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Index of news related to Rest of Europe
18 January 2022
Horned helmets of the Bronze Age
17 January 2022
Ancient Mediterranean tsunami
15 January 2022
Ancient pottery found in Jersey
12 January 2022
Turkish Neolithic statuette - a man or a woman?
Arctic hunter-gatherers were advanced ironworkers
6 January 2022
Landscape modification by last interglacial Neanderthals
4 January 2022
Remains of 4,500-year-old rope found in Turkey
31 December 2021
Rock art found in Turkey
23 December 2021
Vast trade network in prehistoric Russia
22 December 2021
Metal deposition were 'the most ordinary thing in the world'
19 December 2021
Largest known Viking Longhouse in Scandinavia
18 December 2021
4000-year-old graves discovered in Denmark
15 December 2021
Earliest evidence of humans decorating jewellery in Eurasia
6 December 2021
Why did modern humans take so long to settle in Europe?
5 December 2021
Prehistoric village discovered in Turkey
Discoveries in cave on Croatian island
Stone Age textiles at Çatalhöyük
23 January 2021
Bronze Age hoards full of standardized objects
Teeth pendants speak of the elk's prominent status in prehistory
Ice Age wolf domestication
7 January 2021
Prehistoric ivory items from Siberia
26 December 2020
8,400-year-old dog buried with his master
Earliest known identical twins found in Upper Palaeolithic grave
Prehistoric european hunters carved human bones into weapons
27 March 2020
25,000-year-old structure built of the bones of 60 mammoths
12 February 2020
Oldest known tree-ring dated wood structure
8,000-year-old figurine at Catalhoyuk
Stone tools reveal Neanderthal travels
25 January 2020
Triple Copper Age burial discovered in Croatia
Grave of an elite Bronze Age man reconstructed in 3D
23 January 2020
Unique Stone Age Ring made from deer antler discovered in Denmark
21 January 2020
Neolithic house orientations finally solved
Rock art scraped off in Greece by vandals
17,000-year-old Venus statue in Romania stirs controversy
30 December 2019
Babies in the Neolithic were given bone spoons to teethe on
20 December 2019
Neolithic chewing gum helps recreate image of ancient Dane
5 December 2019
Human teeth as jewellery in ancient Turkey
29 November 2019
Ancient sewer system discovered in Turkey
25 November 2019
8,000-year old monument unearthed in Turkey
Latvian museum's tiny boat are far older than expected
Early Bronze Age sword discovered in Bohemia
1 September 2019
Standing stones may hold answer to 60 year old dolmen mystery
Evidence of cereal production found in Bronze Age Austria
27 August 2019
Sandstone sculptures from the Danube puzzle archaeologists
22 August 2019
Communal sophistication at Neolithic site in Greece
Bronze Age Scandinavia trade routes
19 August 2019
Evidence of violence behind human skull remains from the Palaeolithic
28 January 2019
Neolithic diets in southeastern Europe
21 January 2019
What the 'Nebra Sky Disk' tells us about ancient Germans
19 January 2019
First evidence that ancient Europeans were hunting mammoths
15 January 2019
Hoard of Copper Age axes discovered in Bulgaria
29 December 2018
A Bronze Age regicide in Germany?
Santorini excavation yields impressive new finds
Oldest human remains in Poland
Neolithic village found in Albania
19 December 2018
Ancient 'pencil' up to 50,000 years old found in Siberia
Stone snakeheads may be related to 8,300-year-old ritual ceremonies
Prehistoric gameboard carved into the earth shows how nomads had fun
Oldest ever traces of the plague found in Sweden
Unique Bronze Age discovery in Slovakia
18 December 2018
Stone Age food was haute cuisine
Ancient DNA from Finland reveals origins of Siberian ancestry
Prehistoric cave art reveals ancient use of complex astronomy
14 October 2018
Prehistoric children learned many skilled tasks
Neolithic and Bronze Age finds in Cyprus
25 September 2018
The mysterious bronze hand found in Switzerland
24 September 2018
Excavations to be resumed at Belgian megalithic site
23 September 2018
Early Neolithic miniature masks
10 September 2018
Mammoth 'kill site' and ancient graves discovered in Austria
7,200-year-old cheese making found in Croatia
Turkish archeologists unearth 3,000-year tomb
Neanderthal mother, Denisovan father
Greek farmer in Crete stumbles onto 3,400-year-old tomb
17 April 2018
5,000-year-old shoe found in Switzerland
Skilled potters travelled around the Baltic nearly 5000 years ago
20 February 2018
Oldest Dutch artwork discovered in the North Sea
8,000-year-old heads on stakes found in underwater grave
11 February 2018
Early Scandinavians descended from Europeans and Russians
2 February 2018
Discoveries beneath ancient Greek 'pyramid'
Study shows Europe's forests halved over 6,000 years
21 January 2018
Norwegian houses reused for over 1000 years during Stone Age
14 January 2018
Neolithic girl's face unveiled in Greece
12 January 2018
Jersey joins Europe's Cultural Route programme
1 January 2018
Earliest copper alloys chosen for their appearance
20 December 2017
Ancient settlement unearthed near Istanbul's oldest burial site
19 December 2017
Mysterious Stone Age rocks found on Danish island
Rare Iron Age ring found in Jersey
7 December 2017
Adornments tell about culture of Paleolithic people
Neolithic women's arm bones stronger than today's elite female rowers
5 December 2017
Prehistoric graves discovered in Norway
Bronze Age elite forged iron weapons and jewelry from meteorites
4 December 2017
15.000-year-old statuette discovered in Croatia
3 December 2017
Ancient textiles reveal differences in Mediterranean fabrics
25 November 2017
Iron Age fortress discovered in Turkish lake
Clues to fighters on Europe's oldest known battlefield
European hunter-gatherers co-existed with farmers from Near East
19 November 2017
Prehistoric standing stone discovered in Switzerland
Ancient bear statuette unearthed in Turkey
16 November 2017
'Stones of interest' found on Jersey
15 November 2017
5,000-year-old fortress discovered in central Turkey
11 November 2017
Can Polish group save an important Neolithic site?
Late Neolithic giant farmhouse uncovered in Denmark
8 November 2017
Artefact suggests long-distance exchange between Mesolithic communities
Bronze Axe found north of the Alps
7 November 2017
Ancient inscription tells of Trojan prince, Sea people
10,000-year-old petroglyph found in Norway
11,500-year-old settlement unearthed in Turkey
4 November 2017
Europe's Stone Age fishers used beeswax to make a point
17 October 2017
8,000-year-old paint workshop discovered in Turkey
31 August 2017
Archaeologists track ancient wheat in Bronze Age box
Nine Bronze Age tombs discovered in Eastern Romania
16 August 2017
Excavation of a round mound in the Isle of Man
7,000-year-old figurine discovered in Poland
8 March 2017
A great app for Megalithomaniacs
3 March 2017
Horsemen swept into Bronze Age Europe 5,000 years ago
28 February 2017
A prehistoric labyrinth in Denmark?
