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  • Sacred Stones  new  - On this website you can find an illustrated guide to stone circles in the Peak District (with good descriptions and nice drawings instead of the usual photographic images) and a photo gallery of the most famous English megalithic sites. (Hits: 11)
  • Tibblestone  new  - Extensive and interesting information on a standing stone at the borders of Gloucestershire and Worcestershire in England. (Hits: 7)
  • Holistic Fraternity  new  - Information about a double-ditch prehistoric henge in Scholes Coppice (Rotherham, South Yorkshire). Photos, maps and a plea for the protection of the site. (Hits: 10)
  • Mysterious Places  pop   new  - Website devoted to ancient civilizations and modern mysteries. Very good quality photos, but disappointying for "megalithomaniacs", as there's just a single section on Stonehenge. (Hits: 32)

Europe (general)

  • Die Menhire von Yverdon, Sion und Lutry  new  - Some considerations on the position of a group of standing stones in Switzerland, with references to Stonehenge and Carnac. In German. (Hits: 13)
  • Liste Mégalithes  new  - A series of images and detailed information about megalithic monuments in France, Spain and Malta. In French. (Hits: 14)


  • Megaliths of Bas-Léon  new  - Basic website presenting the megaliths of Bas-Léon, a region situated to the west of Brest, in Brittany. Several maps, photos with descriptions of the sites, glossary, bilbiography. (Hits: 12)
  • Pratiques funéraires de la Préhistoire  new  - Brief descriptions and hi-quality photos of a number of megalithic monuments sited on the Vexin area. Part of a website devoted to the symbolic representation on the funerary French art. In French. (Hits: 9)
  • Mégalithes en Terres Cathares  new  - Within a virtual journey through the Cathars land, an interesting section on megaliths (mainly dolmens) with descriptions and photos. In French. (Hits: 12)
  • Dolmens et Stèle de Banne  new  - Near Banne (Ardèche) you can find 25 dolmens and a statue-stele spread around two necropolis; information and photographs of the main monuments. In French. (Hits: 10)

Great Britain (general)

  • Stone Circles and Henges  new  - Photographs from prehistoric sites around the UK, with a particular twist on the lesser known megalithic monuments. Interesting selection, good photos and basic descriptions. (Hits: 14)
  • Ancient Stones  pop   new  - A personal photoguide to the stone circles of Britain. Elegant presentation with good quality images and very useful directions for finding the lesser known sites. (Hits: 25)

Iberian peninsula

  • Archaeology of Minorca  new  - Exensive website describing the ancient monuments of Menorca (Spain). Very good photos and descriptions; Spanish text with an English section not yet completed. (Hits: 14)
  • 360° Portugal  pop   new  - Impressive website containing more than 800 panoramic movies of Portuguese and Spanish sites. On the "Megalithic" section are 11 megalithic monuments including Standing Stones, Dolmens and Stone Circles. With plans, info and text in English. (Hits: 22)


  • Archeologia del territorio di Birori  new  - Information, plans and photos of prehistoric remains, including nuraghi, Giants' Tombs and dolmens, near the Birori village in Sardinia. In Italian. (Hits: 5)
  • Altare preistorico di Monte d'Accoddi  new  - Information and pictures about one of the most interesting Sardinian ancient megalithic monuments: Monte d'Accoddi. In Italian. (Hits: 9)
  • Menhir e la Ciotta di San Lorenzo  new  - Image, description and indications on how to get to a standing stone near Molini di Triora, in Liguria. In Italian. (Hits: 7)

