions, photos and links to ancient Irish monuments including dolmens, crannogs, forts, barrows, clochans, tumuli, cairns, passage graves and stone circles. (Hits: 6399)
  •  pop  - A website full of info on the megalithic passage cairns of Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth, Fourknocks, Loughcrew, Tara and surrounding ancient sites. Also covers practical info, books and useful touristic links to visit this very rich archaeological area. By Michael Fox. (Hits: 2913)
  • Megalithic Ireland  pop  - Rough guide to some of the most interesting Irish megalithic sites. Fairly wide selection of sites and good-quality photos and descriptions. (Hits: 3682)

Rest of Europe

  • Ale's Stones  pop  - Info on one of Sweden's best preserved ship-shaped stone circles. (Hits: 2813)
  • Hünengräber  pop  - Interesting website devoted to a selection of megalithic monuments of Germany. Clear and easy to use presentation, extensive information, many photographs. In German. (Hits: 2899)


  • A pile of old stones  pop  - An amateur guide to a few of the recumbent stone circles and Pictish symbols stones in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Includes photos and realistic directions on reaching the six sites described here. Funny & useful remarks under the 'Lindsey's tip' section. (Hits: 2827)
  • Ancient Stones of Scotland  pop  - A comprehensive guide to the ancient stone monuments of Scotland, ranging from the earliest stone circles and rock carvings to the Iron Age brochs and souterrains. On these pages you can find the photographs (high and low-resolution) of 182 ancient sites, along with descriptions, maps, 50 panoramic movies, a complete glossary and an extensive bibliography. (Hits: 2718)

Exhibitions & Tours

  • Stonehenge Tours  pop  - The Stonehenge Tour Company operates two daily guided tours of Stonehenge and Avebury stone circles. The company also explore the surrounding countryside rich in history and mystery. Special Access tours allow to go beyond the fences and actually touch Stonehenge - a unique experience. (Hits: 3127)

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