9 February 2017
Unique Iron Age burial excavated in Germany
27 January 2017
6,000 year old clay fragment identified as part of a face mask
25 January 2017
Were the Neanderthals rock collectors?
10 January 2017
Cypriot-style ceramics in Iron Age Anatolia
22 December 2016
Two unique 8,000-year-old figurines discovered in Turkey
20 December 2016
Neanderthals visited seaside cave for 180,000 years
19 December 2016
Late Bronze Age crown found in Greece
16 December 2016
Underwater Stone Age settlement mapped out
15 December 2016
Post Mortem carried out on 2,500 year old remains
13 December 2016
Burnt Iron Age house unearthed in Denmark
6 December 2016
Bone objects discovered in ancient cremated remains
Fires set by Ice Age hunters destroyed forests throughout Europe
30 November 2016
Copper Age human bone amulet discovered in Bulgaria
6 October 2016
Intact Neolithic figurine discovered in Turkey
3 October 2016
Scientists reconstruct 5,000 year old tomb in Ukraine
28 September 2016
Burnt cheese casts light on 3,000 year-old family drama
26 September 2016
Significant Bronze age burial find in Cyprus
14 August 2016
What drove northern European Neanderthals to cannibalism?
24 July 2016
Digs uncover buildings in Cyprus' 11,000-year-old village
17 July 2016
Wine used in ceremonies 5000 years ago in Georgia
2 July 2016
Prehistoric grave in Bulgaria of man holding stone axe sceptre
5 June 2016
8,000 year-old piece of wood blowing archaeologists' minds
2 June 2016
Migration back to Africa took place during the Palaeolithic
2 May 2016
5,000-year-old rock shrine discovered in Bulgaria
13 April 2016
Neanderthals infected by diseases carried by humans?
Smashed skulls suggest large European battle 3,200 years ago
27 January 2016
Ancient gold and a 7,000-year-old fortress wall in Bulgaria
Bronze Age Boats
26 January 2016
Did the first farmers come from Turkey?
5 January 2016
Bronze Age fortified settlement in Poland analysed
24 December 2015
'Rattles' found in prehistoric infant's grave
2 December 2015
Early farmers exploited the honeybee 8,500 years ago
28 November 2015
Mining in the Alps dates back to the Bronze Age
23 November 2015
'Fourth strand' of European ancestry identified
20 October 2015
Bulgaria's largest dolmen and 'stone egg' discovered
8 October 2015
Were Stone Age rituals really signs of witchcraft?
3 October 2015
Bronze Age burial site discovered in Omsk
27 September 2015
Bronze Age Greek city found underwater
Scientists uncover pattern of mass murder in Neolithic
25 September 2015
'Dancing Priestess' figurine discovered in Bulgaria
27 July 2015
Bronze Age gold spirals discovered in Denmark
24 July 2015
Norwegian iron helped build Iron Age Europe
7 July 2015
Early European modern human had close Neanderthal ancestor
6 July 2015
Chalcolithic flint workshop found in Bulgaria
29 June 2015
5,500-year-old fingerprint found on Danish vessel
26 May 2015
Bronze Age Egtved girl was not from Denmark
25 May 2015
Most European men descended from just three ancestors
19 May 2015
Declining mobility drove humans' shift to lighter bones
18 May 2015
A Late Glacial family at Trollesgave, Denmark
17 May 2015
The oldest toy in Europe?
15 May 2015
Homes burned deliberatley at Neolithic site in Bulgaria
4 May 2015
More light shed on European origins
12 April 2015
Are Neanderthal bone flutes the work of Ice Age hyenas?
How Europeans evolved white skin
11 April 2015
Northern Europeans slow to adopt farming in the Neolithic
31 March 2015
Bronze Age bones evidence of political divination
22 March 2015
Neanderthals crafted earliest jewellery from eagle talons
9 March 2015
Prehistoric burial mound excavated in Poland
4 March 2015
The oldest Norwegian skeleton
3 March 2015
Hunting with wolves helped humans outsmart Neanderthals
Ancient wheat points to Stone Age trade
17 February 2015
Earliest example of death during childbirth
13 February 2015
Embracing corpses from 3,800 BCE found in a Greek Cave
7 January 2015
Evidence of sacrificial practices found at 6,000 year old temple in Ukraine
Massive ancient underground city discovery in Turkey
27 December 2014
Temple culture on Malta
24 December 2014
Tool suggests humans entered Europe much earlier than thought
23 December 2014
50 newly discovered sites scheduled in Malta
3,000-year-old Settlement in Eastern Turkey
20 December 2014
Ancient settlement discovered in Georgia
16 December 2014
Ancient settlement and burial ground found in Greece
11 December 2014
Danish Bronze Age glass beads traced to Egypt
Stone age axe found with wood handle
5 December 2014
Polish archaeologists dissect Iron Age burial mound
Cappadocian site continues to yield results after 25 years
Children involved in making giant 'moose' geoglyph
1 December 2014
How farming threatened ancient human civilisation
29 November 2014
Climate change not to blame for collapse of Bronze Age
10 November 2014
Ancient art and architecture influenced by sound
6 November 2014
Small clue to Neolithic Cham flint traders
4 November 2014
Ancient Danish burial sites plundered
3 November 2014
Neolithic village found underwater in Poland
31 October 2014
Ancient sundial discovered on a Russian stone slab
23 October 2014
Massive prehistoric settlement unearthed in Ukraine
Neolithic barbeque pit found in Cyprus
5000-year-old cave paintings discovered in Russia
20 October 2014
Tracing our ancestors at the bottom of the sea
Prehistoric artifacts discovered in Poland
19 October 2014
Ancient male warriors showed signs of vanity
Greek Bronze Age re-evaluated thanks to statistical methodology
9 October 2014
Bronze Age knife discovered in Denmark
Armenian site challenges assumptions about human technology
2 October 2014
43,000-year-old modern human settlement in Central Europe
30 September 2014
3,900 year old bone armour unearthed in Russia
26 September 2014
Ancient boat and settlement found off Denmark's coast
13 September 2014
Modern Man is not responsible for decline of Neanderthals
30 August 2014
Neolithic oven discovered in Croatia
28 August 2014
Unique figurines found in Turkey
23 August 2014
Earliest human burial site uncovered in Cyprus
20 August 2014
Finland's love of milk dates back to the Stone Age
11 August 2014
Ancient fragment of ivory is missing piece of animal figurine
3 August 2014
Romanian cave holds some of oldest human footprints
2 August 2014
Prehistoric henge found in Austria
21 July 2014
Ritual burials of children by ancient Alpine lake dwellers
19 July 2014
8,000-year-old skull found in Norway
Discoveries shed light on Mesolithic and Early Neolithic in Denmark
18 July 2014
Ancient erotic graffiti found on Aegean island
Meteorite fragment discovered in a 9,000-year-old hut
30 June 2014
Ancient burial with chariots discovered in Caucasus
Archaeo-astronomy steps out from shadows of the past
24 June 2014
Ancient skull reveals secrets of Siberian society
4 June 2014
Archaeologists dig out 7800-year-old settlement in Bulgaria
3 June 2014
Success of early modern humans due to dog domestication
2 June 2014
Precious Bronze Age catch on a Siberian river
1 June 2014
An 'Atlantis' claim in the North Sea
Neanderthals were not inferior to modern humans
31 March 2014
Unveiling the secrets of Dutch 'Celtic fields'
24 March 2014
3,000-year-old pottery kilns unearthed in Poland
6 March 2014
Iron Age Scandinavian settlement uncovered
23 February 2014
11,000-year-old settlement found under Baltic sea
17 February 2014
Nordic people drank wine 3,000 years ago
16 February 2014
Millennia-old fabric found in Turkey
14 February 2014
8,000 years old grain storage discovered in Turkey
19 January 2014
6,500-year old tin-bronze from Serbia
Neolithic mural may depict ancient eruption
11 January 2014
Stone circle in the Isle of Man threatened by vehicles
8 January 2014
Neolithic life in coastal Denmark
2 January 2014
Bronze Age artists used palace floor as a creative canvas
Woman buried pregnant 6000 years ago in Bulgaria
30 December 2013
Bronze Age cosmetics revealed in Cyprus
12 December 2013
Seminar and a new book about Ġgantija Temples
Humans occupied Cyprus earlier than previously thought
28 November 2013
Development threatens stone circle in Malta
15 November 2013
Ancient palace begins to be uncovered in Turkey
12 November 2013
Fire setting at Stone Age Norwegian quarries
7 November 2013
Cemetery dating back more than 2500 years studied in Poland
One of the oldest cases of tuberculosis discovered
6 November 2013
Ancient mural may be first picture of volcanic blast
28 October 2013
Linguist reconstructs sounds of prehistoric language
21 October 2013
Jersey, home of the last Neanderthals?