Rest of Europe

  • Hünengräber  pop   new  - Interesting website devoted to a selection of megalithic monuments of Germany. Clear and easy to use presentation, extensive information, many photographs. In German. (Hits: 23)
  • Großsteingräber in Niedersachsen  new  - Megalithic monuments on the northwest Lower Saxony (Germany). Simple but elegant presentation, extensive information, very good quality photos, plans and some panoramic 360-degree movies. In German. (Hits: 11)
  • Megalithik  new  - The Institut für Prähistorische Archäologie of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg made an excursion with students in 1998, visiting megalithic sites in Central and Norhern Germany, Sweden and Denmark. On this website are descriptions, good b/w and colour photos, personal notes and extensive bilbiography. In German and English. (Hits: 10)
  • Megalithic Temples of Malta  new  - The best website devoted to the megalithic temples of Malta. Extensive information, beautiful photographs, very detailed maps, pronunciation audio exemples, panoramic movies, news and an excellent section on ancient sculptures. Highly recommended. (Hits: 9)
  • Dolmen Web  new  - Information and some photos of selected megalithic monuments on the Netherlands and the German federal country of Schleswig-Holstein (currently only in German). (Hits: 11)
  • Rock paintings in Finland  new  - More than 60 ancient rock paintings have been found in Finland. Together they include about 450 pictures of different kinds. The pictures are usually painted on vertical smooth cliffs along ancient water routes. On this website is a list of those sites, with brief descriptions, a picture gallery and several articles. (Hits: 10)
  • Préhistoire au Luxembourg  new  - Detailed info on Prehistory in Luxembourg, from the Mesolithic to the Neolithic. Nice presentation (mainly text), list of scientific papers, and bilbiography. (Hits: 6)

Rest of the World

  • Rock Carvings and Inscriptions along the Karakorum Highway (Pakistan)  new  - Shortly after the construction of the Karakorum Highway, Prof. Karl Jettmar and Prof. A.H. Dani discovered thousands of petroglyphs and inscriptions along the Indus valley. On this website you can find detailed info and an interesting "Indus Valley Rock Art Gallery". (Hits: 7)
  • Prehistory of Alaska  new  - In-depth (and text-only) information on the Alaskan prehistory, by U.S. National Park Service. (Hits: 5)
  • Gobustan: rock carvings  new  - Interesting website devoted to the rock carving at Gobustan, by the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan Republic. (Hits: 6)
  • Southern African Rock Art  new  - The earliest evidence so far for engraving of rocks in Southern Africa is 11,000 years old. This website, by South African Museum, presents detailed info and several pictures. (Hits: 4)
  • Rock Art: Petroglyphs and Pictographs  new  - A Minnesota State University Museum's website devoted to Rock Art. Definitions, dating, preservation and descriptions of sites in Minnesota and Nevada (U.S.A.). (Hits: 11)


  • Friends of Grampian Stones  new  - Some info on Aberdeenshire recumbent stone circles, Pictish stones, legends, with a few images. (Hits: 8)


  • Gower History  new  - Within the excellent website these pages describe megalithic tombs and standing stones of the Gower peninsula. (Hits: 5)

Directories & Databases

Libraries, Bookstores & Publishers

  • Logaston Press  new  - Logaston Press concentrates on the subjects of the History, Social History, Archaeology and Walking Guides to central and southern Wales and the rural West Midlands. On the "Monuments in the Landscape" Series many titles about Welsh megaliths. Full online catalogue. (Hits: 6)


  • MRARC: Macedonian Rock Art Research Centre  new  - On this website you can find detailed information, along with a selection of small images, on the recently-discovered (1992) Macedonian rock art sites. (Hits: 4)


  • Archeoastronomia  new  - Website devoted to various aspects of archaeoastronomy, with many interesting articles with in-depth information and formulas. In Italian. (Hits: 7)
  • Archaeoastronomy  pop   new  - A great deal of information about Archaeoastronomy: ancient sites, discussion of cyclical wonders, almanac pages for worldwide moments of Equinoxes, Solstices and Cross-Quarters, video library. (Hits: 26)


  • Megalithkultur in Europa  new  - CD-ROM devoted to European megalithic sites. 2000 photos, video footage, 3D animations of monuments sited in Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Italy, Germany, Ireland and Great Britain. To be published in 2003. (Hits: 4)
  • America Unhenged  new  - Modern variations on the Stonehenge theme. Here you can find info on "Carhenge" and other strange reconstructions like Guidestones, Stonehenge II and Stubby Stonehenge. (Hits: 9)

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