Skull find rebuts multiple human species idea
Neanderthals roamed with elk, bison east of Berlin
14 October 2013
Hunter-gatherers and farmers lived side-by-side
Butchering in Denmark 12,000 years ago
Bronze Age migration from Sweden to Poland
25 August 2013
Prehistoric Europeans spiced up their food
Stone circle discovered in Ukraine
Handaxe design reveals distinct Neanderthal cultures
17 August 2013
World's oldest temple may have been built to worship Sirius
Set of 5000-year-old board game pieces discovered in Turkey
8 August 2013
Tomb of ancient noblewoman discovered in Russia
6 August 2013
3,500-year-old rock tombs unearthed in Turkey
24 July 2013
Could we have communicated with Neanderthals?
23 July 2013
Ice Age figurine's head found in Germany
Manure used by Europe's first farmers 8,000 years ago
14 July 2013
Mammoths may not have been hunted ony for food
10 July 2013
Prehistoric flint mines discovered in Poland
7 June 2013
Rare Greek Neanderthal site found
3 June 2013
Thousands of prehistoric artefacts returned to Greece
27 May 2013
Baby Neanderthal breast-fed for 7 months
25 May 2013
New insights on prehistoric dog burials
Who invented clothes?
22 May 2013
Minoans originated in Europe, not Egypt
18 May 2013
Dismembered dogs point to ancient initiation rite
14 May 2013
Making of Europe unlocked by DNA
13 May 2013
Reconstruction of the face of an ancient Maltese woman
40,000 boxes of Neolithic artifacts locked in Turkish warehouse
11 May 2013
Use of fertilizers 5,000 years ago in Scandinavia
24 April 2013
Flint-knapping can be child's work
15 April 2013
Early Bronze Age settlement on Greek island of Keros
8 April 2013
Trove of Neanderthal bones found in Greek cave
5 April 2013
Afterlife of early Neolithic houses in Poland
Unearthing ancient Sweden
27 March 2013
'Stone ships' in Baltic were built by maritime groups
10 March 2013
Police return smuggled Neolithic artefacts to Kosovo
9 March 2013
Evolution and the Ice Age
28 February 2013
Prehistoric necropolis discovered in Romania
24 February 2013
Conservation work of a Macedonian site is under way
Most Upper Paleolithic human burials were simple
23 February 2013
Farming arrived in Europe with migrants
19 February 2013
Intact dolmen found in Switzerland
5 February 2013
Guernsey Neolithic grave protection plan submitted
29 January 2013
Archeologists revise image of ancient Celts
28 January 2013
Loom weights reveal weaving in Turkey 2,500 years ago
22 January 2013
War was central to Europe's first civilisation
19 January 2013
Neolithic remains discovered in Istanbul
18 January 2013
Intact Neolithic floor surface uncovered in Cyprus
17 January 2013
Modern 'palaeo diet' not as good as the original
8 January 2013
Privacy hedges date back to the Iron Age
7 January 2013
More than 300 prehistoric clay figurines unearthed in Greece
30 December 2012
Trojan pottery holds key to great Bronze Age collapse
22 December 2012
Oldest wood architecture found in Germany
14 December 2012
Ancient civilization uncovered in Bulgaria
13 December 2012
Art of cheese-making dates back to the Neolithic
12 December 2012
Cavemen were better at drawing animals than modern artists
6 December 2012
The world's oldest microbrewery
Our poo can reveal more than you thought!
30 November 2012
Findings from the Neolithic on a valley in Anatolia
21 November 2012
Hittites ahead of their time in dam building
18 November 2012
Bronze Age axeheads X-rayed in Jersey
17 November 2012
One of the oldest hoards in Europe
16 November 2012
Up the fjord without a paddle
28 October 2012
Findings dating back to 6,000 BCE unearthed in Armenia
22 October 2012
Ancient tomb found at 'Sweden's Stonehenge'
12 October 2012
Crete, 3500-year-old Minoan building found
11 October 2012
Danish textile history is re-written
10 October 2012
Europe's 'oldest urban settlement' found in Bulgaria
6 September 2012
Danish bog army revealed
1 September 2012
Prehistoric rock art found in caves on Azores
Indo-European languages originated in Anatolia
21 August 2012
Mysteries of a Neolithic 'Death Pit' revealed
16 August 2012
Flying Lasers reveal ancient buried structures
15 August 2012
Human evolution in Europe more complex than previously thought
Doubts about hybridisation between humans and Neanderthals
13 August 2012
Extraordinary human sculpture unearthed in Turkey
Ancient sites studied from the air in Denmark
7 August 2012
Sitting down all day might not make you fat!
28 July 2012
Turkish village holds clues to end of nomadic lifestyle
27 July 2012
6,500-year-old Croatian hunting trophy
19 July 2012
Bronze Age copper mining in Norway?
18 July 2012
World's oldest purse studded with dog teeth?
15 July 2012
Hidden Doggerland underworld uncovered in North Sea
14 July 2012
Bronze Age workshop found in Cyprus
28 June 2012
4,000-year-old necropolis found in Serbia
27 June 2012
3,300-year-old gold trove sparks archeological dispute
24 June 2012
New methods for tomb excavation
2 June 2012
Prehistoric flutes date to 42,000 years ago
Prague district yields evidence of 5500 BCE settlement
23 May 2012
Popularity of rock art images shifted over time
17 May 2012
Prehistoric farming village discovered in Cyprus
14 May 2012
Did ancient Germans steal the pharaoh's chair design?
New study chronicles the rise of agriculture in Europe
Ancient Swedish stone structure spurs debate
11 May 2012
Ancient language discovered on tablets found in Turkey
How was Europe repopulated after Ice Age?
16 March 2012
Stone Age 'cartoons' discovered in Russia
8 March 2012
Neanderthals were ancient mariners
7 March 2012
Ancient Greek cave speaks of Hades myth
13 February 2012
Conservation plan in place for Guernsey Neolithic site
3 February 2012
Estonian students find Iron Age life smoky and cold
Neanderthal mammoth hunters in Jersey?
28 January 2012
Underwater archaeology: The elusive Minoan wrecks
27 January 2012
7,500-year-old fishing village found in Russia
21 January 2012
Seafaring in the Aegean: new dates
Cave in Croatia yields oldest-known astrologer's board
20 January 2012
Oldest evidence of ploughing in the Czech Republic
14 January 2012
Rare ancient artefact found in Malta
8 January 2012
New German-Israeli center to study human evolution
24 December 2011
9500-year-old obsidian bracelet reveals craftsmen's skills
Prehistoric settlement discovered in Serbia
23 December 2011
Evolution of the human skull
22 December 2011
Neanderthals built homes with mammoth bones
Neolithic jade ring returned to Jersey
14 December 2011
Were Neanderthals our earliest builders?
13 December 2011
New fragments of the 'Lion Man' figurine found
8 December 2011
Excavations in Serbia question early humans in Europe
20 November 2011
How humans adapted to Ice Age climate change
16 November 2011
Ancient Bulgarian settlement destroyed by bulldozers
11 November 2011
Central Europe's oldest artwork found in Germany
Mesolithic remains discovered in the port of Rotterdam
5 November 2011
Excavations in Cyprus reveal Neolithic finds
31 October 2011
Ancient pots show transition to agriculture
21 October 2011
Reconstruction of one of the earliest Norwegians
13 October 2011
An early Celtic calendar discovered in the Black Forest
Micro-copter reveals ancient burial mound in Russia
7 October 2011
Bulgarian man stumbles across ancient treasure
4 October 2011
New conservation efforts at Gobekli Tepe
29 September 2011
Prehistoric settlement discovered in Turkey
25 September 2011
Excavation of islands around Britain to establish Neolithic origins
24 September 2011
New look for Ggantija temples
20 September 2011
Ancient human skulls mounted on stakes found on Swedish lake
14 September 2011
Prehistoric skirt discovered in Armenian cave
Ancient stone anchors may rewrite history of Black Sea sailing
10 September 2011
8,500-year-old remains unearthed in Turkish city
8 September 2011
The best preserved painting found at Catalhoyuk
3 September 2011
Prehistoric interbreeding may have improved our immune system
1 September 2011
Maltese megalithic sites enjoying upgrade
Ancient wild horses help unlock past
30 August 2011
Neanderthal survival story revealed in Jersey caves
25 August 2011
Human precursors went to sea
14 August 2011
Bronze Age cemeteries reveal when elderly gained power
13 August 2011
Iron Age 'Interior Decorators'
Significant finds at Bronze Age site in Cyprus
12 August 2011
New book on Neolithic 'superhighways'
30 July 2011
Bulgarian discovery sheds light on Copper Age
27 July 2011
Ancient erotic carvings found in Germany
10 July 2011
Earliest Europeans were cannibals and wore mammoth jewellery
9 July 2011
Black Sea's ancient coast found
6 July 2011
One of the earliest BBQs
4 July 2011
Late Bronze Age fortress uncovered in Cyprus
30 June 2011
Communal burials in ancient Turkish settlement
29 June 2011
7500-year-old skeleton found in Bulgaria
Early human remains unearthed in Ukraine
12 June 2011
Ancient ritual clue to mysterious broken figurines
8 June 2011
Were ancient human migrations two-way streets?
Guernsey prehistoric site to be excavated
7 June 2011
Prototype of European towns unearthed in Bulgaria
25 May 2011
Major German Bronze Age battle site uncovered
21 May 2011
Stone Age mystery near Arctic Circle
5 May 2011
Celtic grave examined by German archaeologists
29 April 2011
Tender for Ggantija works published
24 April 2011
New fragments of a 32,000-year-old figurine found
22 April 2011
Evolution of human 'super-brain'
21 April 2011
Dutch megalithic tomb damaged by fire
20 April 2011
'Gay caveman' is not gay and is not a caveman
Earliest European writing discovered in Greece
9 April 2011
7,500-year-old settlement unearthed in Germany
22 March 2011
Did Neanderthals discover fire?
The last Neanderthals - artifacts found in Greece
18 February 2011
Bronze Age settlement found in Hungary
12 February 2011
Stone Age ritual object found in Poland
Northern hunters slowed down advance of Neolithic farmers
11 February 2011
Vikings revered Stone Age objects
1 February 2011
Bronze Age petroglyphs found beneath burial mound in Norway
31 January 2011
Professor Klaus Schmidt's views on Gobekli Tepe
160 ancient settlements dicovered in the Caucasus
24 January 2011
Neanderthals were more athletic than their stereotype suggests
22 January 2011
Neanderthal nose myth dispelled
21 January 2011
Iron Age bog woman's face modeled by German researchers
17 January 2011
Ancient buildings are physical manifestations of Bronze Age societies
15 January 2011
What does an Iron Age beer taste like?
10 January 2011
Maltese prehistoric site scheduled to stand
9 January 2011
Early farming spread swiftly in Croatia
4 January 2011
Cretan tools may point to 130,000-year-old sea travel
31 December 2010
Rich Celtic tomb discovered in Germany
Dental exam finds Neanderthals ate their veggies
17 December 2010
Ancient temple of the sun discovered in Bulgaria
12 December 2010
Turkish skeleton found with arrow tip in spine
Catalhoyuk more accessible with 3D imaging
24 November 2010
World's oldest Copper Age settlement found
17 November 2010
DNA reveals origins of first European farmers
Prehistoric finds on the Isle of Man
Similarity between Neanderthal and human brains at birth
8 November 2010
Copper Age history of Armenia revealed
Bulgarian archaeologist stumble upon 8000-year-old skeleton
Ancient megalithic sites discovered in Russia
Archaeologists uncover early Neolithic activity on Cyprus
30 October 2010
An ancient Swiss door
Bronze Age tomb found in Poland
Remains of youngest Neanderthal child found in Belgium
Diet of early humans may have included ground flour
Hidden landscapes of the Swedish Stone Age
20 October 2010
Ancient wooden constructions found in the Czech Republic
Bronze Age civilization discovered in Russia
Controversy over care of an ancient Armenian shoe
Ancient buried cities discovered in Russia
Bronze Age Troy extended beyond the Citadel
Pristine Stone Age settlement discovered in Norway
8 October 2010
7000-year-old village discovered in Bulgaria
Neolithic settlement unearthed in Hungary
2 October 2010
Ancient seal found in Turkey
Reconstructing the Paleolithic diet
8,500 year old bodies found in Bursa, Turkey
Home of 'Ice Giants' thaws, shows ancient hunts in Norway
21 September 2010
Bronze Age skeleton died a violent death
Sălcuţa-Telish vs Galatin; defining a culture
6 September 2010
Mass dismissal at Çatalhöyük dig
Bronze Age brain surgery in Turkey?
Tablets of first written trade agreement unearthed in Anatolia
2 September 2010
The sites and sounds of prehistory
Nebra sky disk discarded because of volcanic ash?
23 August 2010
Construction vehicles threaten ancient Turkish settlement
Megalithic monuments were built within short periods of time
18 August 2010
Prehistoric grave found in the Netherlands
New excavations at Ikiztepe, Turkey
2 August 2010
Neolithic tombs discovered in Russia
Road driven over Van tumulus in Turkey
26 July 2010
Prehistoric settlement discovered in Bulgaria
Swiss find may be oldest evidence of dog domestication
A window on ancient farming in Cyprus
23 July 2010
Prehistoric Swedish dildo - or is it a tool?
19 July 2010
Unique Stone Age house and trade goods found in Finland
18 July 2010
The first Europeans in Bulgaria
15 July 2010
Bronze Age settlement in Cyprus yelds rich finds
New program in Malta offers access to little known sites
Were Neanderthals steroid muscle men?
3 July 2010
Dig to discover Jersey's Ice Age
29 June 2010
Serbian site may have hosted first copper makers
Gallery grave in Guernsey yields Neolithic findings
Secrets of Çatalhöyük to be revealed this summer
22 June 2010
Early Neolithic grave discovered in Bulgaria
15 June 2010
What's a Stone Age axe doing in an Iron Age Norwegian tomb?
Ancient cave paintings found in Romania
World's oldest leather shoe found in Armenia
Ancient figurine 'factory' uncovered in Cyprus
31 May 2010
Bronze Age vessel discovered in Macedonia
Digs in Anatolia reveal ancient prisons
24 May 2010
Where the ancients Macedonians studied the sun and moon
Extinctions linked to climate change
4 May 2010
Secrets of human history extracted from ancient DNA
24 April 2010
Turkish lentils are 4,000 years past sell-by date
17 April 2010
Prehistoric tumuli found in central Serbia
Bronze Age finds at Guernsey airport
Stone Age Scandinavians unable to digest milk
16 April 2010
Earliest known human-made structure discovered
21 February 2010
Primitive humans conquered sea, finds in Crete suggest
16 February 2010
Could Neanderthals live again?
Stone Age Siberians settled in Greenland
Danish bog woman given a face
24 January 2010
Design contest for Ġgantija Heritage Park
Gozo rock holds ancient wine presses
10 January 2010
Ancient hominids may have been seafarers
Brockdorff Circle report literally rewrites Maltese history
Method found to read 30,000-year-old DNA
20 December 2009
Researchers germinate 4,000-year-old seed
8 December 2009
Oslo is older than previously thought
Signs of mass cannibalism in the Neolithic
Ancient gold unearthed in southern Hungary
Sound waves and ancient Maltese temples
3 December 2009
Big freeze plunged Europe into Ice Age in months
A lost European Culture, pulled from obscurity
Polar ice cap might have been smaller than thought
23 November 2009
Ancient stone moved from archaeological site in Cyprus
Europe's largest rondel enclosures unearthed in Bohemia
7 November 2009
Iron Age burial mound found in the Netherlands
2 November 2009
11th Nordic Bronze Age Symposium
27 October 2009
German archaeologists excavate 4,000-year-old skeletons
17 October 2009
World's oldest submerged town dates back 5,000 years
The mysteries of La Hougue Bie site in Jersey
11 October 2009
Russian dolmen rescued and mysterious disk uncovered
5000-year-old tombs under study in Malta
Bronze Age box unearthed in Austria
Burial vault unearthed in Macedonia
3 October 2009
Remains of world's oldest human brain found in Armenia
Completion of the Choirokoitia digs for 2009
26 September 2009
5,000-year-old Venus figure found in Turkey
Scandinavians are descended from Stone Age immigrants
19 September 2009
Huge cult complex unearthed in Bulgaria
12 September 2009
Stone figurine unearthed at Çatalhöyük
Excavations report from Cyprus
Ancient site in Guernsey could be fenced off
5 September 2009
Europe's first farmers replaced their forerunners
30 August 2009
Temple shelters in Malta 'enhance visitors' experience'
Clues to a prehistoric raid from skeletons at a German site
22 August 2009
Did ancient humans cause the extinction of the pygmy hippo?
16,000-year-old figurine unearthed in Turkey
15 August 2009
More info on the prehistoric dwelling discovered in the Isle of Man
Prehistoric Czech people had contact with Black Sea area
Ancient plantations unearthed in Gozo
Early Bronze Age artefacts discovered in Prague
8 August 2009
Cuneiform tablets found in 2,700-year old Turkish temple
Bronze Age settlement discovered in Hungary
8,000-year-old human skeleton found in Turkey
1 August 2009
40,000-year-old human bone found off the Dutch coast
Prehistoric hut gives clues to ancient Alp life
26 July 2009
First settlements in Cyprus may be older than thought
Remains of ancient buildings found in Croatia
19 July 2009
Neanderthals were few and poised for extinction
Bronze Age sanctuary discovered in Bulgaria
Ancient dwelling unearthed at Isle of Man airport
13 July 2009
Danish students uncover hundreds of Iron Age remains
BorgerMeetings: conferences on the Funnelbeaker culture
Illness brought down early human rival
Mesolithic human traces discovered in Romania
Switzerland proposes underwater UNESCO sites
7 July 2009
Bulgarian archaeologists discover 7,000-year-old settlement
29 June 2009
Oldest human settlement in Aegean unearthed
Excavation of a Bulgarian Neolithic site
Ancient well and body found in Cyprus
Prehistoric flute in Germany is oldest known
Archaelogists find Neolithic grave in Serbia
7 June 2009
Mammoths roasted in prehistoric kitchen pit
10 May 2009
Prehistoric trans-Atlantic crossings: fact or fiction?
Five-year plan for Maltese megalithic temples
Prehistoric spear tip found in Slovenia
5 May 2009
Face of the first European reconstructed by scientists
Researchers solve the mystery of Maltese tracks
19 April 2009
Well-preserved monumental temple discovered in Turkey
Three Neanderthal sub-groups confirmed
8 April 2009
Bronze Age societies were based on social networks
Neanderthal cannibalism? Maybe not
1500 BCE settlement unearthed in Guernsey
30 March 2009
Ironware piece from Turkey found to be the oldest steel
Germany's stone age cannibalism
21 March 2009
Reprint of Xewkija temple report
Underwater excavations of a Turkish prehistoric settlement
New technology for dating ancient rock paintings
16 March 2009
German authorities let 7,000-year-old boats rot away
Stone Age sandal found in Lake Constance
28 February 2009
Triangular temple unearthed in Cyprus
8 February 2009
Neanderthal genome to be unveiled
25 January 2009
Danube delta holds answers to 'Noah's flood' debate
20 January 2009
Neanderthals lacked projectile weapons
Oldest known human brain from Old World found in Armenia
11 January 2009
Istanbul's ancient past unearthed
Necklaces reveal early man's intelligence
3 January 2009
Pollen grain study yields new picture of Ice Age
Traces of an ancient civilization found in Bulgaria
Celtic village discovered in Poland
Macedonia archeologists uncover 4,000 year old writing
Ancient graves found accidentally in Turkey
20 December 2008
Danish passage graves from an astronomical perspective
14 December 2008
Prehistoric bronze hoard found off Greek beach
Which came first, monumental building projects or farming?
Archaeologists find piece of string dating back 8,000 years
6 December 2008
Thera volcano catastrophe dated to 1613 BCE
Russian site reveals 'extraordinary' Paleolithic artworks
30 November 2008
Fishermen find ancient boat in Black Sea
23 November 2008
Greek archaeologists find 6,500-year-old settlement
Were Neanderthals stoned to death by modern humans?
World's most ancient nuclear family discovered in Germany
Ancient monument to the soul unearthed in Turkey
16 November 2008
Neolithic cremation urns found in Istanbul
8 November 2008
Dig unearths ancient Turkish treasures
Bronze Age village discovered in Romania
Switzerland to return stolen antiquities to Italy
2 November 2008
Excavations prove İzmir was much older than thought
Çatalhöyük now protected by a large roof
Ancient stone with phallic motif found in Denmark
26 October 2008
World's oldest cooked cereal was instant
Neolithic home, household equipment unearthed in Greece
Swedish archaeologists find Iron Age wooden artifacts
Russians the first potters on earth?
Treasure found inside a Bulgarian Bronze Age mound
19 October 2008
Traces of hunting magic discovered in Altai caves
13 October 2008
The world's first temple
An Alpine Pompeii from the Stone Age
Bones from prehistoric war found in Germany
Copper Age in Europe began earlier than believed
4 October 2008
Iron Age mausoleum discovered in Armenia
Mycenaean warrior used 'imported sword'
Settlement of Istanbul put back 6,000 years
29 September 2008
Rare Bronze Age knife uncovered from Swedish tomb
Dig starts for Channel island's secrets
Ancient axe heads donated to Manx Museum
Mysterious Neolithic people made optical art
Neanderthals had a broad diet
21 September 2008
Important finds in Bronze Age settlement in Cyprus
Ancient settlement unearthed in eastern Turkey
New study of a Maltese stone circle
Discovery of Bronze-Age 'Refrigerators' Expands Homer's Troy
7 September 2008
Cypriot plateau could be an ancient gateway
Czech archaeologists find unique 7000-year-old statue
Bronze Age mouse offers clues to royal shipwreck
6,500-year-old skeleton unearthed in Poland
Novices dig up rare bronze bowl in Sweden
Cemetery expansion finds Bronze Age remains in Malta
26 August 2008
Alpine melt reveals ancient life
Venus of Willendorf: 100th anniversary of her excavation
Isle of Man unearths a prehistoric tragedy
Turkish Iron Age style back in fashion
17 August 2008
Skeletons uncovered during tube excavations in Turkey
German scientists dig for their own Stonehenge
Stone Age milk use began 2,000 years earlier
28 July 2008
Malta exported wine in antiquity
19 July 2008
Cavemen and their relatives in the same village after 3,000 years
14 July 2008
Norwegian ancient sites are being destroyed
Megalithic remains unearthed in Malta
28 June 2008
5,000-year-old jewellery workshop uncovered in Cyprus
Oldest wheat found in Çatalhöyük
Prehistoric mass grave found in Germany
26 April 2008
Turkish site a Neolithic 'supernova'
12 April 2008
DNA sheds light on Minoans
3,000-year-old ivory carving depicts whaling scene
Finnish rock art from 5,000 years ago
31 March 2008
Neolithic site unearthed in Serbia
23 March 2008
Oldest human remains unearthed in Macedonia
Unique cremation graves discovered in Moravia
16 March 2008
Turkish site casts ancient man in new light
3 March 2008
Ancient toy or whistle found in Cyprus
17 February 2008
Ancient Minoan culture comes to life in New York
10 February 2008
Neanderthals travelled more than first thought
An altar beyond Olympus for a deity predating Zeus
2 February 2008
Ancient temple-well restored in Bulgaria
One common ancestor behind blue eyes
19 January 2008
Recent findings and excavations in Çatalhöyük
Prehistoric collection discovered after relic hunter's death
6 January 2008
Neanderthals stitched too little too late
30 December 2007
Remains of 2500-year-old civilization discovered in Russia
Scandinavians invented ice skating in 3000 BCE
Ancient stone circle found in Skåne
23 December 2007
Reindeer: it's what was for dinner in prehistory
15 December 2007
Neanderthal-human hybrid 'a myth'
9 December 2007
Ancient wood, ropes discovered in Romania
Ancient flood triggered 'Big Chill,' study says
17 November 2007
Neolithic Vinca was a metallurgical culture
3 November 2007
Stolen Neolithic artifacts returned to Greece
21 October 2007
7,000 year-old statue discovered in Moravia
17 October 2007
Ancient tomb of young lovers unearthed in Turkey
9 October 2007
Ancient metal workshop found in Serbia
16 September 2007
Bronze age settlement found in Malta
Prehistoric find located in Swiss lake
4 September 2007
Iron Age sword discovered again in Germany
26 August 2007
Prehistoric Greek water works found
Bronze Age excavations in Cyprus
Student finds Neolithic chewing gum
Bronze Age hide-out discovered in Albania
19 August 2007
Biggest ancient water tank on the Balkans
12 August 2007
The wonders of Côa River Valley
30 July 2007
Maltese stone circle threatened by development
Ancient Sami village unearthed in Norway
Spiral motifs may reveal Çatalhöyük migration
22 July 2007
Ancient mariner tools found in Cyprus
Dutch burial mounds to be excavated
9 July 2007
5000-year-old decoration unearthed in Bulgaria
1 July 2007
Questioning the claims about the Nebra Star Disk
Bosnian 'pyramid' loses funding
3 June 2007
Excavations at Cypriot site completed
27 May 2007
Bosnia archaeologists fight looters
Old Norwegian shoe turns out to be even older
20 May 2007
Ancient wooden anchor discovered in Turkey
7 May 2007
Modern Man, Neanderthals seen as kindred spirits
29 April 2007
Stone Age remains unearthed in Sweden
Hungarian burial site yields unique archaeological find
22 April 2007
Ancient Thracian chariot unearthed in Bulgaria
The wave that may have destroyed Crete
Neolithic settlement near Prague under threat
16 April 2007
Tents for Maltese megalithic sites: a temporary solution
30 March 2007
Neolithic settlement unearthed in Greece
25 March 2007
Queens of the Stone Age
Why aren't humans furry?
18 March 2007
Italy discovers scents of Venus
Ancient mashed grapes found in Greece
10 March 2007
First-ever dwelling mound found in Germany
Prehistoric settlements discovered in Greece
4 March 2007
Prehistoric necropolis found in Greece
Ancient olive oil factory discovered in Milas
Earliest horse figures of Anatolia
Early Europeans unable to stomach milk
27 February 2007
Ancient metallurgical centre discovered in Bulgaria
Ancient temples unearthed in Bulgaria
19 February 2007
Revealing Urla's underwater treasures
29 January 2007
Action taken to save graffiti on Maltese megaliths
15 January 2007
New signposts on the path of early human migration
Ancient 'warrior' found in permafrost
Cambridge conference focuses on prehistoric Malta
6 January 2007
Macedonian treasures looted
31 December 2006
Smashed statues may solve riddle of Greek island
17 December 2006
A Slovenian river full of ancient treasures
3,000-year-old dam revives farming in Turkish village
10 December 2006
Why altruism paid off for our ancestors
3 December 2006
Mystery of ancient astronomical calculator unveiled
27 November 2006
Ancient settlements discovered in Anatolia
Sky disc of Nebra shines in Basel
20 November 2006
The real prehistoric religion of Malta
Twins discovered buried under mammoth's bone
5 November 2006
Ancient Mycenaean suit of armor due for conservation
Bronze Age settlement unearthed in Malta
Did Neanderthals and modern humans get it together?
Ancient tomb found in Cyprus
29 October 2006
Europe's oldest child skeleton unearthed in Bulgaria
21 October 2006
5,000-year-old graffiti at Tarxien Temples to be saved
Prehistoric weapons and tools discovered in Romania
19 October 2006
Symposium on Monument Preservation in Europe
Archaeologists find Bronze Age anchors in Cyprus
How did the first farmers live in Austria?
Ancient stamp dating to 5,000 BCE unearthed in Turkey
15 October 2006
Reliefs unearthed in 11,000-year-old Göbeklitepe tumulus
Ancient brain surgery in Bulgaria
Bronze Age Remains Found in Russia
Macedonian lake reveals prehistoric artifacts
8 October 2006
4,000-year-old hand mills unearthed in Turkey
1 October 2006
Bulgaria fights to save its past from gangsters
3D rock carvings recorded with simple equipment
26 September 2006
Neolithic settlement unearthed in Turkey
2 September 2006
Archaeologist talks about ancient Algarve landscape
27 August 2006
Over 70 ancient settlements discovered in Turkey
Neolithic men in Greece had their own sheds
25 August 2006
Santorini eruption much larger than originally believed
8 August 2006
5000-year-old dagger found in Bulgaria
6 August 2006
Markings on stone tablet may be an ancient inscription
Bronze Age family relish chance to 'rough it'
30,000-year-old engraved bone found in Moravia
22 July 2006
Archaeologists seek hints on 4000-year-old site in Tekirdağ
13 July 2006
Çatalhöyük excavations unveil very dawn of human civilization
8 July 2006
Study on pottery finds in the Basque Country
New book sheds light on ancient Çatalhöyük
Keros enigma cracked
1 July 2006
Replica of 3,300-year-old ship arrives in Turkish resort
Unveiling the mysteries of prehistoric Denmark
18 June 2006
Summer solstice at Maltese prehistoric sites
14 June 2006
Basques were fishermen more than 8,000 years ago
Neolithic shrine unearthed in Prague
11 June 2006
Bosnian 'pyramid' created by nature, says archaeologist
Expedition seeks clues to lost Bronze Age culture
Ancient stone tablets found in Turkey
21 May 2006
Egyptian geologist backs Bosnian pyramid claim
Discovery confirms wine-making on Santorini
1 May 2006
Late Bronze Age in Aegean a century older
The Bosnia-Atlantis connection
23 April 2006
Dig finds 'evidence' of European pyramid
16 April 2006
Digging starts on 'Europe's first pyramids' in Bosnia
6 April 2006
Secrets of 'swamp girl' revealed in Germany
26 March 2006
A prehistoric temple model from Malta
19 March 2006
Archaeologists unearth Neolithic settlement in Turkey
12 March 2006
Past, present and future of Tarxien Temples
Ancient Cypriots fed olive oil to furnaces
5 March 2006
Europe's most ancient graves unearthed in Poland
4 March 2006
Bronze Age 'sky disc' deciphered
26 February 2006
Radiocarbon review rewrites European prehistory
19 February 2006
Greek hiker finds prehistoric pendant
27 January 2006
Neolithic Europeans made cheese and yogurt
Paper reports world’s oldest temple is in Sanliurfa
20 January 2006
Archaeology team to solve Bosniac pyramid riddle
Experts try to explain the Cycladic mystery
12 January 2006
Fears for ancient remains from underwater site in UK
Neolithic skeleton on display in Bulgaria
Ta’ Hagrat and Skorba temples open to the public
26 December 2005
Artefacts from the Gozo stone circle to return home
24 December 2005
Mnajdra and Hagar Qim temples to be covered
Germany reopens 6,800-year-old circle
European faces reflect Stone Age ancestry
19 December 2005
Shedding light on dark age of Cyprus archaeology
4 December 2005
Prehistoric settlements found in Greece
26 November 2005
Earliest evidence of seafaring in the Eastern Mediterranean
20 November 2005
Human face has shrunk over the past 10,000 years
13 November 2005
DNA shows first Europeans were hunters not farmers
2 November 2005
Bosnian explorer finds 'Europe's first pyramids'
23 October 2005
Ancient ritual cauldron unearthed in Bulgaria
Protecting Maltese heritage
16 October 2005
Ancient tablets unearthed in Turkey
9 October 2005
Neolithic daily life shown in dig at ancient Greek site
7 October 2005
Jewel of the Magdalenian Period
Archaeologists uncover 2,500-year old ceramics near Tabor
25 September 2005
Tourist killed on Greek archaeological site
27,000 year-old grave discovered in Austria
Archaeologists wrap up 2005 excavations in ancient Idalion
18 September 2005
3000-year-old settlement found in Switzerland
17 September 2005
Bronze age town unearthed on Cycladic island
4 September 2005
Ancient painting discovered inside Gorham’s Cave
21 August 2005
Thousands of golden ornaments unearthed in Bulgaria
Bronze Age key found in Austria
13 August 2005
Swedish Iron Age burial ground discovered
Prehistoric sites discovered in Greece
Ancient Labrys unearthed in Bulgaria
Ancient skeleton found near Croatian premier's office
7 August 2005
IFRAO 'Global State of the Art' Congress
30 July 2005
Ancient earthworks in Jersey may stop shooting plan
Thracian treasure discovered in Bulgaria
Ancient stone phallus unearthed in cave
15 July 2005
Timber circle discovered in Russia
9 July 2005
Bulgaria excavates more Thracian mounds
Prehistoric river samples dated
25 June 2005
3,500 year-old gold mask unearthed in Bulgaria
Ancient 'bog body' unearthed in Germany
19 June 2005
High hopes for major finds in the Isle of Wight
13 June 2005
Found: Europe's oldest civilisation
Bulgaria renews excavations at Orpheus temple
Rebuilding Germany's temple of the Sun
5 June 2005
Tekke dig ends for 2005
4 June 2005
Bronze Age burial site found in Germany
29 May 2005
Volunteers needed for project in the Isle of Wight
22 May 2005
Earliest European homo sapiens is 31,000 years old
Ancient tablets found in Bulgaria
20 May 2005
Thracian owner of gold mask axe-chopped
Oldest 'steel' unearthed in Turkey
14 May 2005
Cypriots made Mediterranean's first wine
8 May 2005
The seeds of civilization
24 April 2005
Neolithic burial site unearthed in Slovak Republic
16 April 2005
4000-year-old Cypriot copper mine for sale
Prehistoric cave of Theopetra will soon open to visitors
6 April 2005
World's oldest 'pornographic figure' found in Germany
27 March 2005
Plans for new excavations in ancient Turkish city
19 March 2005
Ggantija temples undergo 3-D survey
6 March 2005
Ancient sky map or fake?
27 February 2005
Can Cyprus claim world's oldest perfumery?
20 February 2005
The missing link with Neanderthals was a fraud
27 January 2005
Shrine to Hercules unearthed in Greece
15 January 2005
Ancient tomb discovered in Cyprus
1 January 2005
Humans may have studied insects to master farming
26 December 2004
Earliest depiction of a rainbow found?
15 December 2004
8,300-year-old grave unearthed in Bulgaria
11 December 2004
Ice Age ivory flute found in German cave
4 December 2004
Exhibition devoted to ancient site of Arslantepe
3 December 2004
More debates over Cypriot Bronze Age site
25 November 2004
9,000-year-old relics found off coast
Mycenaean tomb found in southern Greece
21 November 2004
'Menhir Alleys' found in Russia
18 November 2004
Tall Bronze Age skeletons found in Bulgaria
13 November 2004
Megalithic sanctuary discovered in Russia
11 November 2004
Jersey burial mound discussed
Gozo's heritage
9 November 2004
Prehistoric skeleton unearthed in Bulgaria
4 November 2004
Study on significance of Maltese cart-ruts
23 October 2004
Bulgaria dig suggests rich past
Neolithic site found near ancient Olympia
21 October 2004
Clay hearths up to 34,000 years old found in Greece
15 October 2004
Ruins wreck building plans in Romania
Germany's Bronze Age Blockbuster
14 October 2004
Europe's oldest wooden staircase found in Austria
Heritage Malta: a monumental agency
Expedition fails to settle the Noah flood debate
8 October 2004
Coffins shed light on Ancient Greeks
Archaeologist investigates lost society of Ionia
3 October 2004
Swiss rock-lifter agrees to return megalith
2 October 2004
Archaeologists finds ancient pomegranates
26 September 2004
Bulgaria boasts 'world's oldest' sanctuary
12 September 2004
Genetic studies hint at origins of 'Celtic' nations
8 September 2004
The Megalithic European is published
4000 year old longhouse found in Norway
2 September 2004
Plans to save Guernsey dig remain blocked
31 August 2004
Archeologists unearth prehistoric artifacts in coastal Turkey
28 August 2004
Ancestors of Turks came to Anatolia around 2000 BCE
26 August 2004
Ancient Inuit graves discovered in Greenland
25 August 2004
Prehistoric sewer system found in Turkey
13 August 2004
Neolithic sanctuary found in Bulgaria
24 July 2004
Human sacrifice rarer than thought
Archaeologist traces wine origin to Neolithic
Ancient sanctuary found in Bulgaria
22 July 2004
Minoan graves in Hania suburb
Early agriculture and dispersals into Europe
17,000-year old Prehistoric art found in Russia
17 July 2004
Ancient skeleton collection yields cancer clues
9 July 2004
Fossil findings blur picture of art's birth
8 July 2004
Late Bronze Age items found in Cyprus
14 June 2004
Bronze Age necropolis on Cyprus is being bulldozed
3 June 2004
Minoan replica sets sail for Olympics
29 May 2004
DNA analysis of Mycenae shaft burials
1 May 2004
Another search for Atlantis off the Cyprus coasts
26 April 2004
Austrian Bronze Age settlements as centres of trade
10 April 2004
Grave discovery is oldest 'pet cat'
Prehistory day in Malta
3 April 2004
Stone Age child's bones found in Norway
27 March 2004
Ancient statue found on Chios
3 March 2004
A new first chapter in the history of medicine
1 March 2004
Lake-dwellers revisited
11 February 2004
Copper Age village found in Bulgaria
10 February 2004
Harnessing fire on Bronze Age Thera
20 January 2004
2,800 years old tomb discovered in Cyprus
17 January 2004
Bronze Age discovery in Croatia
1 January 2004
Politicians accused of ignoring Guernsey’s archaeology sites
22 December 2003
Ancient tomb found in Cyprus
19 December 2003
30,000-year-old figurines discovered
12 December 2003
Additional details on Goseck circle
Isle of Man's Tynwald Hill deserves recognition
20 November 2003
Ancient 'astronomical' artifacts from Germany
14 November 2003
4,000 year-old observatory found in Macedonia
10 November 2003
Stone Age to Bronze Age on ancient Crete
1 November 2003
Hunt for Lost City of Atlantis
25 October 2003
Did Thera's explosion doom Minoan Crete?
24 October 2003
TV explanation of a Bronze Age map of the sky
18 October 2003
The Archaeology of World Megalithic Cultures
11 October 2003
Mnajdra temples in Malta threatened by landfill
5 October 2003
Maltese cart ruts could simply be abandoned fields
29 September 2003
Extraordinary finds in Norway
23 September 2003
Oldest European human fossils
12 September 2003
30,000-year-old carving might be work of Neanderthals
2 September 2003
Evidence of earliest European metallurgy in Bulgaria
26 August 2003
Rich finds in Macedonia
23 August 2003
7000-year-old clay figure found in Germany
15 August 2003
Archaeologists find 6,000-year-old statuette in Czech Republic
Houses excavated in Neolithic city Catalhoyuk protected
9 August 2003
German site could be an ancient astronomical observatory
3 August 2003
Neolithic skeleton found in Russia
19 July 2003
School children visit Neolithic project
4 June 2003
Stone Age skull found on school outing
26 May 2003
What was on the menu seven millenia ago
23 April 2003
Stone Age dagger hauled out of a German lake
22 October 2001
Neolithic art discovered on Greek island
Ancient tombs found in Cyprus
14 November 2000
Rock carvings found by schoolchildren in Russia
Malta's Hal Saflieni Hypogeum opens to the public
2 July 2000
Swedish Rock Art site in danger
29 February 2000
Stone Age clothing more advanced than thought
30 January 2000
8300 BCE child's remains in Cyprus
18 November 1999
Controversial submerged megalithic temple
10 July 1999
Bronze Age tomb discovered in Cyprus
29 April 1999
Neolithic ceramic statues found in Romania
Turkish Neolithic outpost
Double Iron Age burial
12 March 1999
Cyprus ancient settlement listed as World Heritage
Stone Age ax found in Switzerland

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